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Dog stuns family when told to pick out a friend at the shelter

When Raven the dog first saw Woodhouse the cat, it was love at first sight. It didn’t matter that one was a dog and the other a cat; they were meant to be together!

It all started when Raven’s family went to the shelter one day to rescue an animal. They allowed Raven to choose, and this is what happened…

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The dog’s been lost for 2 years, but you’re about to see when he hears his human’s voice again

Bosco the Beagle escaped from his home two years ago and had been lost ever since. But a local shelter caught the dog and called his owner immediately. This is where he hears his owner’s voice again…

When the owner swaps out his dog’s favorite box, the result is adorable

This dog has a favorite box that he loves to sit in while on car rides. But what if that box suddenly became smaller and smaller? The owner’s prank has some extremely cute results. :)

Husky puppy just wants to kiss his new friend

How precious is this? N’usha the Snowy Owl and Ilona the Husky puppy share a special moment as the dog approaches for some kisses. Awww… 😍

How this Husky reacts to mom’s hair clip is hysterical beyond words

Hiro the Siberian Husky just doesn’t know what to think of mom’s green hair clip. Every time she brings it out, he reacts like this! 😂

After an hour-long haircut, this rescue dog looks completely different

Alex was rescued from a South Korean dog meat farm, and he was painfully matted. After an hour-long haircut and the removal of nearly four pounds of fur, he’s ready to take on his new life!

How this Bernese Mountain Dog pup reacts to his very first bone is… oh my.

This Bernese Mountain Dog puppy just got his very first bone, and he can’t contain the excitement! How cute is this?? 😊

This dog waited on a shoebox for months hoping to be rescued—and then they arrived

Hope For Paws set out to rescue a three-legged female dog who’d been living in front of a house for the past five months. When they arrived, she was sleeping on a shoebox in the rain. Now little Princess needs a home! 😊

To donate, go here: http://www.HopeForPaws.org
To adopt this special little Princess, please contact: http://www.SmoochPoochRescue.com

A sad dog sat in the corner of a shelter, but they discovered a secret that would change everything

A neglected stray seen roaming the streets was taken to a shelter to receive treatment like any other dog. But the problem was that Castiel was no ordinary dog. He would require special treatment in a special place because of his secret that was about to be revealed.

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An ‘unknown’ pit bull sat alone in the shelter — until 10 words changed her life

An emaciated, nameless pit bull was wasting away in the shelter when a photographer named Sherry Stinson showed up. You’re about to see how 10 words and a lie changed this dog’s life forever…


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