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What This Guy Witnessed In His Backyard Is The Best Thing Ever. I’m So Jealous!

What this guy witnessed in his backyard is one of the coolest things ever. I’m glad he had a camera close by!

A Dog Was Frantically Running Around This Boat. Wait Till You See What They Found Under It!

The owners noticed their dog going crazy around this boat. She went under to investigate further and…

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What This Couple Found Outside Their Door Is Unbelievable. The End Destroyed Me.

Just came across this amazing, yet tearful post on The Paper Pegasus, and it absolutely melted my heart. The first few pictures will hit you hard… and there are simply no words for the end. This is what happened in the words of Shayna.

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A Dog Is In A Very Deep Sleep When All Of A Sudden… Hey, What’s That?!

When this elephant fails at getting the dog’s attention, a rooster and human take a crack at it. This dog is not phased! 🙂

I Thought This Guy Was Being Mean To His Dog. Then… OMG! I Couldn’t Stop Laughing.

Mudd will make your day! Watch as he jumps around, flips and barks at the trampoline… Haha!

What This Elderly Man Does For His 16 Year Old Dog Will Put You In Tears. Wow.

This is the most touching thing I’ve seen in a while. The love this elderly man has for his companion is so amazing. Definitely a must see.

I Didn’t Think My Heart Could Explode In Just 36 Seconds. But Oh My Gosh, This Did It.

This little penguin chases this man around like a baby chasing its mother. It’s so adorable I wanna leap through the screen and hug it! 🙂

It Took Three Months To Capture This But It’s TOTALLY Worth It. Trust Me!!

This was shot with a GoPro over 3 months time. And it is amazing to see… Check it out!

This Little Dog Thinks He Needs To Paddle And It’s The Most Adorable Thing EVER – Hands Down!

How this dog nonchalantly paddles with its eyes closed just melts my heart. Most adorable thing ever!

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I Still Can’t Believe What This Woman Filmed Her Puppies Doing. Did That Really Happen?!

Usually, dogs cower in fear when it’s time for a bath. But when this woman asks her puppies if they’re ready for a bath, the total opposite happens. And it’s the best thing I’ve seen in a while. Heart melted!

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