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Get ready, because your heart is about to melt to pieces

The bond between this Golden Retriever and his little human is the most heartwarming thing. I could watch this over and over… ❤

Yorkshire Terrier won’t stop until baby is properly tucked in

This Yorkie wants to make sure his baby brother is tucked in nicely for his nap. Watch as the dog makes sure he covers that exposed foot. 😊

Lucky dog gets his very own bedroom in the tiny space under the stairs

Imgur user Fatisbac recently uploaded some pictures of a tiny room her aunt put together for her Chihuahua after moving into a new home. The small space underneath the stairs is the perfect spot for the dog to relax and get away from it all!

“Visited my aunts new house over the holiday. This is the room she built for her Chihuahua.”

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This is what happens when you try to make a bed with these cats around

As if making the bed isn’t enough of a chore, try doing it with these two cats around! Cole and Marmalade do their best to make it tough on their owners. 😛

The dog’s just sitting there patiently when he’s asked the million dollar question…

Many dogs get excited over a walk, but this one… WOW! Wait until you see how he reacts. 😂

Mom notices a bear in the yard, and that’s when the brave dogs do their thing

Don’t mess with these little dogs! Watch as the brave pups scare away a bear in their backyard. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen! 😮

This Pomeranian sleigh ride is the winter video you need to see

No one enjoys the winter quite like these two Pomeranians! Watch as they take a sleigh ride and also make some time to play in the snow. 😊

When this hummingbird turns its head, it’s the most beautiful thing

A male hummingbird shows off his iridescent feathers, and it’s the most beautiful thing. Just watch the color changes as he turns his head…

Chihuahua adorably shakes her head ‘no’ after being asked if she’s mad

She asks her Chihuahua “Are you mad at me?” The little pup’s response is the cutest thing you’ll ever see! Oh my…

How the dog reacts in the hot tub is absolutely priceless

Cuzzie loves getting in the hot tub and feeling the jets of water on his back. The way he reacts is absolutely priceless! :)

And not to worry: the owners note that the red stain on his neck is from the dye on the collar.


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