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Cop sees a deer unable to move, but when he looks closer…

An off-duty police officer saw a deer in distress and decided to help. Somehow, the deer became tangled in some Christmas lights and couldn’t move. But the cop’s approach here is amazing…

Little girl’s hiding in her room, but watch as the Great Danes come looking for her

A little girl hides in her bedroom during a game of Hide-and-Seek with her Great Danes. Do you think they’ll find her? 😉

Rescuers gasp as the stray runs into traffic, but it’s the next part you’ll want to see

A homeless poodle was running in and out of traffic, and Hope For Paws knew they had to be aggressive in order to save him before it was too late. Watch as this rescue takes a crazy turn…

Puppy kept in a hole in the ground wants you to see how happy she is now

This dog was being kept in a hole in the ground when she was finally rescued, but now she’s part of a loving family. She’ll never have to know such cruelty again. ❤

Old rescue dog only knows one trick, but it’s the sweetest

Lemming had given up all hope, found in corner trying to be invisible to the world. But she was rescued and saved from a euthanasia list, and that’s when her new parents learned her only trick. 😊

Mom tells her dog they’re going to grandma’s house. Now watch the reaction…

The dog just found out they’re going to grandma’s, and how she reacts is too adorable. Someone’s excited… 😉

This dog just beat cancer. Now he opens a gift for a birthday he wasn’t supposed to live to see.

Wallace was diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma, giving him two weeks to three months to live without chemo. But here he is on his 11th birthday, seven months chemo free… Unbelievable!

I’ve never seen a dog so excited to see its owner — just watch!

Bella just can’t control herself when dad walks through the door. That’s one excited dog! 😊

As they try to rescue a dog in a hot car, the owner approaches and says this…

A woman spotted a dog in a car with all of the windows up and called the police. As they worked to rescue the dog, the owner came out of the store and confronted them. You won’t believe what she had to say…

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Mom’s driving down the road, but it’s the dog in the backseat you’ll want to pay attention to

Annie starts to sing along to “We Are The Champions,” and Lola the Shiloh Shepherd can’t hold back! Watch when that first chorus hits… 😁

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