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Man notices something dangling from his cat’s nose — wait until you see what he pulls out

Nathan heard his cat sneezing over and over from underneath the stairs outside. He saw something dangling from her nose, and I can’t believe what it was! 😮

Woman’s dog stopped eating, and that’s when she looked in his mouth and saw it

Bailey the dog is a big time bug hunter, and his owner never thought anything of it until this happened. One night the dog became lethargic, refused to eat, and started foaming at the mouth. That’s when she noticed a mouthful of Asian lady beetles (Harlequin Ladybirds) clinging to the roof of Bailey’s mouth.

All pet owners need to take note of this.
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Dog gets impatient, takes to the coffee table to try to get some attention

Thor wants some attention, so he starts knocking things off of the coffee table! What do you think of this impatient pup’s tactics?

When the Dachshund approached the lion, I couldn’t help but gasp

Milo the Dachshund and Bonedigger the lion share one of the most unique friendships you’ll ever see. They’ve been inseparable for the past five years at G.W Exotic Animal Park in Wynnewood, Oklahoma. Just wait until you see how close of a bond they have! 😮

Look above this Corgi’s head — it’ll make your day

What better than a Corgi wearing a propeller hat on top of a mountain to make your day brighter? Weeeeeee!! 😄

Injured dog collapsed in a sewage drain where she waited to die, but she didn’t know they were coming

Animal Aid Unlimited received a call about an injured and emaciated dog collapsed in a sewer drain. If they had ever seen an animal on the brink of death, it was her. But wait until you see Shanti now! 😊

What they just did for this elephant made her smile. Can you believe it?

Mosha the elephant lost her front leg when she stepped on a landmine. But this elephant hospital attached a prosthetic limb, and now she can’t stop smiling! :)

A homeless dog was rescued — and that’s when something magical happened

The magic of adoption: every time one dog is adopted, it frees up the space to allow for one more rescue. This video is dedicated to everyone who has ever made adoption their first option! 😊

He takes a baby Tasmanian Devil out for its first run, and when it starts chasing him around…

Tim Faulkner is General Manager of Devil Ark, a place dedicated to protecting Tasmanian Devils from extinction. Watch as he takes this baby out for its very first run — so adorable! 😍

Firefighters show up to a burning house, but when they see the dog doing this… Wow!

Maxx the German Shepherd is being hailed a hero for helping firefighters through the heavy smoke to save two children from a house fire. You won’t believe this one! 😊


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