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Bulldog and Little Boy Falling Asleep

Haha, this is really funny. Not only is the little boy falling asleep but the bulldog is too. What’d they put in their water? 🙂


The World’s Funniest Dog Video

That’s what this is called on YouTube, with over 27 million views. So we thought it was worth sharing here! Check it out.


Sleepy Puppy Naps in the Strangest Place

You can probably guess what’s going to happen here, but you should watch it anyway. ADORABLE!

Two Puppies Kiss Each Other – So Adorable

Siblings that love each other? Now that’s something we humans should pay attention to! This is cute.

Beagle Puppies Play with Mommy

This looks like a good time. Mommy and her puppies play together in the house…awww 🙂

Little Dog Shows Amazing Self Control

This kind of self control is amazing. If you put a chocolate cupcake on my hand, it’d be gone in a second!


Dachshund Adorably Confused by Mechanical Penguin

Don’t worry, we would be a bit scared by that thing too, doggy! This is really cute.


Bulldog Mommy and Puppy Caught on Tape Playing

A bulldog mommy and puppy got caught on camera by the owner playing and being so adorable. Check this moment out.


English Bulldog Puppy Kisses Boy – So Cute

An adorable little boy and a cute little puppy make for a video that will make your heart smile. Just watch and see. 🙂


Amazing Rescue of a Puppy on a Busy Highway

After a crash on the highway, this dog ran away from the scene…and police came to the rescue. Everyone is OK and reunited with no serious injuries. 🙂


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