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It’s time for the dog to get spayed, so she plays dead to avoid going to the vet

It’s no secret — dogs don’t like going to the vet. Can you really blame them? And some dogs are so good at sensing when mom and dad are trying to take them that they run and hide or give those big puppy eyes. But this dog just learned she’s about to get spayed, and she has a different tactic she’s trying out!

Lulu the Shiba Inu really doesn’t want to go to the vet and get spayed, so she plays dead! The longer she lies there in bed the more believable it becomes. But there’s still one flaw in her system — Lulu’s a sucker for treats! 😛

Mom publishes touching obituary for her dog of 11 years

Lee DiBella wanted to publish an obituary for her beloved dog to show how much he meant to her, but the local newspaper said obituaries are for humans only. But a local TV station agreed to show it at her request.

The Labrador-Pointer-Greyhound mix was with her for 11 years, and hearing from dog lovers nationwide has really helped her cope. The obituary ends with: “At the wishes of Brian’s family, give your dog an extra hug, belly rub and treat.”

Dad’s sitting alone on his chair when he starts singing

Some dogs can’t help themselves — they just have to sing along! Watch the “Dogs Singing Compilation Part 2” by America’s Funniest Home Videos and try not to smile. 🙂

Have you ever heard such beautiful voices? Does your pup like to show off its pipes? Let us know in the comments!

Mom throws toy for Husky — that’s when he realizes he’s not the only one chasing it

Mom’s playing fetch with Kuma the Husky. But when the dog chases after the toy he realizes he’s not the only one trying to play. Prepare yourself — this is adorable!

Watch as Tora the kitten thinks about joining the game. The hesitant kitty almost goes after the toy a few times but wisely backs down as the Husky comes barreling through. Kuma loves his little cat sister, but he won’t let anyone or anything come between him and his favorite game. 🙂

Adoptive family doesn’t show up for dog, then foster mom realizes she was set up

Nicki Clawson had been fostering a dog from NorthWest Boxer Rescue named Cookie. And on the day she was supposed to meet with the potential adopters, something peculiar happened: the adoptive family didn’t show up.

She went to look up their number to give them a call, and she couldn’t believe what she saw — it was her own number. That’s when the tears started to fall. It was a trick all along, and the rescue played it out perfectly. What a surprise! 🙂

These 25 pictures show why every child should have a pet

The 25 photos below are undeniable proof that children are better off with pets in their lives. With a loyal dog or cat by their side, they get to experience a level of companionship that’s just off the charts. Pets really do add real, meaningful value to our lives. Wouldn’t you agree?

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Mom says she’s pregnant and points at her belly, then the pup gives its approval

It won’t be long until the dog meets her new baby sister, so mom tries to explain to the dog that her human sister is in her belly. The dog seems a little confused but eventually gives the approval that mom was looking for. 😉

These 17 massive puppies still have a lot of growing left to do

How are these puppies so big already? Oh my goodness!

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Talking dogs and cats discuss playing fetch, and it has me in stitches over here

When it comes to playing fetch, dogs and cats go about it in very different ways. Listen as these talking pets discuss playing fetch and try not to laugh — it’s too funny! 😀

Now there’s only one question left to answer: who does it better, dogs or cats? 🐶 🐱

Sad shelter dog gets sweet letter from adoptive family

A homeless dog was captured and taken to the city pound, but Howl of a Dog stepped in and rescued her. Dora was sad and lonely, but her luck changed when someone in the UK decided to adopt her!

While waiting to make her 1500-mile long journey from Romania, Dora received an unexpected box. It contained lots of treats, toys, and even a sweet letter from her soon-to-be mama. It’s obvious Dora has found a very loving forever home. 🙂

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