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Geronimo the Dog is Incredible

This dog is amazing. Plain and simple. Wow.


10 Week Old Puppy Melts Hearts with a Head Tilt

The famous puppy head tilt is something that melts all of our hearts. Just watch this one do it!


Beagle Puppy Versus Adult Rottweiler

This isn’t what you think it is…a violent puppy/dog fight! It’s an adorable interaction between new friends 🙂


Cutest Cat and Puppy Cuddling Ever

So, so, so sweet! This can turn any bad day into a good one. Just watch and see!


Prepare Your Heart Because You’re About To See Something That’ll Touch It So Much. Amazing.

Rocky lived on the streets for a very long time, and when we came today to rescue him, he showed no resistance… it was the easiest rescue in the history of dog rescuing.


And now get ready… because the UPDATE video is the best thing ever!

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Adorable Dog Gets Confused

Confusion is never so cute as it is with a little puppy. What has this one turning his head in the most adorable way?


Golden Retriever and Bunny Hilariously Play Together

Maybe not the most likely of friends, but they sure are fun to watch. It’s really funny when the bunny jumps at him 🙂


Bulldog Puppies Take Their First Steps

A baby’s first steps are something every parent remembers, and that applies to puppies too. Just watch these little cuties take their first steps…it’ll melt your heart.

Rescue Dog Becomes the Most Popular Dog in Town

No one wanted this golden retriever 3 years ago, and now everyone in this town knows him. He’s a great dog!


Dogs Share a Kiss After a Play Fight

After a little play fight, these dogs quickly make up with a kiss. Cute 🙂


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