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These 21 Sleepyheads Are Proof That Dogs Can Nap Absolutely Anywhere

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20 Super Tiny Animals To Fit In The Palm Of Your Hand

What’s better than cuddling? Holding one of these tiny babies in the palm of your hand! These small animals will take your breath away…

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12 Sweet Senior Dogs Celebrating Their Birthdays

Senior dogs are so special. They’ve been with their owners through it all, and they’ve proven themselves as the most loyal companions. So when it’s their special day, you just have to celebrate it.

Let’s wish these sweet senior dogs some very Happy Birthdays! πŸ˜€

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Kind Couple Takes In 46 Pets To Help Families Struggling With Hurricane Irma

A couple in Florida opened up their home to any pets needing shelter during Hurricane Irma helping families in the area to evacuate and stay safe until the storm’s over.

Ron and Gretchen Levine, who run a pet sitting service called A Paw Above, normally have a handful of pets in their care at a time. But that changed with Hurricane Irma approaching.

Many families decided to evacuate but didn’t know what to do with their pets, so Ron and Gretchen decided to bring in and watch as many animals as possible. They also volunteered to go get pets for people who had been on vacation and couldn’t make it back to their homes.

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12 Dogs With Their New Non-Dog Friends

These 12 dogs just made some new friends and didn’t even realize they aren’t canines. We have no doubt these friendships will work out, though. Dogs are the friendliest animals on the planet after all! πŸ™‚

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21 Horses That Are So Beautiful You’ll Think They Are Fake

These horses have coats that are so beautiful, it’s hard to believe! Have you ever seen horses in these magnificent colors?

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Dog Rescued From Horrific Hoarding Case Has Never Been Touched By A Human

This video gives you a look into the dangerous world of dog rehabilitation and shows the importance of trained professionals taking on the task of getting formerly abused and neglected dogs ready to be rehomed. Some of the situations can be very fragile, and it takes the soft touch and calming words of these heroes to get the dogs where they need to be physically and mentally. These dogs deserve a second chance in life, and it’d be nearly impossible without this kind of help.

“In a rehab facility, dogs come in that have been severely abused and sometimes, have never been touched by a human. In this video, Elsa has come in from a horrific hoarding case and has never been touched. The goal today was to get a collar and leash on her and to gain trust through canine massage. The licensed Canine Massage Therapist has to have the keen sense of reading the body language of the dog which will enable her to know exactly when to eliminate the towel barrier and touch the dog without protection. AGAIN, This is extremely dangerous and should not be attempted unless you are a professional.

“Elsa has since been rehabilitated and adopted by a family who adopted another dog a year early that was rehabilitated from the same property. Both dogs have changed dramatically and are living wonderful lives thanks to Dogs Deserve Better in Smithfield, VA and their loving adopters.”

Unleashed Dog Takes Off Running Toward Screaming Child, Reveals The Truth About Pit Bulls

Many people feel that all pit bulls are dangerous, vicious dogs because of all of the stereotypes out there. But in truth, it’s just some bad owners. Any responsible pit bull owner will tell you just how sweet and loyal the breed actually is. And this story just reaffirms that truth.

Stacie Rae English took to Facebook to tell the heroic story of Hurley the pit bull, and it quickly went viral.

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How A Veterinarian Does A Gender Reveal

A gender reveal is a big moment for expectant mothers to finally deliver the news to friends and family: it’s a boy! β€” or β€” it’s a girl! There are many variations and different ways to do gender reveals, sometimes even keeping mom and dad in the dark until the blue or pink balloons are released or by cutting into a cake and revealing a blue or pink interior.

But at the center of it all is the love and excitement of adding to the family. And if dog lovers think of their pets as their children, why can’t they do a gender reveal in the same way? πŸ™‚

That’s exactly what one veterinarian did. And we think it’s amazing.

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With Just A Little Snack, Boy Befriends Giant Sea Creature

No one would believe what this kid did without this video, so it’s a good thing it was recorded! Out of all of the animals and species in the world, this is probably the last creature you’d guess a little boy befriended with just the help of a snack. People usually either find sea creatures fascinating or frightening, but this boy showed no fear while trying to become friends with a giant manta ray!

In Spain’s Canary Islands, all types of stingray species can be seen in the surrounding waters. This spot with the descending stairs is a place where local fishermen often throw back unwanted fish, and sea creatures stop by hoping to find an easy meal. If you want to see some beautiful beasts up close, this is the place to be.

Here a little boy approaches with a snack in his hand, and a giant manta ray swims right up to him. The calm and affectionate sea creature shows so much trust in the kid as it eats right out of his hands and allows the boy to pet it like a dog! And the boy did a great job handling the situation in a calm and friendly manner as not to spook the manta ray.

This is truly a moment he’ll never forget!

While stingrays are normally curious and friendly creatures, you still need to use caution when approaching any wild animal. The level of trust and familiarity seen here is certainly a result of these types of interactions developing over a long period of time. Like any animal, they will defend themselves if they feel they are being threatened.


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