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Fun Dogs Love Playing in the Snow

While some of us complain about the snow, these two absolutely LOVE it! This makes winter a lot more fun 🙂

Dalmatian Makes a New Cute Friend

If only we could all makes friends this easily. What a beautiful dog and video. 🙂


British Bulldog Wants to Meet the New Baby

Both the bulldog and the baby are so cute – we think they’re going to be good friends. 🙂


Dog Bothers the Most Tolerant Cat Ever

Most cats would’ve paw’d this dog long ago, but this one seems to be quite tolerant. Haha 🙂


Dog Actually Wants to Take a Bath

This has to be the least likely thing to happen in doggy bath time ever. No need to convince him to get in…he does it all on his own!


A Man Going On A Fishing Trip Caught Something He Never Expected. Oh – My – Goodness.

Unbelievably, while on his fishing trip, this man came across a dog swimming….nearly ready to drown. He saved him – what a great video.


Best Friends – Boy Feeding his Doggy

It’s a simple video, but so cute to watch the innocence of these two babies. Best friends. <3  

A Neglecting Owner Dumps His Hurt Dog On The Streets. How He Is Rescued Is Beyond Words.

The cruel owner didn’t want to take care of Dougie anymore because of his condition…but one man didn’t give up so easily. Beautiful rescue video.


Sleepy Husky Worries He Will Miss Something

This Husky wants to sleep so bad, but he also doesn’t want to miss ANYTHING! What a predicament…


Puppy Husky Gets Groomed by a Cat

Dogs and cats are known for not liking each other, but this is definitely not the case here. What a cute video!


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