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A Tiny Coffee Cup-Sized Puppy That Defied All Odds And Survived. What A Miracle.

Meet Beyonce, the coffee cup-sized miracle puppy that defied all odds and survived. Her mother was a stray that was pregnant, so these rescuers brought her in. Amazing video.


A Blind Dog Is Found On The Streets. What Happens Will Stay With You For A Long Time.

If you’ve never seen the video of Fiona, a blind dog living in a trash pile, then you’re in for one of the most heartwrenching, but beautiful, stories ever. A must see.


Mommy Dog Rescues Her Puppies From a Fire

Not only did this mommy dog of the year pull all of her puppies from a house fire, but she put them in the firetruck and stayed by their side. This is true motherly love that moms of all species can look up to!

Are You Prepared To Witness The Cutest Nap Ever? This Napping Puppy Will Melt Your Heart.

Thanks to this English bulldog puppy, we now have video evidence of the cutest nap ever taken. This will melt your heart to pieces.


Need Some Chores Done Around The House? You Need A Dog Like This – LOL! Amazing.

Well, this is a trick most dog owners wish their dog knew. Just tell him to clean the house and it’s done! Now if only he could be trained to pick up groceries…


Yorkie Puppy Does Something HILARIOUS While Eating – You Gotta See This!

This isn’t something you’ll see every day, but it sure is adorable. A yorkie pup does a handstand while eating…we aren’t sure why, but CUTE!


Sometimes Everyone Needs A Break. The Mother Of These Bulldog Pups Sure Could Use One. :)

Mom looks like she needs a vacation from her litter of pups. But this is very cute.


The 10 Guiltiest Dogs On The Internet. Dog #3 Might Consider Getting Some New Friends – LOL!

Discipline is a part of having a dog, and these 10 really know when they did something wrong. The problem is, it’s so adorable that you can’t help but just give them a big hug and forgive them! πŸ™‚


Adorable Dogs From Wide Angle Shots

Capturing dogs in photographs is always fun to do, especially when you use a wide-angle camera lens like the ones below. Some of these pups would melt your heart with a regular camera, so these ones are sure to make you fall in love. Check them out below.


Which photo was your favorite? Have you ever taken pictures of your dog with a wide angle lens? Let us know in the comments. πŸ™‚

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