Why This Pit Bull Is Sad Ripped My Heart Out – But There’s Hope

“This is the last week I have to find a new foster home for Tater. He lost his previous foster home and has been in boarding for the past month, but the kennel has prior reservations and Tater will lose his spot there, too. Tater came to us last fall under very tragic circumstances,” Pittie in Pink posted to Facebook on April 30th.

Pittie in Pink went on to say this:
“Now we are up against a wall due to the loss of Tater’s foster home. Tater is a good boy…very loving and devoted, and very smart. He needs to be the only dog in a home right now, but he has lived successfully with a cat. Tater does, understandably, have a little separation anxiety…but a stable environment will go a long way toward helping him to overcome that. Tater is fortunate to have a sponsor who will pay for his training sessions with behaviorist Nikki Ivey, and that will give him a wonderful foundation to be the best little guy he can be. Tater deserves his chance…will you help me give it to him? Email me at [email protected] if you are interested in being a part of Tater’s miracle. Tater is in Nashville, TN.”

You can follow Tater’s story on Pittie in Pink’s Facebook page and/or ask about adopting him. But I have a feeling he is going to find that forever home soon! 😉