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Cop approaches box on side of the road and sees 10-week-old puppy lying beside it

Deputy Earl Hanners was out on an 87 degree day in Atlanta, Georgia, when he got a call about a puppy abandoned in a box on the side of the road.

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Family calls dog ‘gross’ after being hit by a car, refuses to take her back

Sidewalk Specials in Cape Town, South Africa, just took in a dog who was rejected by her family after being hit by a car. They said she was too “gross” and would scare the children. Now the poor, confused dog has nowhere to go.

This is such a sad case! I can’t believe her family would just abandon her. Let’s help squirrel find a loving forever home as soon as possible. (Contact information is below the video.)

If you can offer her a home please email: contact@sidewalkspecials.org
If you can help with her vet bill please go to: sidewalkspecials.org/donate

This lamb was sick and couldn’t be around the others, so they found a perfect friend for him

Two years ago, this lamb ate something bad and became very sick. He couldn’t be around the others, so they found the perfect friend for him.

Rescuers presented Neo with a pink stuffed toy, and it’s the most adorable thing. “Teddy” went everywhere with Neo, including the doctor. It was love at first sight and a big reason for where he is today.

Sweet dog who has been through the worst finally getting the help he needs

A badly abused dog disfigured by a wire muzzle is getting surgery to fix his face. The two-year-old Pointer mix was found by an independent rescuer on the streets of Tijuana where people were throwing rocks and scalding hot water at the dog as he searched for food.

The Helen Woodward Animal Center in California is determined to do everything possible to make this sweet boy normal again. How anyone can treat an animal like this, we’ll never know. We’re just happy he’s getting the care he needs.

Here are 15 confused kids who hysterically think they are pets

Kids will be kids! And this is what happens when they hang out with their pets a little too much… 😉

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Mom has her little girl say goodbye to the dog every morning before school

Every morning before school, Sierra says goodbye to her dog, Samson, with three quick kisses on the nose! The bond between these two is just incredible. 😊

Do you have any cute routines with your own dog? Let us know in the comments! 🙂

Dad asks to see dog’s ‘creepy’ smile, and it doesn’t disappoint

How precious is this? Dad asks to see the dog’s “creepy” smile, and the dog doesn’t hold back!
“Are you happy to see me?” 🙂

What an adorable dog. He seems so bashful while trying to lay on the biggest and best smile possible. Imagine walking in to a greeting like this every day!

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Dog finds box on the side of the road, becomes the best foster dad

While on a walk, Aragon found a box of abandoned kittens along the side of the road. Little did he know when he stepped out of the house earlier that day that he was about to become the best foster dad! 🙂

Aragon is an adopted dog, but the kittens still need forever homes! Use the links below the video if interested.

Email SCARS at: info@scars.gr
SCARS Website: http://www.scars.gr/
SCARS Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/scars.gr/
Donations (PayPal): donate@scars.gr

Helpful Lab knows exactly what dad needs after a long day

This well-trained Labrador knows how to fetch a beer from the fridge for her owner — she just needs to hear the words “beer me!” 😀

And the helpful dog doesn’t stop there. She can even go back and close the door! I couldn’t stop laughing at that part! After all of her hard work, the pooch is rewarded with a cookie. This Lab is truly Man’s Best Friend. 😉

Newest K-9 recruits are gearing up and getting ready to serve

The newest members of Taiwan’s police force are gearing up and getting ready to serve, and it couldn’t be more adorable.

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