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The Things This Dog Can Do With Two Legs Is Unbelievable, Especially At The 17 Second Mark!

She can do it all, and she only has her front two legs. It really is amazing and inspiring!

I Would Expect This In The Olympics, But From A Dog? Absolutely Blows My Mind!

Not only can this dog balance on a bar, he can walk across it to grab a frisbee! Amazing!

What Makes These Puppies Spin While Drinking? You Gotta See This!

Nothing is as cute as these puppies spinning around while drinking. It’s funny how the mind of a puppy works. 🙂

My Heart Wasn’t Ready For This. Watch Super Cute English Bulldog Puppies Learn To Walk!

These English bulldog puppies learn to walk for the first time together. Aww… 🙂

Some People Call Dobermans Vicious? Don’t Tell That To This Laughing Baby!

A Doberman is very loyal and obedient. This one fully understands he is in the room with a playful baby. 🙂

An Abandoned Pit Bull Was Hiding Underneath A House. And 5 Days Later… OMG. A Must See.

A neighborhood dog is left behind after a family moves away. But this is unlike most other rescue missions. What happens five days after is amazing.

This Two-Legged Dog Made Me Cry. You Have To See How He Walks. Very Touching.

This dog only has two legs, but he does not let that get in his way. He can run around and play just like any other dog.

Watching This Adorable Puppy Try To Get Up Made Me Want To Reach Through My Monitor. Cute!

This newborn pup is learning the ins and outs of life. He just can’t figure out how to roll around and get up right away.

A Dog Neglected By Its Owner Is Hit By A Car & Has A Broken Leg. This Hit Me Like A Ton Of Bricks.

This dog had a broken leg for 7-10 days which made surgery more complicated. If you do not want to see the surgery which contains some graphic content, DO NOT watch past the 3:30 mark.

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