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A pit bull puppy was abandoned and on the verge of death when it met this cat — now watch this

An abandoned pit bull puppy was near death when rescued and taken to the Cleveland Animal Protective League. In a desperate attempt to save its life, they introduced it to a mama cat. Amazingly, the cat took the puppy in as if it were her very own! Just beautiful.

This kitten just saw his reflection in the mirror for the very first time

This kitty discovers his reflection in the mirror for the very first time and goes into attack mode. Watch the epic battle unfold! 🙂

Watch what happens when a woman leads her hesitant horse to water for the first time

They were riding in the woods when they approached a calm river. But Magic was terrified of the water and would not go near it. So she unmounts and splashes around in the water to show her horse that there’s nothing to be afraid of — but she didn’t expect this to happen!

Man Finds Baby Squirrel Dying On A Hot Sidewalk And Scoops Him Up

It was a hot Florida day when Jeff Longo spotted something tiny on the sidewalk. When he looked closer, he realized it was a baby squirrel. It was lying there on the hot pavement close to death. He thought there was no way it would survive. But he was gonna do everything in his power to try and help.

He dedicated the next three months of his life nursing the tiny squirrel. He would feed her puppy formula through a bottle, heavy cream and most importantly – give lots of love! The following pictures will take you through the amazing journey:

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What’s going on at this dinner table is completely hysterical

This is one hilarious holiday feast shared between a bunch of dogs and a cat! And it is very convincing… You’ll see what I mean. 😀

2 Hikers Heard A Noise While On A Path…And Got The Most Adorable Surprise

Two hikers were exploring a path in the wilderness near Barcelona, Spain, when they heard something in the bushes. Then, the man (Albert) discovered an adorable surprise. A wild fox was watching from the shadows…and cautiously came towards them! He then “asked” for some food and the hikers happily obliged.

These three are certainly on their way to becoming fast friends.

It’s best to avoid wild animals when encountering them in the wild, but this polite little fox must have been used to humans, he wasn’t afraid at all!

21 Hilarious Reasons Why Animals Are The Best Part Of Life

Even if you don’t have pets, you should know one thing is true: animals can make life so much better! Animal companions make great friends and they bring so much love and joy into our lives. Most of the time, animals don’t know how amazing they are (or how lost we’d be without them).

…and then, sometimes, they’re just hilarious goofballs!

Yep, animals are the best!

What They Spotted This Seagull Doing For Passers By Is Too Funny. Where Did He Learn That?!

Passers by were amazed when this seagull spotted them. Not only did he stay and not fly away, but he began to do something odd: he danced! This trained seagull knew that if he did a little tap dance for humans, they’d usually toss him a tasty treat.

What a smart bird! (I’d tip him with a french fry for that performance, too.)

Their Dog Was Walking In A Field When, Suddenly, He Made Quite The Discovery!

A family was on a walk with their German shepherd mix in a field when they noticed something funny. The dog discovered an adorable little mouse…with the heart of a lion! When the li’l rodent came face-to-face with a big, fluffy dog, he didn’t run away. In fact, this tiny guy put up a BIG fight!

Thankfully, neither the dog nor the mouse was harmed in this encounter. They went their separate ways (but maybe this dog will be more careful about approaching tiny critters in the future).

After Being Separated For 7 Months, A Horse And Dog Finally Reunite

Last year, Rita the horse ran away from her home. Thankfully, a farmer caught her before she got lost or was seriously hurt. However, he refused to give her back. Rita’s original family took him to court and battled for months to get their Rita back.

7 months later, Rita was returned to her home and she got to reunite with her BFF, Balu the dog!

Their friendship didn’t miss a beat!


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