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Couple couldn’t handle one more sleepless night with their 7 dogs, so they did something clever

It can be quite difficult getting a good night’s rest letting a dog sleep on the bed. How does a dog seem to take up so much space? Well, imagine sharing the bed with seven dogs…

That’s why Chris and Mariesa Hughes had to come up with a solution. The New York couple absolutely loves their seven dogs, but sleeping at night can be a real problem.

“At nighttime all of the dogs want to sleep on the bed and sometimes it becomes too cluttered and we end up being pushed off of the bed or sleeping on the couch,” Chris told Today.

So Chris, a furniture maker, started working on the 14′ long by 7′ wide bed…

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Homeless poodle had completely given up, but then he met a little boy

Hope For Paws received a call about a homeless poodle spotted on the streets. No one knew if he was injured or if he’d just given up on life. But it was the love of a little boy that would transform Yankee Poodle’s life forever.

To donate, visit: http://www.HopeForPaws.org
To adopt Yankee Poodle, please contact: http://www.RescueFromTheHart.org

Dog living in trash was rescued 3 years ago, but he still doesn’t have a home

Oliver was found living in trash in early 2014. But after being rescued and making a stunning recovery, he still doesn’t have a forever home nearly three years later.

Let’s help find him a home! 😊

This police dog-in-training is so cute it hurts

Maverick is a police dog-in-training, and he’s catching on quickly! Watch as the adorable pup is able to target all five major odors at just eight weeks old. 😊

This rat eating spaghetti is way more adorable than you could ever imagine

Maybe not your normal “aww,” but this rat eating spaghetti is probably the cutest thing you’ll see today. I never thought a rat could be so adorable! 😊

He noticed a homeless man and dog in Starbucks but never expected what was about to happen

Little did Eric Jason Pena know when he walked into Starbucks that day that he would make a memory that’d last a lifetime. And it’s all because of a homeless man and his dog. A homeless man whom everyone else ignored and belittled.

It was a moment the homeless man would never forget.

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Through the gate is the dog he hasn’t seen in 2 years. Now watch when he’s unleashed…

Sheldon, former American K9 explosives handler, promised Django that one day he’d live with him in South Africa. And after two years of separation and a lengthy, complicated process, Sheldon was told that the best friend and former partner was on his way. Now watch their reunion below…

“I TOLD you I was coming to get you. I told you, my boy.”

This shelter dog was too depressed to move — until a certain stranger showed up

They tried everything they could for two days to get a depressed pit bull to move from the corner of her cage, but she’d just tremble and growl. But when a seven-year-old boy shows up? Oh my goodness.

Roxie the Sledding Sheltie is going viral, and it’s the best

Roxie is a Sheltie from Wisconsin, and she loves the outdoors. In the winter, she begs her family to go sled riding. But the best part? Her family loves it as much as she does! 😊

Husky pup’s unique howl is so soothing, his siblings sleep right through it

This Husky puppy is just learning to howl, and the sound that comes out is adorably unique. And it’s a good thing his siblings can sleep through it, because he seems to really enjoy it! 😉

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