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14 huge dogs who are babies at heart and just want to be held

Here are 14 dogs that have no idea how big they are and just want to cuddle the day away. Just because they are big doesn’t mean they don’t need to be babied anymore!

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He waits for his friend to come out of here every day, and it’s something you have to see

We’ve seen some unlikely friendships, but this one takes the cake! One day, a starving otter showed up at an elderly man’s door. And ever since, Seppo and Iivari the otter have been inseparable.

The man never could’ve imagined it’d lead to this! Wait until you see this adorably unique friendship.

It’s a story for the ages. There’s nothing like the bond between two friends, don’t you agree? :)

55 dogs are pulled from the darkness, and I can’t hold back the tears

The Humane Society of the United States took to the darkness of a hidden dog meat farm in South Korea and rescued 55 dogs. It’s the seventh dog meat farm to fall silent and have its cages emptied thanks to the organization.

The dogs get to breathe fresh air and see the grass for the first time as they prepare for the next chapter of their lives. They’re in loving hands receiving the care they need until they’re able to find forever homes. :)

You gotta love these rescue stories! The Humane Society does such an amazing job, and we thank them for all of their dedication and hard work.

The monster who did this needs to be found, but the dog’s recovery is simply stunning

Animal Aid Unlimited received a call about a street dog who’d been attacked and burned with acid. How could anyone be so evil? But the rescuers knew that from this day on she’d never be hurt again.

We must warn you that this one is tough to watch, but Honey’s recovery is truly remarkable and just amazing to see.

It took six months for the enormous wound to heal, but all of the hard work paid off. Another job well done by the Animal Aid Unlimited staff.

If you’re interested in donating to the cause, follow the link here.

They didn’t know the dog could squeeze through the cat door, but the camera caught it all

The cat food always came up missing, and the cat was constantly hungry. But what was going on? Mom and dad set up a hidden camera to find out.

When they watched the video, they were surprised to learn that it was the Beagle all along as they didn’t think he could squeeze through the cat door. But he does just that… watch:

After hogging all of the cat food down, it’s an even tighter escape! The cat always gets the last laugh though. Our pets are sometimes too clever for their own good, don’t you agree? 😀

Dog who lived under a deck for 5 years did the unthinkable to escape life on a chain

Treya’s owner was murdered five years ago leaving the dog to fend for herself. She suffered living on a chain that tightly wrapped around her foot, so she chewed the paw off. She took shelter under a deck where she would remain for five years.

Neighbors would feed Treya and provide hay for her to lie on and keep warm, but she needed help in a big way.

Stray Rescue of St. Louis was alerted to Treya’s location by firefighters, and that was the moment that would signify her new beginning. Her tail started wagging when she was introduced to a new friend. She was finally starting to come out of her shell. Her heart is now healing and she’s recovering, and it’s great to know she will soon find a forever home.

15 puppies who think they can get away with anything by flashing those big puppy eyes

Is there anything more irresistible than puppy eyes? If you’re a dog owner, you know how hard it is to tell your pup “no” when they flash those sad eyes. It’s almost as if they know they can get away with anything because of them! Check out the 15 cuties below:

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Their autistic son needed help — so they sent him to meet a murderer in jail

The parents of an autistic son were desperate for help. That’s when they turned to a prisoner making the most of a second chance.

A man sentenced to 48 years in a Colorado prison is training service dogs as a way to give back, and the amazing story you’re about to see is sure to tug on your heartstrings…

Prison was the last place mom and dad thought they’d find help. It just goes to show that anyone can make a difference.

Boxer puppies are about to go down the slide when dad starts recording

A Boxer named JuneBug and her playful six-week-old Boxer pups take turns going down the slide. Just watch them go. Weeeeee!!! :)

Baby mini horse starts chasing man around, and just listen to the sound of her little hooves

He gets out his camera and starts recording, and that’s when the baby miniature horse starts chasing him around the barn. The sound of her little hooves is cuteness overload!


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