The Efforts To Bring These 2 Back Together Prove All Is Well With The World

We all know our pets are not just pets. They’re not just loveable, shedding fuzzballs with shiny eyes and wet noses- they’re our family!

Kelleigh Devers writes to us about Jaxon, who a is very friendly energetic one year old. He brings a smile to everyone’s face, especially when he is playing with his best friend in the world…she stands at 5’2″ weighs in at about 120 lbs, has a habit of knocking things over with her massive tail, and drooling.


Due to her size, Delilah will not fit even fit in the maximum size crates that normal airlines allow! This gentle giant will need a custom built crate made specially for her and will be shipped with a pet shipping company. This is a very expensive process so Delilah’s family is fundraising: to get this big baby home.  So far they’ve already raised enough to build the custom crate!

There’s only 3 weeks left before the family needs to order Delila’s tickets! If you want to donate to their cause and see these two cuties continue being the cutest BFFs go to

Here’s an update from the family:

“We have now raised enough to get Delilah her custom built airline approved crate!!!! Thank you all so much for your kindness and donating to help my family get our big baby home!! We are so grateful for all the love and support that we are receiving from all of you. We have a ways to go..but we’re on the right track! (:”

Every little bit helps 🙂