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Baby bear can’t keep up with family crossing the road, so a cop saves the day

A bear family was seen trying to cross the road, so a cop pulled over to help out. He noticed the family continuously walking back and forth and soon realized they were trying to go back to get a baby who couldn’t keep up.

The bears eventually had to move on leaving the cub all alone. But the officer took the baby to rehab to get healthy so that it could be reunited with its family one day. 🙂

Owners who forced dog to stay outside want her gone because she smells bad

Cola spent her entire life living outside and sleeping in the dirt. But one day, her owners decided they wanted her gone because she smelled bad. That happens when dogs are forced to stay outside and are never bathed!

Mom looks outside and catches the UPS guy with the dogs

UPS drivers may be busy, but who can resist greeting a group of dogs! While making a delivery in Louisiana, this worker stopped to take a selfie with some friendly pooches.

He may have thought no one was watching, but mom happened to glance out the window and catch the entire thing on camera! This is the best. 😀

She hadn’t seen her dog in 2 years when he comes running around the corner

Debi Petranck’s dog ran away nearly two years ago, and she did everything in her power to find him. But it wasn’t until a man took Zeus in and moved 1,000 miles away that she finally found him.

The man moved from Florida to Detroit where the dog ran away ended up at the Friends For the Dearborn Animal Shelter. It was there that they scanned for a microchip, and that led them back to Debi. She was absolutely stunned when she received the call.

21 of the most unlikely napping buddies you’ll ever see

These napping buddies are so unlikely you may pinch yourself. But they are totally real and totally adorable!

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He had to say goodbye to his dog, so he did so the best way he knew how

Getting a dog is one of the best feelings in the world, and that feeling lasts as long as they’re around. But having to say goodbye to your lifelong companion is one of the hardest things to do.

Kris from Prestonsburg, Kentucky, recently said goodbye to his sweet Jessie girl the best way he knew how… And it’s a tear-jerker.

Originally posted to The Animal Rescue Site, it read:

Dear Jessie,

When I first adopted you, I whispered to you “You gotta live forever, ‘kay?” Over the years when I would imagine life without you, I would say again to you “You gotta live forever, ‘kay?”

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The sight of a stray snuggling with a toy breaks their hearts — then they learn the truth

The Forgotten Dogs of the 5th Ward Project captures and cares for homeless dogs in the city of Houston where there is an alarming amount of strays. The non-profit, no-kill shelter helps by providing food, vet care and forever homes.

But it was one particular photo that went viral and helped shed a light on their situation. A volunteer was out one day when she saw a dog cuddling an old toy for comfort on the mean streets, and she snapped a photo.

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This man has gotten a dog to do something that many felt was impossible

A psychology professor was interested in finding out how many words a dog could learn. And Chaser the Border Collie turned out to be the perfect student.

It took three years of intensive training, but this impressive pooch has learned 1,022 words! This has even opened up her mind to using highly complex logic and process of elimination to learn new words. Just watch below…

Good dog tries her best to protect her family from horror movie

Khaleesi the Bulldog is the best guard dog. There’s no way she’s going to let these scary beings in The Conjuring come for her family. And if she can help the potential victims in the movie, she’s going to do that as well!

Does your dog watch TV? I find it fascinating that they seem to see the images on the screen and know what’s going on. 😀

Friendly pup fails to become part of police force but finds an adorable new job

Gavel, a German Shepherd pup from Queensland, Australia, just wasn’t cut out to be a police dog. The fun-loving, friendly dog “did not display the necessary aptitude for a life on the front line.” But that’s okay. Because there’s definitely a place in the world for playful pups! 🙂

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