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These 17 pets aren’t letting their owners go anywhere without them

Our pets are anything but stupid. When we get those suitcases out, they know what’s going on. This is no accident — our fur babies are trying to tell us something! 😜

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Only the baby knows how to get the dog excited for bath time

Any other time, it’s a chore to get the dog into the tub. But when the baby’s in there having fun and laughing, the dog’s super excited for bath time. At least now mom knows what works! Even a dog can’t resist the sound of a baby’s laugh. 🙂

This is pretty much the perfect video: a baby giggling and playing and the dog hopping in the water and splashing around without notice! You gotta love it.

Humpback whale puts on a show for scuba divers during close encounter

Craig Capehart recorded this rare footage while hunting for sardines along the coast of Pondoland, South Africa, with three other scuba divers. The large humpback whale was seen breaching several times before jumping completely out of the water.

This once-in-a-lifetime event is taking the internet by storm for obvious reasons. Can you imagine witnessing such a thing in person? Just unbelievable.

Every night, this dog moves her bed to stand guard over mom and dad

Every night, Roxy the English Bulldog drags her bed across the house and places it at the door of her owners’ bedroom. It doesn’t matter where they put the bed throughout the day, she always moves it there at night!

Isn’t it adorable how this dog likes to stand guard over her mom and dad at night? Dogs are such loyal and protective animals, it’s no wonder we call them Man’s Best Friend. 🙂

French Bulldog faces off with a buck, and mom can’t stop recording

Ellie-Mae the three-year-old French Bulldog faces off with a young buck in her backyard in Wellington, Nova Scotia, and it’s a good thing mom was recording it! They even played for about 30 minutes before she started filming. 😀

The dog keeps running around and circling the buck as she lets out some playful barks before finally chasing it off into the woods. Too funny and too cute!

Man saves tiny octopus but doesn’t expect it to thank him for the rescue

No paws here, but this one is incredible! When a man found a stranded octopus and released it back into the water, he had no idea it was about to thank him. But that’s exactly what happened, and it’s a moment he’ll surely never forget.

After recovering, the tiny octopus swims over to the man’s foot where it places a tentacle and sits for a moment as if to show appreciation for the rescue. Can you believe it?

Homeless Golden Retriever is so scared, she covers her eyes when people approach

This Golden Retriever had been living on the streets for many weeks when Hope For Paws showed up. No one had been able to get close to her, but watch what happens when they move in for the rescue…

Update: this sweet girl has been adopted! We’re so happy she made it to a loving forever home. 🙂

Please make a small donation to Hope For Paws:

Dog dumped by his family just sat there shaking for 5 days

A matted dog was abandoned by his owners to be put to sleep. But after he sat there shaking for five days, Sidewalk Specials showed up and took him along on the rescue ride. This meant a second chance at life!

Stanley was given a bath and had his matted fur cut off, and it revealed all of his scars and ticks. The neglected dog also had broken teeth from trying to eat rocks. But just look at him now — he’s all cleaned up and ready for a forever home! 🙂

Tiny pup crammed under propane tanks was so easy to miss

Hope For Paws received a call about a tiny pup hiding underneath a propane tank cabinet at a gas station. If you didn’t get down on the ground and look, you wouldn’t even know she’s under there. And how exactly she got under there no one knows.

The Yorkie was so crammed, rescuers had to lift up on the unit to be able to pull her out. They believe the pup was another runaway victim of fireworks. They took her back and cleaned her up before starting the search for her owners.

To make a donation, please click here: http://www.HopeForPaws.org

They approach some Bulldogs in a car, then the two really let their personalities shine

Khaleesi and Elvis are English Bulldog siblings, but they have complete opposite personalities. They behave more like human toddlers than dogs, and their childish antics are sure to make you smile!

Khaleesi is the boss even though Elvis is double her size, but that doesn’t mean they don’t love each other. Just like with any human siblings, it’s tough love for this king and queen duo. 😉


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