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Everyone’s talking about this, and you’re about to see why

An animated short titled “The Present” is winning all kinds of awards, and you’re about to see why. The story of a boy and his new puppy will have you reaching for the tissues.

What this dog does on the stairs will have you doing a double take

For some reason, this dog finds the best way to get up the stairs is to walk backward. You gotta love how the other dog watches with confusion!

But one thing we want to know: does he get down the stairs the same way? 😉

This dog just made his escape, but it’s the second dog you’ll want to see

After watching his buddy make his great escape, the little brown dog decides to try it for himself. The result isn’t exactly the same, though! 😮 😂

You need to see this short clip of a dancing Shetland pony—you won’t regret it!

Alvin the Shetland pony shows off his dance moves for the camera. You’re gonna love it!

The only problem is that it’s too short — you may need to watch it twice! 😉

An up close and personal encounter with dolphins was caught on camera, and it’s mesmerizing to see

Damian Christie and his team had a close encounter with a pod of bottlenose dolphins, and it’s absolutely mesmerizing to see. The video, uploaded to Facebook here, was shot in high-quality slow motion by Bevan Crothers.

Mom tells her little girl to say goodbye to the dog, now watch what they do

Every morning before school, Sierra says goodbye to her dog, Samson, with three quick kisses on the nose! The bond between these two is just incredible. 😊

Helpless creature thanks man in the most adorable way for pulling can off its head

When disposing of cans, please be sure and crush them. It will prevent things like this from happening. When this man went to inspect his backyard upon hearing a terrifying scream, he found this cub stuck in a can.

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3 puppies were abandoned in a bush, but then a police dog showed up

A group of puppies were abandoned and left to fend for themselves at a dumping ground in Georgia. But thankfully, help wasn’t too far away.

Trooper Jordan Ennis and his K-9 partner, Tek, were out for a ride when they spotted the three tiny puppies cowering in a bush together.

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Mom starts filming a precious moment only for it to be ruined just seconds later

What a precious moment to see the baby, kitten, and dog all cuddled up together for a nap! But just as mom starts to record it… 😮 😂

‘The Life of a Shelter Dog’ video will have you in tears—but that ending!

“The Life of a Shelter Dog” takes us on the journey some dogs have to take in order to find forever homes. This sad truth is why adoption should always be considered first.

Don’t worry, this has a happy ending! 😉


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