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Newly rescued dog extremely grateful after being freed from a chain

Asher was freed from a chain by Dogs Deserve Better in Smithfield, Virginia, and he can’t hold back his feelings. The dog shows his appreciation by crawling all over the employee and demanding hugs while she’s on the phone with work. Too funny and too cute! 🙂

He’s so grateful to be free, and it’s an amazing sight to behold. He’ll never have to worry about being neglected ever again.

Horse’s fatherly instincts kick in to help take care of fussy baby

Stacey Storer took eight-month-old Ruby to a friend’s stables in Nottingham where the baby suddenly became upset and fussy. But then she met a horse named Red…

Ruby smiled and laughed as the horse stuck his neck out and began to rock her back and forth with the tip of his nose. Mom couldn’t believe it! I think Stacey just found herself a new babysitter. 😉

Mama fox takes food from woman’s hand, leads her to her babies

A woman in Israel has known this friendly fox for a while, and the beautiful creature takes food right from her hand. But over the spring, the vixen had a litter of four kits. Now mama takes the food to the little ones instead of eating it herself.

Normally the father would take care of the babies by hunting and gathering food, but with no father in sight, the woman has become sort of a surrogate parent. How precious is this?

These 18 dogs are naughty and have absolutely no shame

These 18 dogs were found in some peculiar situations, but the naughty pups have absolutely no shame! Now that it’s over with and they’re all okay, it’s hard not to laugh. Dogs will be dogs! 😀

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Watch the captivating footage of a baby fawn born on a beach

Mother nature is beautiful. And this high-definition video of a fawn born on a beach really brings that fact to life. Watch the captivating footage below.

The newborn fawn stands up and tries learning to walk on its wobbly legs as mom keeps a close eye. Like a good mama, she never strays too far but allows the baby to properly learn on its own.

Learn how to bake a cake with Ettna the Bull Terrier

If you love dogs and want to learn how to bake a cake, this video is for you. Actually, it’s pretty hilarious regardless… just watch!

Ettna the Bull Terrier brings her talents to the internet to show us dogs are capable of making delicious snacks too! And like any good cook, she taste tests the ingredients along the way to make sure they’re of optimum freshness. 😉

More than 80 Great Danes rescued from cruelty in New Hampshire

The Humane Society of the United States was assisted by the Wolfeboro Police Department in the rescue of 84 Great Danes from a New Hampshire home. The suspected puppy mill was raided at approximately 8:30 a.m. on Friday, June 16 and found that the dogs were being housed in unsafe and unsanitary conditions.

Thankfully, these beautiful dogs have been safely transported to a temporary emergency animal shelter at an undisclosed location where they will receive any necessary medical treatment.

Short video shows the hilarious difference between cats and dogs

The cats are calmly watching a bird outside through the door, but when the dog shows up — oh my goodness! Yep, this pretty much says it all when it comes to the difference between cats and dogs.

The part that really made me laugh is how proud the dog looks at the end. He has no idea what he just put those poor cats through… or does he? 😉

Dad dog comforts mama after she gives birth to four puppies

Mama dog nurses her pups right after giving birth. And dad, knowing what she just went through, showers mom with kisses and love! He just wants to make sure she’s feeling all right.

Dad’s so proud of her for giving birth to their four adorable pups that he can’t help himself. Who says animals don’t have feelings? How sweet.

15 breathtaking moments captured between children and animals

Russian photographer Elena Karneeva captured some perfect moments between children and animals. These are so mesmerizing and amazing, you won’t believe they are real.

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