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These 5 Puppies Practicing Their Little Howls Are To Die For

Is there anything cuter in this universe than tiny puppies first discovering their howl? Whether they learn it from their parents, humans, or even by listening to other dogs on TV, you can’t help but melt when they finally hit that note. The five puppies below are the cutest of the cute, and they want you to hear how good they are getting! πŸ˜‰

This two-month-old puppy tries his best wolf howl. Here it goes! πŸ˜€

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Family Comes Home From Church To Find Dog Bleeding On Porch With A Note From The Cops

It was just another Sunday for the Laymon family as they were on their way home from church. But when they arrived, a disturbing scene was awaiting them.

Their dog, Bruno, was bleeding out on the front porch. And beside him, a note from the Rogers County police department.

“While our family was away from home there was a disturbance at a neighbors house which resulted in a call to Rogers County Sheriff. The deputy who answered the call decided to come over to our house, but nobody was home,” said Angie said on Facebook.

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Mom Tells The Sleepy Great Dane Who’s Outside, And The Dog Runs To The Door

Now this is an idea to get dogs to like the vet! The mobile vet RV comes right to the dog’s home where everything is familiar and comfortable for them. No more scary vet’s office full of weird smells. πŸ˜›

Watch as Great Danes Max and Kate run outside the moment they arrive. Max is still in bed being a sleepy head, but mom tells him the vet’s outside, so he gets up and runs toward the door! It’s funny seeing dogs so in love with seeing the vet. πŸ™‚

Pets Are Left Stranded In Floodwaters, But This Rescue Team Is Stepping Up In A Big Way

Just one of the many amazing rescue teams hard at work recently, the Animal Rescue Team of The Humane Society of The United States is rescuing pets affected by Hurricane Harvey at a high rate. Using crates, boats, and trucks, rescuers are doing whatever it takes and putting it all on the line.

It’s hard to imagine what the locals are going through right now, but it helps to know that there are selfless rescuers out there ready and willing to help. If you’d like to help, you can make a donation to the Humane Society so that they can continue their great work.

Dog Who Refused To Leave Burning Home Now Being Called A Hero

A dog named Leo risked it all to protect and save four newborn kittens from a house fire. Firefighters were fighting the flames in Melbourne, Australia, when they discovered a dog still inside the home.

The Jack Russell mix was found lying unconscious on the floor, and when they picked him up they saw the kittens underneath. The dog had placed his body over them to keep them safe until help could arrive. Firefighters rushed the pets outside where Leo was given oxygen. He ended up being okay, and now he’s being called a hero!

Dad Tries To Teach Beagle Puppy To Howl, Pup Gives It His Best Try

In this video, Moose the Beagle puppy is eight weeks old. And dad’s giving him a lesson in howling! The pup’s response is the cutest thing, and you’ll want to watch this a couple of times.

The adorable dog gives it his absolute best try, but it’s so cute I can hardly take it! Now at two years old, Moose howls along when his owner plays the video for him. πŸ™‚

After 12 Days In The Shelter, Dog Has A Family – And She Can’t Stop Thanking Them

After spending 12 days in a high kill shelter, this dog finally has a family. Watch as she showers dad with kisses to thank him for saving her life.

Some words from the owner: “I’m disabled with muscular dystrophy and stay at home a lot. My dog of almost 10 years passed away a few months ago. It’s been lonely. My other old dog has been depressed since her passing. I thought getting a younger dog that would keep him and I company and would make a great addition to the family. We adopted Peanut after she spent 12 days in a kill shelter. She was deathly afraid of everything when she got to her new home. In the first two weeks, she quickly became the big baby in the house and loves dad!”

Dog Wants To Go To Bed, But Mom Wants To Stay Up And Watch Movies

Some dogs just don’t understand personal space. And this video compilation by America’s Funniest Home Videos highlights all of the doggos who crave the most attention. Sit back, watch, and prepare to laugh! πŸ˜€

Lots of dogs here are following their owners into the restroom, but my favorite one has to be the dog who wants to go to bed despite mom wanting to stay up and watch movies. Their back-and-forth has me laughing out loud! What is your favorite part of Dogs Don’t Understand Personal Space Compilation Part 2?

Dog Knows What He Needs To Do To Survive Hurricane Harvey

A dog was seen carrying a bag of food down a street in Sinton, Texas, during Hurricane Harvey. So a woman followed the dog to make sure he wasn’t lost, but the dog knew exactly where he was going and what he was doing.

Otis got scared by the storm and ran off but knew where he could find some dog food. He carried it all the way back to the man who was dogsitting for his grandson.

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Hawk Just Wants To Stay With Family Until Hurricane Harvey Passes

Hurricane Harvey is affecting people and animals alike, and this hawk decided to hunker down with a family to ride the storm out together. The scared hawk sought refuge in this man’s vehicle, and it turned out to be the right decision.

At first the man didn’t know what to do but ended up taking the hawk home to keep him safe until the hurricane passed over. When it was all said and done, the bird was turned over to a wildlife center to receive any rehabilitation and care needed before being returned to the wild.

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