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Adorably tucked in Dachshund starts nodding off while watching TV

It’s been a long day, and all you want to do is watch some TV and relax before going to bed. But you’re so comfortable in your favorite spot with your blanket that you have to fight to stay awake. This Dachshund knows the feeling all too well…

Watch as the adorably tucked in pup starts nodding off way earlier than planned. Sometimes it’s best not to fight it and just let sleep happen. 🙂

Rescue dog miraculously brings his owner out of a coma

A rescue dog returns the favor and does some rescuing of his own by bringing his owner out of a coma. Andy Szasz was admitted to the hospital with pneumonia and placed in a medically induced coma after overcoming bowel cancer. Andy’s wife, Estelle, brought Teddy to the hospital to help with her husband’s recovery, but he did so much more than that.

The four-year-old dog is now being honored with the Animal Award at the RSPCA Honors in the U.K. What a miraculous story.

These cats trying to take over the world have me in stitches

We all know cats are a little different from dogs, but who knew they really want to take over the world? 😮 And this is why dogs are better than cats.

But seriously, we love cats too. Watch this hilarious video of the cat overlords trying to rule the world. It’ll have you in stitches!

They say it’s not safe to leave pit bulls around children

They say it’s not safe to leave pit bulls around the children. Well, someone must’ve forgotten to tell these guys… Whoops! 😉

There’s nothing quite like the bond between kids and their dogs, and that includes pit bulls. They’re just as loving as any other dog, sometimes even more so. All these pitties want to do is cuddle and play!

These 15 pets were left with the sitter, and now their owners totally regret it

As much as we love our pets, there are times we have to leave them for an extended period of time. And that’s what the sitter is for. But these owners now regret leaving their furbabies with the sitter, and you’re about to see why… 😀

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Dad asks his Boxer, ‘Are you a dog, or are you a baby?’

“Are you a dog, or are you a baby?” I think the answer to this is… both! 😛 Dad asks his Boxer the important question, and the dog’s reaction is too adorable for words!

They may be furry, but our dogs are also our babies – even though this pooch seems to take offense to the question. 😉

Baby elephant slips and falls into the water — then the adult elephants come to the rescue

A camera at the Grand Park Zoo in Seoul, South Korea, caught a calf slipping and falling into the water. And when the nearby adult elephants realized the young one was drowning, they immediately came to the rescue.

Elephants are such intelligent creatures. Watch as the two adults show great concern for the calf and rush to help. Just an amazing thing to see.

Border Collies patiently wait in unison for their chance with the hose

Summer is here, and that means time to stay cool by playing in the water! Our dogs love it just as much or even more than we do. Take these Border Collies for instance…

Watch as the patient pups wait their turn for their crack at the hose as mom waters the plants. When she sprays them, they jump in unison at the chance to take a drink and cool off. How funny! 😀

Handler never thought he’d see his war buddy again, but here they are 6 years later

There’s nothing like the bond between man and dog, especially when the two have been through war together. Veteran David Herrera of the Marine Corps served alongside his battle buddy, Kash, for seven months in Afghanistan.

He never thought he’d see Kash again, but when he learned that the war dog had recently retired and moved in with another handler out of state, David made plans to visit. It would be the first time seeing the dog in six years.

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23 perfectly plump puppy bellies you simply cannot resist

There’s nothing more adorable than a plump, round puppy belly! What is it about them that makes us want to poke them?? 🙂

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