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His owner is chronically ill, but Harlow takes being a service dog to another level

We know the typical ways in which service dogs help their owners, but doing laundry and grabbing water bottles from the fridge? Wow, I had no idea! 😊 For being a service dog in-training, Harlow sure seems to have it all down and then some!

These two make the best team, don’t you think?

They stumbled upon the most heartbreaking sight, but it’s the end that’s truly unbelievable

Animal Aid came across a dying dog in the road and got to work immediately knowing he wouldn’t last much longer without help. For how bad he looked at the beginning, you won’t believe Major Sahib when you see him at the end! 😊

They went to the shelter and saw the saddest eyes ever, but watch the next part

The moment you fall in love with a rescued animal is the most special thing. Just take a look at these animals before and after adoption—your heart will melt. ❤

Firefighter pulls a puppy from a burning shed, but you won’t believe what happens next

Jake was pulled from a burning shed by a firefighter named Bill, and that’s where their incredible bond started. Bill ended up adopting the puppy and bringing him into the station as an honorary firefighter. :)

Rescuers walk in on 120+ dogs covered in their own feces in hoarder’s home

More than 120 dogs were found and rescued from a despicable situation in a hoarder’s home, and now they all need forever homes. They were so scared at first but quickly learned that the rescuers were there to help.

You can support the San Diego Humane Society here: http://thedo.do/92yorkies

Dog became trapped in his puppy collar because his family never checked on him

A family never cared to check on their dog, and he outgrew his puppy collar to the point that it was cutting into his neck. Thankfully, rescuers found him before it was too late.

He’ll never be neglected again.

Husky approaches the fridge, and owners soon realize he’s been watching them all along

This five-month-old Husky has learned to get ice from the refrigerator by closely observing his humans. Now that’s a smart pup!

Family doesn’t expect dad to get so emotional over puppy surprise

Dad is brought to tears when his family surprises him with a German Shepherd puppy. You can tell he’s a true dog lover by how emotional he gets… ❤

Lab just gave birth to a litter of puppies, but they notice the one is green

A couple was stunned when their Chocolate Lab gave birth to a green puppy. It’s a rare occurrence but happens when light-colored puppies come in contact with a substance call Biliverden which is found in the placenta. Who knew??

Dog gets 35 pounds of fur cut off after being locked in a barn for who knows how long

Some people noticed that the terminally ill neighbor’s dog was being neglected and asked a couple of groomers to help out. There was so much dirt and feces blocking the door of the barn stall where Lazarus was kept, it had to be shoveled out of the way before they could do anything.

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