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Just Some Elephants At A Watering Hole When All Of A Sudden… Oh No, The Baby Is Drowning!

A baby elephant gets trapped in a watering hole and is drowning. These elephants make it a group effort to save the little one’s life.

Dog Was Missing For 22 Months – A 2 Year Wait Had Almost Broken This Family’s Faith, And Then…

After nearly a 2 year wait, this dog is reunited with its family. Nothing about this was easy.

Military Dog Saves Marine’s Life On The Battlefield. His Sister Made It Her Goal To Reunite Them.

This Marine is reunited with the dog who saved his life. The bomb-sniffing military dog warned him just in time, but they were still both badly injured and went their separate ways. The Marine’s sister made it her goal to reunite the two.

This Dog Ends Up Stranded On A Window Ledge High Above The Streets. This Had Me On Edge.

How this dog ended up on a window ledge, I don’t know. Good thing somebody saw it and called for help.

A Bunch Of Dogs Who Love Water. These Are GREAT! LOL At 32 Seconds. And The End… Haha! :)

Dogs who love water and everything about it. So cute and funny!

The Things Dogs Teach Us. This Goes From Super Cute To Extremely Powerful. I Cried & Laughed.

This is an emotional rollercoaster. But that’s a good thing. 🙂

No One Could Rescue This Dog For 5 Months As He Sat In A Field. It Was Time For A Master Plan.

Buddy waited in a field for 5 months where he was abandoned. He thought for sure his owner would return. People had tried and tried to rescue him, but to no avail. This time it was different.

This Puppy Can’t Resist! He Loves This Baby So Much, They Can’t Be Separated! Adorable.

This puppy absolutely loves this baby. His curiosity and love get the best of him. 🙂

Who Loves You? This Dog! Well, She Can Say It At Least. Impressive! :)

If only dogs could talk… Oh wait, this one does! Listen to this dog say that she loves you.

A Dog Takes A Bullet For His Family & Lives. And The Good Gesture At The End…WOW.

An all around inspirational story. From the dog taking a bullet for his family to the funds donated to foot the hospital bills.

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