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Big dog’s afraid of the water, but daddy lends a helping hand for Sampson

Some dogs are naturals in the water, and the others just need a helping hand. Sampson the English Mastiff is skeptical of the pool to say the least, but dad is there to help out and cheer him on!

The gentle giant seems like a fast learner, and I’m sure soon he won’t need any help at all!

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The little dog kept disappearing at night, so they went on a search

Their Chihuahua kept disappearing in the middle of the night, so they grabbed a camera and went downstairs. This is what they saw…

So that’s where he went! The little fella just wanted to be with his big buddy. Have you ever seen a couple of friends as adorable as these two? 😊

She thinks her dog is sick, but she couldn’t be further from the truth

Maureen noticed that something was wrong with Max and thought he was getting sick. But in reality, Max could sense cancer inside of his owner and was sad that she was not well.

Dogs observe their owners all the time and can read their body language like a sixth sense. This is just amazing.

Man follows a dog into the woods and finds 9 puppies

A man noticed a dog wandering around his home in Finland. Every time he tried to approach the dog, she would run away. He decided to go into the woods where he had seen her go before. He came across a hole in the ground that the dog was trying to protect. That’s because the hole contained something very special.

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Video of pups attempting to climb steps for the first time is adorable for more than one reason

These Jack Russell/poodle pups are attempting the impossible: to climb the big, scary steps for the very first time! Will they succeed?

As adorable as these puppies are, the captions really bring this video to life. You’re going to want to watch this one… :)

Kid’s afraid to tell his traumatic story, but watch when the dog gets down beside him

Companions for Courage is a program created to help kids who have experienced trauma feel calm enough to tell their stories with the help of a dog, and it’s truly amazing. One of the therapy dogs is Karl. He was born deaf but knows sign language, and he’s a tremendous support to the kids.

“Think about how a child must feel. They have to face the person who has hurt them, they have to sit in front of a bunch of strangers and tell a really painful story, and most of the time they’re not even with their family while they’re testifying,” said Joanne Rittenhouse, one of the dog handlers. “All the dogs make everyone calm; they have a good presence,” she continued.

Golden Retriever hilariously refuses to give up pacifier, has giant meltdown

As much as babies love their pacifiers, dogs love them just as much or maybe more! Of all the dog pacifier videos we’ve seen, the pooches just flat out refuse to give them up.

And then there’s this Golden Retriever. She’s completely relaxed and at peace with her pacifier when dad tries to take it away. That’s when the meltdown ensues… 😀

There wasn’t a dry eye when the bride’s dying dog was carried down the aisle

Kelly O’Connell’s wedding day will forever be remembered as a bittersweet day. On one hand, it was the happiest day of her life marrying her best friend. On the other hand, she was saying goodbye to another friend: her 15-year-old Black Lab named Charlie Bear.

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Dog was found after being stabbed 19 times, but her life was about to take a drastic turn

We’ll never know how people can be so cruel. A dog who’d been stabbed 19 times all over her body was found at a church and was suffering from blood loss, shock and trauma.

But an animal cruelty task force in Missouri took the dog in to be cleaned and treated. Just a month later, the 10-year-old poodle mix has made an unbelievable transformation. And the best part? Frannie’s being adopted by the family of the first responder who rescued her. :)

Street dog was neglected for so long she was starting to turn to stone

This neglected dog’s fur was turning as hard as stone because of severe mange. She was scared but too weak to run from her rescuers. But there’s a happy ending…

Wait until you see Alice’s transformation at the end thanks to Animal Aid Unlimited!

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