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Stubborn Husky always has to have the last word

Huskies will be Huskies! Watch as this vocal, sassy pup takes control of the situation by always getting in the last word.

You can’t simply walk away when a dog like this is talking to you. Only they can end the conversation, and there’s nothing you can do about it! 😀

Group stumbles upon abandoned newborn puppy tangled in the grass

A newborn puppy was abandoned along with his siblings on the side of a road, and they were rescued by the Howl of a Dog organization. They were tangled in the grass and all alone.

And just wait until you see Taz now! His brother Bernie was adopted, but Taz still needs a home. Let’s help find this gorgeous boy a forever home. 🙂

Dog had been on the run for 3 years when finally captured — then they scanned for a microchip

Ella had been missing for three years when the Humane Society finally captured her. No one knows exactly where her journey took her, but she’d been seen around Butler Toyota nearly six miles away from home. Workers tried to help, but the dog was too skittish and kept her distance.

“I left food out there through the winter,” said the dog’s owner, Theresa Hobson, who always hoped her missing dog would show up at the front door again one day. “I was afraid. I didn’t want her to be out in the cold.”

But after scanning for a microchip, they would be reunited again.

Guilty dog wants to be forgiven more than anything

Dogs are very emotional creatures, whether it’s getting excited to go for a walk or greeting you at the door after a long day. And when they get in trouble, they want nothing more than your forgiveness.

We don’t know exactly what this dog did, but it’s obvious that he’s very sorry! Watch as the adorable dog begs his dad for forgiveness. Awwww…

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They tried for months but couldn’t get close to this stray, but then a little girl tried

Just two days after she was adopted, Daisy escaped her new home. As she roamed for two months, people fed her but couldn’t catch her. It would take a six-year-old girl to do the trick…

Amazingly, the dog responded to the little girl immediately when she got down in the grass beside her. What the adults couldn’t do in two months, Megan did on her first try.

A dog had a litter of puppies, but the neighborhood cat stole them all

A neighborhood dog had a litter of puppies, but she wanted nothing to do with them. But their luck changed when Miss Kitty came along… Wow!

Isn’t this just a remarkable story? It’s amazing how things work out sometimes. 🙂

Dogs and babies always bring out the best in each other

Their love is unconditional, and they are always there for each other. Dogs and babies truly bring out the best in each other, and this video is proof.

Check out this dogs and babies compilation from America’s Funniest Home Videos — it’ll make your entire day. 🙂

Dog couldn’t wait for his new baby sister to finally come home, and his reaction said it all

This dog couldn’t wait to meet his new baby sister. He’d waited so long, and the big day was finally here. And his reaction didn’t disappoint… 🙂

He sat at the door waiting to greet everyone upon arrival. When he saw her, he couldn’t believe it! He ran through the house and jumped for joy as he took in all of the excitement. This is just the beginning of something very special.

Puppy’s choking on cheese, but a nearby police officer knows just what to do

Albuquerque police officers were responding to a report of a stolen vehicle when they saw a frantic woman standing over her dog. It turns out her puppy was choking on some cheese.

An officer attempted the doggy heimlich maneuver, and the 10-minute rescue footage was captured on a body camera. They were able to dislodge the cheese, and the puppy was checked over and is expected to make a full recovery.

This guy’s camera catches the true nature of pit bulls

This guy plays a song for his pit bull named Doogie. I definitely didn’t see this coming though! 😉

Pit bulls get such a bad rap, but they are just like any other dog. It’s all about how they are raised. Don’t you agree?


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