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New Puppy Loves a Baby

Aww, this puppy wants to cuddle with the baby boy. What a cute and innocent moment that’ll put a smile on your face 🙂

Abandoned Dog in Bad Shape Gets a Second Chance

Faith was found with little hope left, but thanks to this rescue, she gets a new lease on life and a second chance. Beautiful video and outcome…


A Dog, Rabbit, Cat, and Guinea Pig Loving Each Other

All humans should watch this video as we could learn something from this rabbit, guinea pig, cat, and dog. They get along just fine 🙂


Bulldog Tries to Sit in a Really Small Box

LOL, this is so funny. This bulldog decides to sit in the smallest box in the room and it appears he is not budging.


Smart Dog Performs Very Useful Tricks

Where can we trade our kids for this dog? Kidding, but wow…he is a really helpful pup. 🙂


195 Pound Mastiff and 3 Pound Chihuahua Playing

Good thing this big dog is a lover and not a fighter. One chomp and the little guy would’ve been a goner 🙂


Puppies Get Rescued After a Terrible Tragedy

Eldad is an incredible hero, and what he does for these puppies after their mother was struck by a car and killed is truly admirable. Check it out.


Tired Husky Puppy Will Make Your Day

After a very long day of playing with people, this Husky puppy had enough. Time to sleep!



Time for a nap, and the middle of the floor directly on his back sounds about right!


Smart Dog Brings the Receipt to a Customer

Next time I go to the store, I want my receipt brought to me by a smart dog like this! So cute 🙂


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