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Homeless Dog Runs To Friends For Protection, But They Know Rescuers Are There To Help

Hope For Paws was contacted about an abandoned Chihuahua. When they arrived, the dog was seen weaving in and out of traffic, so they’d have to approach cautiously. A neighbor told the rescuers the dog had been living on the streets for weeks.

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The Things You Learn Growing Up With A Dog

They say a kid growing up alongside a dog is a wonderful thing. The companionship, the love, the security, and the laughs are all part of a lifelong friendship unlike any other you would experience. But it turns out you can learn quite a bit from a dog at a young age. Like what, you ask? Let’s take a look! πŸ™‚

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Dog Had Been Chained Up His Entire Life, Finally Runs For The Very First Time

Ever since Peanut was just a few months old, he’d been chained up on a rural property in Pennsylvania. His owners lived there too but weren’t real interested in him. They weren’t being harsh on purpose, they were of the old-school mentality of keeping a dog outside. With everything we know and think today, it’s hard to imagine tethering a dog this way for its entire life.

But this was life to Peanut; a heavy chain around his neck and limited space to move. And it was all about to change for the sweet dog.

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Lamb Gets Loose In House, Can’t Tell Where Mom’s Voice Is Coming From

We all know what it’s like to call out for our dogs and they can’t find us, and they run through the house trying to find where the sound is coming from. In a bit of a panic, their little feet scatter around on the floor with their heads on a swivel. Then the moment they finally see us, they come barreling toward us as if we had been away for days.

Well this woman had the same scenario play out for her but with a lamb instead! The little thing got loose in the house and was curiously checking everything out. But when mom started calling for it, it had no idea where she was.

That’s when the fun and laughter began!

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Old Dog Dumped At Vet To Be Put Down, But Vet Makes A Different Call

A dog named Emu lived a very rough life. The street dog was dropped off at the vet to be euthanized, but the vet took it upon himself and made a different call β€” he would take Emu to Sidewalk Specials‘ Adoption Day instead!

This is where everything was about to change for Emu. He found a foster family to live with and was taken to Vet Point for a checkup and to begin the healing process.

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Dog’s Clever Setup Forces People To Stop And Play Fetch With Him

Every dog loves to play fetch, but it requires at least one human to be around to be able to do so. But one resourceful dog came up with an idea to catch people as they’re walking by his gate. He sticks his head out with a toy in his mouth to get them to throw it for him. He’s done this for so long his owner even made up a sign that hangs right above his head on the fence!

(Translated from Italian)

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Rescuers Approach Pit Bull On Top Of Flooded Car, Realize He’s Too Scared To Accept Help

Hurricane Harvey has caused so much pain and suffering while unloading 24.5 trillion gallons of water on the areas in and between Texas and Louisiana. Some were able to evacuate while others were left behind in the middle of the natural disaster.

Rescue teams have been hard at work saving any people or animals stranded by the floodwaters, but when one team noticed a dog hunkered down on top of a car with nowhere to go, they didn’t realize just how tough of a rescue it’d be.

As the men closed in and tried to reach for the pit bull, the dog’s fear took over and he lashed out at the rescuers. It turns out the dog had been trapped there for two days as people failed to lure him into their boats. Thankfully, one rescuer had a trick up his sleeve: some beef jerky! If anything was going to lure a terrified pit bull into their arms, this had to be it. The volunteer rescuers absolutely refused to leave the dog behind and were willing to see the process through.

And it worked! Finally, Harvey the pit bull was safe and sound for the first time in days. After getting Harvey back to land, they realized just what a sweet dog he actually is. If no one steps forward and claims Harvey, one of the rescuers will be happy to take him in and give him a loving forever home. Props to both Kyle Scott and Roy Etheridge for their hard work, determination, and ingenuity in what was an impossible situation for everyone else. The scene connected with people all over, and the news clip below from CBS DFW will surely capture your heart.

The life or death struggle for Harvey has finally come to an end, and he’s in very good hands. During such a tough time, it’s great to be able to see such inspirational, amazing rescue stories with happy endings.

These 5 Puppies Practicing Their Little Howls Are To Die For

Is there anything cuter in this universe than tiny puppies first discovering their howl? Whether they learn it from their parents, humans, or even by listening to other dogs on TV, you can’t help but melt when they finally hit that note. The five puppies below are the cutest of the cute, and they want you to hear how good they are getting! πŸ˜‰

This two-month-old puppy tries his best wolf howl. Here it goes! πŸ˜€

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Family Comes Home From Church To Find Dog Bleeding On Porch With A Note From The Cops

It was just another Sunday for the Laymon family as they were on their way home from church. But when they arrived, a disturbing scene was awaiting them.

Their dog, Bruno, was bleeding out on the front porch. And beside him, a note from the Rogers County police department.

“While our family was away from home there was a disturbance at a neighbors house which resulted in a call to Rogers County Sheriff. The deputy who answered the call decided to come over to our house, but nobody was home,” said Angie said on Facebook.

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Mom Tells The Sleepy Great Dane Who’s Outside, And The Dog Runs To The Door

Now this is an idea to get dogs to like the vet! The mobile vet RV comes right to the dog’s home where everything is familiar and comfortable for them. No more scary vet’s office full of weird smells. πŸ˜›

Watch as Great Danes Max and Kate run outside the moment they arrive. Max is still in bed being a sleepy head, but mom tells him the vet’s outside, so he gets up and runs toward the door! It’s funny seeing dogs so in love with seeing the vet. πŸ™‚


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