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The Most Excited Dog Ever Greets his Soldier Daddy

You won’t find a dog more excited than this one when his soldier daddy gets home from overseas. He literally jumps out of the back of the vehicle to greet him – this is so awesome!


12 Pictures of the Happiest Dog on Earth

Jiff is a Pomeranian that many people consider the happiest dog on the planet. He loves to pose for the camera, with other dogs and props. He’s just a bundle of joy 🙂

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You Won’t Believe The Size Of This Dog. After All, He Is The World’s Tallest.

Zeus is 7’4″ tall when standing on his hind legs and is considered the world’s tallest dog. What an incredible animal!

This Has To Be The Most Patient Kitty Ever. An Adorable Puppy Just Won’t Leave It Alone! :)

That’s one patient cat! When this puppy decides to use the cat’s ear as a toy, he just lets the little guy have some fun. 🙂


Do You Want To Witness The Cutest Wake Up Ever? Prepare Your Mind And Heart.

Well, that’s it… our hearts officially exploded. 🙂

When This Dog’s Puppy Ends Up In A Pool, She Has No Choice But To Go In After Him. Amazing.

We aren’t sure how this happened, and we hope no humans were responsible for it. But it does show one thing – this dog’s unconditional love for her pup is a wonderful thing to witness.


An Injured Dog Lies Helpless On The Highway. Then An Unexpected Hero Shows Up.

This is downright unbelievable. As a dog lied in the street with cars flying past, another dog came to the rescue…and saved him. Both survived – truly incredible.


There’s Enough Cuteness Here For Everyone. But No Baby, You Can’t Do That! :)

This is just too cute, especially when the baby tries to eat the little adorable puppy. We think they might be best friends for a long time 🙂


A Tiny Coffee Cup-Sized Puppy That Defied All Odds And Survived. What A Miracle.

Meet Beyonce, the coffee cup-sized miracle puppy that defied all odds and survived. Her mother was a stray that was pregnant, so these rescuers brought her in. Amazing video.


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