A Man Bought A Bull Meant For Bullfighting – But When You See This, You’ll Be In Tears

A bull meant for bullfighting ended up being a much better lover than fighter. Seeing the man and bull cuddle together really shows that animals have lots of love and compassion.

Video text as translated by Google Translate:

“I bought the Domecq livestock, and was meant to be fought in Barcelona When I asked if it was difficult to raise a bull I answered..” If you take good care, you will find it even more faithful than a dog “This shows that they know the type of animal you have and who command to runs. ”
Are the words of Christophe Thomas, a young French farmer who now lives happily with Fadjen. The director Paul Knudsen has captured these images of their beautiful friendship and their common life, for the enjoyment of lovers of animals and antidote extended by bullfighting fans prejudice.”