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This Pony Is Guaranteed To Put A Smile On Your Face. Just Watch What It Does!

It’s a commercial and it’s silly, but it’s guaranteed to put a smile on your face! Watch this pony dance the day away. 🙂

Dad’s waiting to meet his newborn baby, but he’s in for a huge surprise

We see dad outside of the delivery room waiting to meet his newborn baby. But he gets the surprise of his life. No, not the man — the dog! Look at all of those puppies! 🙂

Puppy Does His Best To Comfort Brother Who’s Having A Nightmare

Scooby Doo is having a nightmare, but his brother Pretty Boy hears him and does his best to comfort him. He lies on top of Scooby Doo to shield him from any bad thoughts. Too cute!

Mom tells the dog to get out of the crib, but he disobeys her in a hilariously adorable way

Mom was looking all over the place for the dog and finally found him in the crib with the baby. She should’ve known he’d be right by his best friend! Watch as this crazy Boston Terrier interacts playfully with the baby. How adorable. 🙂

These 14 dogs can’t help but wonder what babies are

Ever wonder what dogs are thinking around babies? Well wonder no more!

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Two Abused Pit Bulls Can’t Stop Dancing After Being Rescued

Hope For Paws rescued two pit bulls from years of neglect and abuse and you just have to see them together. They can’t stop playing and dancing. They finally have someone to feel comfortable around and someone they can relate to. And it’s a beautiful thing.

This has to be the luckiest little girl ever, and there are 14 reasons why…

Five-year-old Pernille plays in a field with 14 German Shepherds in Norway. It’s like this is a scene straight out of a movie or a dream! She has to be the happiest and safest little girl in the world.

What 2 Dogs Thought To Do After Losing Their Toy Is Just Brilliant! Wow.

These dogs notice their giant chew toy is at the bottom of the swimming pool, so they come up with a genius plan. As with humans, two heads are always better than one! You have to see this amazing display of teamwork. Wow!

Dog Reacts After Being Accused Of Farting While Mom Takes A Selfie

This girl uploaded the following photos to IMGUR with the title, “Taking selfies, and then he farted…” I’m not sure about you, but maybe – just maybe – it wasn’t the dog who farted! Judge for yourself. 😛


I say it was the human, not the dog! Share this with others below.

What They Recorded Their Dog Doing With The Mail Lady Is Too Great

You gotta see what this dog does when the mail lady pulls up to the house. Wow! 🙂

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