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Dad leans in to kiss the baby, but you’ll want to keep your eyes on the Corgi

Now this is adorable.

Dad leans in to kiss the baby, but the jealous dog wants some too. Watch as the Corgi squeezes in between them to steal some kisses. Cuteness overload!

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Dog has an unusual buddy, and he tries his best to carefully pet it

We know dogs are capable of becoming friends with some unlikely animals, and there are lots of videos out there as proof, but this one is a little different for one adorable reason…

The sweet dog tries his best to carefully pet his bird friend knowing that he can’t be too rough with it. I’ve never seen anything like it! For once, a dog who’s actually aware of its own size. 😀

Dog was stolen during home burglary. Months later, she’s found looking like this

Lynn Wainman adopted Daisy from the shelter seven years ago. The dog had a severe skin condition that would require medication. Without it, she’d be in bad shape.

Just months ago, Lynn returned home to find that it had been broken into and ransacked. Worst of all, Daisy was gone. But a Good Samaritan came across the dog on a road in North Miami Beach and took her in where they were able to trace her back to Lynn. But without her meds, this is what the dog looked like.

They smelled wet dog in the house after their dog passed, then caught this on camera

The owners of the video claim they smelled wet dog around the house after their dog had passed away. And then they caught this on camera…

What do you think? Do you think it’s possible for our dogs to come back and visit us after they die? I would like to think so. :)

Little donkey stands before the Clydesdales, and what follows will have you in stitches

This is an oldie but a goodie! Everyone loves the majestic Budweiser Clydesdales, including this little donkey. All he’s ever dreamed about was one day becoming a Budweiser Clydesdale, but the problem was obvious…

So he practiced the Clydesdale walk and even got some hair extensions. Then he finally got his big break and met them for an interview. And the rest will have you laughing out loud! 😀

Lab lies beside the bed and barks until she gets what she wants

Any dog owner will tell you it’s the dog who really wears the pants in the family, and this video is a great example of that.

The Labrador Retriever wants her belly rubbed, so what does she do? She lies beside the bed to receive her scratches. But if mom stops, the dog will bark until her human resumes. Dogs sure seem to have life all figured out, don’t they? 😀

Homeless pit bull sat in the same spot for 2 weeks. When they approached, they saw why…

Hope For Paws received a call about two dogs by the railroad tracks. The Poodle had died two weeks ago, but there sat the pit bull refusing to leave her best friend’s side. That’s when Lisa Arturo and JoAnn Wiltz approached the scared stray…

With the help of their lucky leash and some treats, they were able to rescue Cassandra and calm her down. The pit bull is now in foster care awaiting a forever home and a new beginning.

To donate, go here: http://www.HopeForPaws.org
To apply to adopt Cassandra, please visit: http://www.DoggieBonez.com

This dog’s been chained to this wall for 8 years. Now watch as rescuers approach…

Lola the pit bull had been neglected for eight years, chained to a wall with no escape from the elements. Despite everything, she still wagged her tail when rescuers approached. She was taken to Animal Kind Veterinary Hospital where she had some tumors removed and teeth cleaned.

Now all this sweet girl needed was a forever home.

And she got one! :)
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Shelter dogs are lonely, but they came up with a great idea to fix that

Shelter dogs get lonely, but the Humane Society came up with a great way to help out by making the dogs more adoptable. And the kids are doing it one book at a time.

Not only is the program helping dogs to learn to interact and come out of their shells, but the kids sharpen their reading skills while having lots of fun in the meantime. What’s not to like? :)

They may look like 3 normal dogs, but you haven’t seen anything yet

Normal dogs they are not. These obedient and intelligent dogs have quite a few tricks up their sleeves, and it’s something you have to see to believe!

Watch as the Border Collie, Terrier and Chihuahua show off some of the most amazing double dog tricks. They are very talented to say the least! :)


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