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These 24 perfectly timed photos of dogs will have you in stitches

Talk about being at the right place at the right time. These 24 perfectly timed photos of dogs will have you laughing out loud! Let this be a reminder to always have your cameras ready; you never know what silly situation you may catch your goofy pooch in. 😛

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Every day, this man takes his dog on a walk that can only be described as special

Craig Mosher’s dog, Loois, became paralyzed during a back procedure. But Craig came up with a way to take his paraplegic pit bull on daily walks.

Refusing to give up on his best friend and the only family that lives with him, Craig invented a harness to go around the dog’s waist that lifts his back legs off the ground. You can tell how important it is that he gets to spend these precious moments with his dog. A bond like this one is truly special.

Found at night, this dog was tied to a tree so he couldn’t follow his owner

They found him abandoned on a mountain and tied to a tree so that he couldn’t follow his owner. From an abandoned hunting tool to a loving companion, this is the rescue and transformation of Tool.

These 14 pets with their ‘mini me’ counterparts are too much to handle

These animals have adorable little look-alikes and they are sure to put a smile on your face!

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Boy thought his dog was gone forever, and he bursts into tears upon seeing him again

Rocco was devastated when his rescue dog, Jack, went missing over eight months ago. He didn’t want to think about life without his best friend, but the more time that passed, the more reason to worry.

And now for the special moment — watch as Rocco is called outside to reunite with Jack. When he bursts into tears, I had to fight to hold back my own. I’m so glad Jack is back where he belongs and that these two are together again. 🙂

Woman’s giving interview when an elephant approaches from behind

Lek is giving an interview in front of a film crew at Elephant Nature Park when Faa-mai approaches from behind. The elephant just wants to be with her favorite person! 🙂

Those who are familiar elephants know that they are as loving and loyal as dogs, and this video is just further proof. Isn’t it just amazing?

This dog has a whole routine for watching TV, and it’s the cutest

Heidi the dog loves her TV time, and her nightly routine shows her true dedication and excitement for plopping down in front of the tube after a hard day’s work.

Now tired after playing some fetch, the Australian Shepherd’s ready to watch some Planet Earth! She starts whining when her owner turns on the TV, and then she’s off to find her bed to drag into the living room. 😀

Big dog keeps stealing the dog bed — until they come up with an adorable solution

Emma the yorkiepoo keeps having the dog bed stolen from her by Lexi the rescue dog. Lexi isn’t trying to be a bully, she’s just much bigger now than when she first came home.

But watch as the two discover a way to share the bed together! Too cute. But don’t worry, they won’t have to do this forever; their parents acknowledged that it’s time for an upgrade. 🙂

These two aren’t just best friends, but they need to stay together for one incredible reason

DFW Rescue Me took in two sweet pups about a year ago. But Babs had glaucoma and ended up having to get both eyes removed. Amazingly, Bart took it upon himself to be her very own seeing eye dog.

“He’s kind of her seeing eye dog. If he goes into a room, she’ll go into a room, If he gets on the couch, she’ll get on the couch, into the car. It’s amazing watching her you wouldn’t even know she doesn’t have eyes.”

Hopefully these two find an amazing forever home soon.

An abused puppy had completely given up. But watch when the police arrive…

***UPDATE*** Refresh your memory of Powder’s story with the first video, then watch the second video below for a brand new update on his condition. 🙂

This puppy was abandoned in the middle of the Florida Everglades where he had given up and allowed his body to start shutting down. But when the police showed up, he started to respond to the kindness of strangers.

“As of 3/1/16, he has a long road to recovery including surgery on both his eyes.”
You can visit DezzysSecondChance.com for updates on Powder’s progress and to donate if you please.

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