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Miniature Dachshund Puppy is So Cute

Dachshunds are already small, so you can imagine how tiny and adorable a miniature one is. Awwww :)


Loving Bulldog Cares for a Baby

This bulldog passed away from cancer at a young age but not before giving love to this little baby. She will be missed :(


Riley the Bulldog Goes Down the Slide

Though a little hesitant, it seems Riley the Bulldog enjoys the sliding board in the end.


When a Puppy Attacks a Weed

It’s a puppy in the wild facing his biggest adversary yet: A WEED! Who will win?


Little Girl Meets her New Puppy

Her mom told this little girl there was a surprise in the car…and it was a Rottweiler puppy. Their interaction is so adorable :)

A Kitten Licks a Puppy to Sleep

While taking a nap, this puppy gets a bath from a kitten. They both seem to enjoy it!


This German Shepherd Trapped By The L.A. River Is So Brave. I Can’t Believe What I Just Saw.

Trapped with nowhere to go, this stray German Shepherd was rescued…and is now living in a new, happy home!


3 Month Old Golden Retriever Watches Air Buddies on TV

Mommy? Is that you?! This 3 month old golden retriever watched Air Buddies. LOL :)


Confused Dog on the Escalators

Amazing how this little doggy, even though being carried, thinks he needs to move his paws. It’s really adorable.


Awesome Bulldog Loves the Trampoline

This is hilarious! A bulldog takes advantage of a trampoline and has a great time. What an awesome doggy :)


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