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‘Aggressive’ dog was set to be killed, but one woman begged for a chance to see him

This dog was set to be put down because of its aggressiveness and lack of training. But this trainer had a different idea. She would use patience to get him to trust her and make him a house pet. She later brought in his starving pup, and they lived together with her other dogs in total harmony.

Rescue dog’s afraid of everyone, but when she realizes everything’s going to be okay… Wow.

Just before euthanization, this dog got a second chance. The beginning is hard to watch, but at the 1:30 mark it’s like she realizes everything is going to be okay. One of the most touching moments I’ve ever seen.

Funny pup throws the biggest hissy fit, and it has the groomer in stitches

Oreo the 11-week-old puppy is still new to getting groomed, and she throws tantrums like a little kid! Just watch her hissy fit:

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Labrador father leads his puppies to the pond, and then he jumps in

This Labrador leads his puppies down to the pond for some swimming lessons, and it’s just the cutest thing! Watch as the pups really pay attention to everything dad is doing. 😊

Elephant approaches locals to ask for help after being shot by a poacher

An elephant was shot in the head by a poacher, and it walked right up to doctors begging for help. Elephants are such intelligent creatures, and this video is just further proof.

Mom tells her dog to smile, and in just 5 seconds you’ll be laughing

This silly dog can smile on command, and it sure is a pretty one! Watch as the pooch turns that frown upside down and try not to laugh. 😄

He adopted a mutt off the streets. When she gets a little older he realizes… oh my!

A man heard of a homeless puppy up for adoption and decided to check her out. One look at her face, and he was stunned! Such a beautiful dog, but he couldn’t figure out what breed she was…

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Security camera captures a stranger giving a stray the coat off of his back

Bulent Kalpakcioglu, a municipal worker in Giresun, Turkey, was caught on camera helping a stray stuck outside in the cold. After giving it some food, the man proceeded to take the coat off of his back to wrap around the dog. And his good deed did not go unnoticed…

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He didn’t always walk like this, and he doesn’t know what he did to make his owners so angry

Baxter didn’t always walk crooked. But when he’d pee on the floor or chew on a shoe, his owners would beat him. Despite irreversible brain damage, he never lost his will to live. ❤

Dog rescued after being used for breeding, but no one would adopt her because she’s a pit bull

Puddle the pit bull was rescued from a family who no longer paid attention to her after she had puppies. The neglected dog was taken to a shelter, but no one would adopt her because she’s a pit bull.

But now Sonny is living her best life! 😊


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