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Getting a bath versus going on a walk — you have to see how this dog reacts

Mom asks Jackson if he’s ready for a bath, and his reaction is hilarious! But as soon as she mentions taking a walk? I’m dying! LOL 😀

K-9 can’t stop kissing partner for a photo, and the pictures are going viral

Conservation Officer Levi Knach and his K-9 partner, Kenobi, make the best team. And that is evident by their recent photo “fails.” The two are members of Indiana’s Department of Natural Resources (DNR) law enforcement agency, and they had to sit to get their official photo taken.

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Watch the dog’s reaction when he’s caught staring at dad’s snack

How the dog reacts when caught staring at dad’s snack is too funny! No, the dog is definitely not interested in that at all… 😉

He yells that the ice cream man is outside, then he hands his dog a container

Zack the Golden Retriever loves ice cream! Just watch the system the dog and the ice cream man have down… it’s the best! 😊

Fearless pup approaches a giant Mastiff, and the result is complete and utter cuteness

Watch as a fearless puppy named Hudson takes on Gunner the English Mastiff. I don’t think he knows how tiny he actually is… 😉

Starving dog was ignored every day in front of a police station

The beachside city of Cartagena is a huge tourist attraction on the coast of Columbia. With all of the people coming and going, you can’t help but wonder how a starving dog could be completely ignored.

But that was the case for Saori, even when sitting directly in front of the police station.

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Girl finds dying horse on the side of the road, walks 9 miles to save its life

A wrong turn led an Illinois teen girl to a dying horse on the side of the road. The girl, Kelsey, felt she had no choice but to walk the horse nine miles home to safety.

Before he leaves each morning, his cat requires this special goodbye

Have you ever seen anything so adorable? Each morning before this guy leaves his home, his cat requires this special goodbye. 😊

Meet Kitsu, the Shiba Inu who cannot roll over — get ready to laugh!

Kitsu the Shiba Inu has the hardest time doing the “Roll Over” trick. She can’t do it on wood floors and only once in a great while on carpet. Watching her try is the cutest and funniest thing! 😊

His dog would give hugs and handshakes to anyone on the street, so he took her to the hospital

Louboutina the Golden Retriever offers hugs and handshakes to anyone who approaches on her walks. So her owner, Caesar, started taking her to the hospital where he works to make patients feel better. Isn’t this just the best?


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