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What This Monkey Does To A Couple Of Tigers Is HILARIOUS. But At 3:28… UH OH.

When I think of tigers, I definitely don’t picture them as victims of bullies… This is too much!

They Were Shocked To See What Was Trapped By This Tree. But Keep Watching… It’s Worth It.

They came across a deer that was tangled in an old chicken wire fence on the tree. Then they do something pretty great. 🙂

They then removed the wire completely so this doesn’t happen again.

I Don’t Think I’ve Ever Seen A Cat Do This Before. And My Heart Really Can’t Take It!

This cat must REALLY love its owner. This is one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen a cat do!

It Took Lots Of Saving, But They Made The Ultimate Toy For Their Dog

What can you do with 210 empty water bottles? Make the best gift ever for your dog!

When This Elephant Started Charging A Woman, I Feared The Worst. But WOW, That Was Unexpected.

How this elephant comes to this woman for a reunion is remarkable. This is the loving result of temple elephant care. If someone doesn’t think elephants have emotions, show them this!!

A Truck Is Sinking In The River, But It’s Not Empty. This Made Me Nervous Just Watching!

This truck accidentally rolled into a river from a parking lot with just the dog in the back. I can only imagine how scared this poor thing must’ve been. But I’m so glad this happened…

What Happened To This Baby At Birth Destroyed Me. But The Next Part Is Just Amazing.

This baby elephant was rejected at birth by its own mother. Now it requires 24 hour care from the students raising it. Baby elephants spend their entire childhood with their mothers and can panic if they find themselves alone, so the students even have to sleep with it at night. You have to applaud them for everything they’re doing… it’s simply amazing.

This Cow Literally Thinks She’s A Dog. Seriously, You Have To See What She Does!

Milkshake was rescued from an animal hoarder where she lived in a tiny pen all by herself. She has now made the most of this new freedom. Being raised with the dogs on this farm has really shaped Milkshake into what she is now and she’s way happier than she’s ever been!

This Proves Your Dog Will Love You Forever. In Just 9 Seconds, I Broke Down Big Time…

Wiley is a wolf-dog that is part of a program in the Lockwood Animal Rescue Center called Warriors and Wolves, which helps veterans deal with symptoms of PTSD. Maybe this has something to do with the emotions shown in this video. They said he has never made these sounds before and hasn’t since. He is a special dog and this is a very special moment.

No One Believed Her When She Said What Her Horse Does… So She Uploaded This. And OH MY!

This horse likes to play like a dog. On this particular day, it just happened to be with his ball. I’ve never seen another horse like this!

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