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Basset Hound pup’s chasing his unlikely friend around the chair when it pops out like this

Gatsby the Basset Hound puppy chases his unlikely friend around the chair, and it’s just the cutest thing. When you see it… oh my.

They walk into the office and see a stray on the floor — and I don’t have words for what follows

A sick and exhausted stray found a place to rest in the offices of a company in an industrial suburb of Athens, Greece. When The Orphan Pet is called in for the rescue, that’s when the healing process begins.

Man finds an aquarium cemented shut, and inside… omg

A man searching for his dog discovered something horrific. He found an aquarium with two puppies inside with the lid cemented shut. Although they were left here to die, they are expected to make a full recovery.

Mom has the dog spin around, but keep your eyes on the baby in the back

Dogs make the perfect companions for kids, and this video is all the proof you need! Watch these babies and their dog best friends and try not to smile. :)

They hadn’t seen their dog in 2 years, but when he sees them again for the first time…

Buddy went missing two years ago while the Cromers were moving. The family looked for the dog everywhere but had no luck, and they were devastated. Then on a whim, April decided to stop at the shelter one day…

Rescued from a dark basement, watch as this dog sees sunlight for the very first time

B.B. was rescued from the dark basement of a puppy mill where she was bred over and over. Her first time seeing the sun is a beautiful moment.

Golden Retriever pup’s determined to figure out lemon slice, and I’m laughing out loud

Gunnar the 8-week-old Golden Retriever is determined to figure out and understand the lemon slice. But it’s not going to be easy. 😀

There are wrong ways to greet a dog — but here is the right way

These helpful tips from BarkPost will help you out when meeting and greeting new dogs. Do you know the correct way to greet a pup?

They found a matted ball of fur — now they’re about to see what’s underneath

A severely matted stray was found on the streets, but rescuers had no idea what they’d find under the fur. Now watch when they start to cut… Oh my!

Dogs wait 9 long months to meet their new baby brother, and now that he’s here… <3

These dogs waited nine long months to meet their human baby brother. Now that he’s here, the wait was so worth it. They’re so in love. <3


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