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When This Cub Was About To Get Hit By A Car, Mama Bear Did Something AMAZING.

A tornado hunter was driving through Kootenay National Park when he noticed a black bear cub sitting dangerously close to the highway. He got his camera out and captured something amazing.

This Family Was Sad To Leave Their Dog Behind. But What The Dad Secretly Did Is AWESOME.

While this family prepared to go on vacation, they couldn’t fathom the thought of leaving their dog behind. It would be the dog’s first stay at a kennel. The dad came up with a brilliant idea that would make the dog feel at home.

Just Keep Watching This Dog’s Face If You Want To See Something Amazing – Whoa :)

When this guy plays guitar for his dog, it seems to smile and move its head to the music. And when he stops playing, the dog stares at him and gives him the evil eye. LOL, this is great!

I Can’t Decide If This Is Terrifying Or Absolutely Amazing. Maybe Both… Oh My Goodness!

This man took a simple concept and turned it into a work of art. Now we can really see what dogs look like fetching under water! 🙂

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This Dog Noticed Something Terrifying That No One Else Saw. You Have To See What He Did.

It was just a normal game of tug-o-war in the backyard when Chief suddenly lunged at his owner’s feet, growling and snarling. It happened so quick, the owner fell backwards and was unable to process what was going on. But then he noticed Chief shaking and flinging around a long, thin thing in his mouth. It wasn’t the rope used for tug-o-war.

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This Dog Came Home With A Plastic Bag. Nothing Can Prepare You For What Was Inside.

This dog was scouring a dump site when it came across a white plastic bag. It immediately took the bag home, put it on the steps and started barking to get attention. A relative came out and opened the bag to find a baby inside. The baby was taken to a local hospital and is receiving the proper care.

Here’s How You Make A Very Old Dog Extremely Happy. This Is GENIUS.

Watching your dog get old can be such a heartbreaking experience. They still love to play and get around, but it becomes harder and harder for them. That’s why George’s owner did something amazing to help his best pal.

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They Will NEVER Buy Their Cat Another Birthday Card After This. What He Does Is Hysterical, LOL!

It turns out cats DO NOT like singing birthday cards. Or maybe it’s that it really enjoys it? Either way, it’s hilarious!

The Beginning Of This Shocked Me So Bad My Jaw Dropped. But Keep Watching… Trust Me.

I’ve never seen a dog so close to death, yet somehow they were able to rescue Tony and save his life. Words can’t even describe what you are about to see.

WARNING: Extremely graphic content at the beginning:

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I Don’t Think My Heart Has Ever Shattered This Much. But Wow.. What An Ending.

A cat is pulled from a burning building and attended to by this fireman. Such a heartwarming moment.

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