A Woman Threatens Her Dog On Facebook, But Something Amazing Happens

While browsing Facebook, Travis Smith came across a very shocking post that he just couldn’t ignore. A woman was describing how she would kill her dog unless someone paid her money.

Smith confronted her about the post, but she blocked him. So he grabbed a screenshot of the post and shared it.


Instead of ignoring it, people took action and called the police. The cops arrived to the woman’s home and found that the dog had not been harmed as mentioned, but that conditions were not acceptable.

“A small dog, located in a small crate, the dog was all by itself, no type food or water,” Aurora police Sgt. Chris Amsler told Fox 31 Denver. “There was an awful smell. … The animal had been peeing in the crate and was soaked in the urine.”

Whether or not she was serious about harming the dog, the officer commended the Facebook users for speaking up.

“This is a great example of how a group of people saw something that concerned them, told us and we were able to get successful resolution,” Amsler said.

[h/t – The Dodo]