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Puppy abandoned because he always looks like he’s dancing finds true love

Boogie Shoes was dropped off at the shelter at only eight weeks old. Diagnosed with cerebellar hypoplasia, the teacup Chihuahua appears as if he’s always dancing. But watch as he dances into the hearts of his fosters… 😊

The heartbreaking moment rescuers realize dog doesn’t know how to use a bed

Harriet was one of the dogs rescued from a South Korean meat farm, but she initially had trouble adjusting to her new life. When they found the dog falling asleep sitting up, rescuers realized she’d never had a bed and had to sleep this way in the cramped cages at the meat farm.

But she eventually overcame this heartbreaking challenge… just watch. 😉

Beagle gets distracted at the dog show, and the crowd goes wild

Mia the Beagle gets a little distracted during her run at the Westminster Dog Show, and the crowd goes wild. You gotta love it! 😄

She locks her dogs in the garage then lets them back inside for a huge surprise

Every year, she holds a surprise Easter egg hunt for the dogs. She locks them in the garage, fills the eggs with treats, and then lets the dogs go wild! 😛

Man’s told he has 5 years to live, so he goes to a shelter and asks for an ‘obese, middle-aged dog’

Mutual Rescue (trademark of Humane Society Silicon Valley) presents the story of Eric and Peety. Eric was told by his doctor that he had five years to live. But everything changed after he went to the shelter and adopted Peety.

Driver stops to help what he thinks is an injured dog, but keep watching…

We don’t have a lot of details on this video, but what appears to be an injured stray is crawling in the street when a driver pulls over to help. But at the end, the dog just gets up and walks away! Do you think this dog knew exactly what he was doing and just wanted some attention? I mean, dogs are pretty smart after all!

We hope the dog truly is okay and that he has a home (or finds one soon).

Little pup is having second thoughts about the stairs, but watch who shows up to help

Monty the nine-week-old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel pup is afraid to go down the steps, but watch when Abby shows up to help. How cute is this? 😊

When a trucker pulled over to pick up a stray, the dog refused to leave his friend behind

This animal rescue of two unlikely friends out of the Humane Society of Summit County will melt your heart to pieces.

“When Dan O’Grady of Akron, a truck driver, passed the little dog abandoned on the side of the highway in Jacksonville, FL, he couldn’t just keep going. He exited the freeway and hoped he could get back to the dog before anything bad happened. Luckily, he got back in time but the skinny dog yapped at him and kept running off every time he approached.”

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How this mama cat takes care of her unlikely family will warm your heart

A newborn, two-day-old puppy was rescued after his mom was hit by a car and killed. The pup was placed with a nursing cat and her kittens, and that’s when the unthinkable happened.

10 cats who don’t know what to think about the new puppy

These families just got new puppies, and the cats have no idea what to think! What is going on here?! 😛

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