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Man goes undercover at night because angry locals yell at him for feeding the strays

When Glen Venezio moved to Puerto Rico 11 years ago, he was shocked to see hundreds of stray cats roaming the streets. So he decided to do something about it and feed the cats using his own money and donations from fellow animal lovers.

After being harassed and yelled at by angry locals, he had to start going undercover at night to avoid the backlash. It got so bad, a police officer had to start accompanying him on his nightly route. He said that once he opened his eyes to the problem, there was just no way to close them and ignore it. What do you think about what this man does? Whose side are you on?

Guilty dog refuses to make eye contact when approached about the mess he made

Shadow the German Shepherd is at it again. Mom finds pieces of memory foam scattered all over the place and approaches the guilty dog. But Shadow is not very good at hiding his guilt β€” all he can do is avoid eye contact!

As mom interrogates the dog, she can’t help but laugh at his response. I love how Shadow lets his guard down as soon as he hears mom chuckle! But as soon as she shows him the evidence again, it’s back to his guilty face. It’d be impossible to stay mad at this dog for too long. How adorable! πŸ™‚

Man gets arrested for saving his dog from his burning house

As bizarre as it sounds, a man was arrested for saving his dog from a house fire. The reason being that he put himself and many others, including firefighters, in more danger. But how hard would it be to sit back and see your dog inside with the fire?

“I couldn’t watch no more. I had to go get him.”

Mom’s exercising, and her needy dog just can’t help himself

Ever try to exercise with an attention-seeking dog around? It’s nearly impossible! I know as soon as I sit on the floor, my dog instantly thinks it’s playtime and grabs some toys! But wait until you see the woman in the video below trying to do some sit-ups.

Mom’s trying to exercise in the living room, but her German Shepherd isn’t having it. The needy dog just wants some attention and cuddles. And mom’s right there, so why not? Mom had to learn this lesson the hard (yet adorable) way! πŸ˜›

Blind and deaf dog uses nose to discover that mom just got home

It’s amazing how blind or deaf dogs can do the things they do while dealing with such a big handicap. But they pull through and thrive using other techniques. As for a dog who is both blind and deaf? Even more obstacles to overcome.

Watch in the video below as mom arrives home to her blind and deaf dog. Almost right away, mom is tracked down as the dog uses her nose to sniff her out and discover her presence. Incredible.

Bird sees owner tapping on drums, joins in and starts rocking out

We often think of birds as musical creatures, whistling and chirping away while basking in the morning sun. But what we don’t picture are birds playing instruments, and this one here has taken a strong interest in percussion. πŸ™‚

Dad starts tapping on the tiny drum, and the Japanese cockatiel starts bobbing its head to the beat. The bird then waddles over and uses its beak as a drumstick to start playing along. This is one talented bird β€” just look at it go!

These 29 dogs just met their new human siblings

Is there anything more precious than that first moment of affection between a dog and its new human sibling? Here are 29 moments that are sure to tug on your heartstrings…

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Guilty Husky doesn’t accept the consequences for what he’s done

The owner comes home to see that his Husky had gotten into the garbage can, and trash is all over the floor. When he confronts him, the dog’s not having any of it! His “words” are pretty convincing… just watch. 😉

The back-and-forth here between the guilty pooch and owner is extremely entertaining. Thankfully, someone understands the language of the Huskies and was able to provide the translation. 😂

Homeless man hoping to find his lost dog sleeps outside of the shelter

A worker at DeKalb County Animal Services in Georgia arrived at work early one morning to see a homeless man sleeping out front. The kennel tech woke him up and learned that the homeless man’s dog had gone missing and that he was waiting to see if she’d show up.

He had spent all of his money to pay for the bus ride to the shelter. But what he didn’t know was that his dog had been picked up as a stray about two weeks earlier and taken to the animal service’s new building across town. The man had no way to get there other than walking, but the kennel tech stepped up with an amazing act of kindness.

The kennel tech paid for the train ride across town to reunite the homeless man with his dog. Tata was happy and healthy and awaiting a reunion with her owner. And that’s exactly what was about to happen.

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Little girl adorably scolds Great Dane for farting on her bed

This is a short video, but that’s okay β€” because you’re going to want to watch it a couple of times anyway! One of the funniest and cutest things you’ll see today, guaranteed. πŸ˜€

Willow the Great Dane is cuddling with her human sibling, Lauryn, when all of a sudden the dog lets out a fart! Stunned, the little girl responds in the most adorable way possible. Trust me when I say you’ll want to see it!


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