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Grandma Thought She Had A Normal Gift On Her Lap. Her Reaction To This Is Priceless.

Grandma sits with a surprise gift on her lap, not noticing the top of the box was never completely closed off. When she finally opens it up, she gets the surprise of her life! She truly did not expect to get this puppy. 🙂

What This Guy Finds Out At Sea Shocked Me. I’m So Glad He Was There – Amazing.

A guy in a paddle boat notices something unusual out in the water. The tide had somehow stranded a dog way out in the sea. In 10 more minutes, the tide would come back through and take away the tiny bit of ground the dog had to stand on. This guy is a true hero.

Here Is Proof That Nothing Matches A Mother’s Love. Even When It’s A Duck.

A mommy duck cries for help standing near a storm drain. Police officers quickly attend to the duck and realize she has ducklings stuck in the drain. This rescue is sure to touch your heart.

This Dog Is Abandoned In One Of The Worst Possible Places. It’s Hard To Believe The Outcome.

An abandoned dog needs to be rescued from a very dangerous place. With active railroad tracks on one side and a busy street on the other, Hope For Paws had their work cut out for them.

What These Rhinos Do Just Blew My Mind. I Never, Ever Would’ve Guessed This.

Who would’ve thought Rhinos could do this? You won’t believe the sounds these two are making. This is hysterical. 🙂

A Billionaire Owns This Private Island. And Wait Till You See What He’s Using It For…Wow.

Billionaire Richard Branson uses his private island to house around 300 animal species, many of which are near extinction. Not only do they live there, he makes sure they thrive.

It Wasn’t Gonna End Well For This Cat. You’ll Never Believe Where It Was Found.

Quick action from the boat’s crew saved a cat that ended up on one of this ferry’s water jets in Sweden. Amazing work by the crew.

This Is The Luckiest Deer In The World. When You See What Happens, You’ll Agree… OMG.

A deer is standing right where a chunk of the hill is set to be demolished. When the explosion goes off, he somehow finds a way to escape. Unbelievable.

What This Guy Does With A Group Of Restless Puppies Is Amazing. I Can’t Believe This.

A bunch of restless puppies apparently just need the sound of this man’s voice singing them to sleep. It’s truly amazing how quick and effective this is.

They Really Didn’t Want To Do This To The Dog. But The End Is So Awesome.

Hope For Paws got a call about an injured Pit Bull. He was really scared of people, and for three days they tried every trick in the book to catch him. As a last resort, they decided to tranquilize him. He then made a run to the mountains, making this even more difficult. It was all worth it at the end though. 🙂

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