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Diva dog won’t eat his food until mom does one certain thing with it

Dude the Alaskan Malamute won’t even think about touching his breakfast until the bowl is placed directly in front of his face. So lazy and spoiled! 😂

Inseparable brothers were split up, but 4 months later… incredible.

Puppy brothers Bentley and Brady were inseparable, but both needed forever homes. They were split up when Bentley was adopted while Brady spent four more months looking for his home. But then something happened to reunite them under the same roof…

The back & forth between this lady and a parrot is simply unbelievable

As you’ll see here, Einstein the African grey parrot definitely lives up to his name! The bird has a vocabulary of over 200 words which enables him to engage in conversations like this. Amazing!

Dog wandered the streets for 2 weeks like this, but watch when they find her

This stray dog wandered the streets for two weeks with a broken jaw. But a Good Samaritan found Mara and rushed her to the hospital. She may be hard to look at at first, but wait until you see the end. ❤

Easily remove dog hair from your car’s interior with this one simple trick

When it comes to cleaning dog hair out of your vehicle, you’ve probably tried it all: shop vac, lint rollers, brushes, vacuum sweeper. Nothing really seems to do the job, but this one simple trick will help tremendously!

When the baby approaches and reaches for the Husky, the most adorable thing happens

A baby crawls up to her Husky friend wanting to show some love to the gentle giant. As soon as it looks like the baby’s going to be snubbed, the dog does the cutest thing! Awwww… :)

They feared the worst when they found an old dog in the woods, but then they made a discovery

They feared someone had dumped an old dog with cancer in the woods to die, but it turned out the dog had just run away after being scared by fireworks. Rocky, a 17-year-old shepherd mix, was reunited with his owners after a shelter posted a video of him on Facebook.

“Thanks to all of your shares, the owner has been located! They have been searching for 4 days for Rocky. He dissappeared after being spooked by fireworks. Rocky is 17 years old and has cancer, he is loved and very missed. We are SO relieved this story has a happy ending.”Conway Area Humane Society

When the dog gets bored of police training, the laughs start rolling

Even a highly trained police dog is still just a silly, fun-loving dog at heart. In this training video, the German Shepherd is told to stand still but then does the funniest thing. The people watching couldn’t help but laugh, including the trainer himself!

Woman sees deer staring back, but what it does next has her in complete disbelief

A woman sees a deer outside staring back at her through the window. But when it starts copying her every move… Whoa! 😮

Man buys his dog a birthday cake, and the reaction he captures is priceless

This dog has gone viral on Reddit thanks to her owner posting a picture of her reaction to receiving a birthday cake.

The post has collected nearly 48,000 upvotes, and you’re about to see what the fuss is all about!

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