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Rescuers find dog in abandoned building after terrible accident

Animal Aid Unlimited received a call about a street puppy who’d accidentally fallen into some boiling water. The dog’s underside and legs were badly burned, and she needed immediate help. Rescuers found her hunkered down in an abandoned building.

Dead layers of skin would need to be removed to prevent infection and begin the healing process. It would take several days to prepare the puppy for treatment. We have to admit it’s pretty tough to watch this one in certain spots, but Basanti’s transformation makes it worth it in the end. 🙂

Boy and cow lose state fair contest but win the hearts of millions with their nap

A photo of a teen and his cow has taken the internet by storm and captured the hearts of millions, and you’re about to see why. After placing fifth out of seven total contestants at the Iowa State Fair, 15-year-old Mitchell Miner and his cow, Audri, were exhausted after the long day.

The two had spent the last few months preparing for the competition and formed a very close bond while doing so. And the picture of them napping together in the barn sums up their heartwarming friendship. Just a boy and his cow. ❤

Confused owner learns why his adopted dog watches him sleep every night

Our dogs are not just pets but intelligent members of our family. And one owner just learned an important, heartbreaking lesson in animal intelligence and their relationship with humans.

A Chinese man adopted an abandoned Golden Retriever from the shelter and realized the dog was watching him sleep at night. At first he thought it was because of the new environment and hoped the weird behavior would go away on its own. But as the pattern repeated night after night, the man became confused and scared. That’s when he dug into the dog’s past and learned the heartbreaking truth.

Dalmatian and mother cat share responsibilities for litter of kittens

We’ve all heard how much cats and dogs don’t get along, but every once in a while there’s an instance like this that just blows that statement away. Seeing dogs and cats playing together is one thing, but when they act together to take care of one’s offspring it’s a whole other story. And that’s exactly what’s going on in this video…

Here you will see Zoey the Dalmatian sharing the responsibilities for a litter of kittens with the mother cat, and it’s truly remarkable to see. The fact that they can work together to raise and love these babies speaks volumes about the true nature of these animals. Gotta love our precious pets! 🙂

Dog found tied up at a playground can’t stop hugging people now

Lilybug was found tied up at a playground when she was just a pup, but a rescue group called Mr. Bones and Co. heard about her and took her into the “One Lucky Pup” foster program. Co-executive Director Marisa Grimshaw quickly fell head over heels for Lilybug.

So Marisa adopted her, and the pit bull took to everyone she met and started giving out hugs. She became known as the “hugging pit bull.” Despite being abandoned at such a young age, the dog has lots of love to spread around. See more of her incredible story below! 🙂

After a little bit of kindness, scared stray becomes completely different dog

Hope For Paws received a text about a scared street dog running around near the Los Angeles International Airport. The dog was terrified of humans and couldn’t even be lured by food. If anyone tried to approach, the little dog was off and running.

So Hope For Paws returned later with one of their rescue dogs hoping the homeless pup would engage her. But nothing was working in what had become a very difficult rescue. Eventually, Bellanca was cornered in some bushes. And when she was shown a little kindness, she transformed into a completely different dog.

To donate, visit: http://www.HopeForPaws.org
To apply to adopt Bellanca, please contact: http://www.TheForgottenDog.org

Dog arrives at new home, flips out when she sees what’s outside

Christy the West Highland White Terrier just arrived with the family to their new home in Florida. And when picking out the new place, her family didn’t ignore what she wanted most: a swimming pool! The dog looks out the back door and sees it, and that’s when she adorably flips out.

Christy loves swimming pools so much she can hardly contain herself. After begging and begging dad he finally opens the door, and off she goes! What she does next is something you won’t want to miss. This is one happy dog! 😀

Man takes dog out of stroller and bends down thinking no one is watching

Doug Delony of KHOU Houston snapped a picture of a man and a stroller at Houston’s Discovery Green, and when people noticed the dog, they instantly wanted to know more about it. The truth captured the hearts of hundreds of thousands of people.

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Wiener dogs face off with giant lion, and the lion’s next move is really something

Nature has a funny way of working out sometimes. I mean, who’d ever expect a lion and a wiener dog to be best friends? But that’s exactly what happened at a wildlife refuge called G.W. Exotic Animal Park.

A Barbary lion named Bonedigger took a special liking to Abby the Dachshund, and the rest is history. For whatever reason, they hit it off immediately and have been inseparable ever since. This is one of the most special, unique friendships you’ll ever see. 🙂

Dog thinks no one is watching, readies all of his toys — and the games begin

When Junior the seven-year-old Border Collie thinks he’s alone, he empties out the toy basket — and the games begin! But the playful pup doesn’t know mom’s hiding behind the dining room table recording the entire thing. 🙂

His owners have been trying to capture this footage for a long time, and they finally got it! For whatever reason, he only does this crazy puppy act when no one is watching. How cute! 🙂


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