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This Dachshund Ballooned To 77 Pounds. What Happened After That Is A Must See.

Obie’s original owners were elderly, could not support an active lifestyle and fed him out of love. This caused the Dachshund to balloon to 77 pounds. It wasn’t long before a relative stepped in, and Obie was given to Nora Vanatta. Nora has a degree in animal science and immediately got Obie on a weight loss plan.

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I Didn’t Think Something So Simple Could Make Me Break Down. But This Did It… Wow.

These dogs waited at Chicago Animal Care and Control to be rescued. Some waited for months and some were saved in their final hour. Here are their faces leaving the shelter and on the way to their forever homes. There are no words for this.

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They Actually Thought This Was A Dog At First. I Can’t Believe What It Does.

Thought to be a dog, this fox was taken to a rescue center. By then, it was too tame to be released into the wild. As you can see, it acts just like a dog! It’s not recommended to own a fox as a pet, but this one is just so tame and adorable. 🙂

No, You’re Not Going Crazy. This REALLY Did Happen And It’s Adorable. 

This cute little chihuahua does yoga with its owner. It’s so amazing and adorable it’s hard to put into words! 🙂

No, Those Aren’t Dogs. But This Might Be The Best Thing I’ve Seen All Year… LOL!

This little girl got a Valentine’s Day gift she will never forget. Her grandmother got her two baby goats, and they are the cutest things ever. Look at them bouncing around!

When 2 Hamsters On A Wheel Goes Very Very Wrong… OMG!

A hamster is running on a wheel when its buddy decides to hop on. And then it’s all downhill from there… why does it seem like these little fellas always end up going too fast for their own good? Be careful, little cuties 🙂

Your Entire Day Will Be Made In Just 40 Seconds. Watch What This Baby Jaguar Does. :)

This “roar” might be scary when its older, but right now it’s just stinking adorable! And how it nibbles on a finger… Aww! 🙂

I Can’t Believe What These Cats Do. This Definitely Isn’t Normal!

Either these dogs know some secrets or these cats are just generous… I’ve never seen anything like it, though! 🙂

How they abandoned this friendly dog is beyond me, but when they get closer…

When they found this abandoned dog, they had no idea it would act like this. How amazing.

Imagine Watching Some Elephants From Your Car When Suddenly… AHHHH!

These people are checking out the elephants when all of a sudden, the tables are turned. The elephants get curious and start walking toward the car! How would you react to this?

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