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Dog Saves an Abandoned Newborn Baby

This is downright incredible. A young girl that had a baby in Argentina abandoned it at birth, and this wonderful, awesome dog protected it until help arrived. Truly a video you have to see.


Bulldog’s First Steps

Awwwwww, Tebow the bulldog tries to take his first steps and melts all of our hearts in the process. This is so cute…what a dollbaby!


Dog and Baby Adorably Cuddle

This dog loves children, you can tell. Just watch as he takes a nap and the little baby cuddles up to him.


A Litter of Puppies Versus One Cat

What happens when a litter of puppies discover a cat? To find out, watch this funny video!


Adorable Baby and Dog Will Make You Smile

If you love doggies and babies, what could be better than this video? Best friends in the making. 🙂

Puppy Battles Himself in the Mirror

When a puppy first discovers a mirror, it’s always adorable to watch. This one is no different – check it out!


Puppy Takes a Nap in a Strange but Cute Place

Well, that’s a strange place to take a nap…but when you’re tired, you’re tired. And cute 🙂


Cute Little Puppy Will Make You Smile

If you want to smile, look no further than this little puppy. Awwwwww 🙂


7 Seconds of Howling Cuteness

This video is only 7 seconds long, but these howling husky puppies will steal your heart. How adorable!


Puppy Makes the Cutest Noises Ever During a Nap

Well, this nap just melted our hearts to pieces. We aren’t sure what this little guy’s dreaming about, but it must be pretty exciting.


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