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Rescuing Not One, But TWO Dogs At The Same Time Poses A Real Challenge. This Is Intense. WOW!

Dash and Violet were only 10 months old when abandoned by their owner. This brother and sister were left to fend for themselves until Hope For Paws stepped in to rescue these beautiful dogs.

Seeing This Neglected Dog Angered Me. But What Happens Makes This Totally Worth Watching.

A neglected dog in a shelter had severely infected eyes and skin. She is rescued and her transformation is unbelievable.

Just When I Thought Dogs Couldn’t Be Any More Adorable & Loyal, I See This Video. OMG.

Dog covers a napping baby with his blanket. They truly are man’s best friend. 🙂

Police Dog Pays Final Respect To Fallen Partner. The Dog Does Something That Breaks Me Down.

Just before they lowered him down, the dog put his paw on the casket with his head down. This just shows the loyalty and love in a dog’s soul.

A Thief Is Trying To Hold Up A Store, Pointing A Gun At The Cashier When… Surprise!

A thief trying to hold up a store points a gun at the cashier and gets the surprise of his life when this guard dog latches on. What a shocker that must’ve been!

After A Long Deployment, This Sailor Surprises His Dogs In The Most Awesome Way Ever.

The box this sailor hid inside had been placed in the living room a week earlier. The dogs know something is up right away though. 🙂

Man Steals Dog From Girl On The Street & Sells It. Afterward, Something Amazing Happens.

A girl and her family run into a grocery store real quick, only to come out and realize someone had stolen their dog. It was caught on camera, so people soon became aware that the thief was going around trying to sell the dog. A random woman buys the dog with her own cash and gives it to the little girl on Christmas.

Dying Man Has One Final Wish – To See His Dog One Last Time. One Day He Opens His Eyes And…

A man with lung cancer is on his death bed and has one final wish… to see his dog one more time. Very touching.

Having Lived In A Lab Forever, They Don’t Know What To Do. And Then They Step Onto The Grass…

These nine Beagles have never been outside. They have never seen the sun or even felt the grass on their paws. They don’t know what to do. How they react is precious.

Mommy Duck Was Panicked Trying To Save Her Babies In A Pool. But Suddenly… GENIUS!

These baby ducks are trapped in a swimming pool and won’t let anyone touch them. The mommy duck leads them out of the pool in a genius way.

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