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A Desperate Boxer Wants To Be With This Deer More Than Anything

A playful Boxer wants to play with a deer that he just met, but there is a fence separating them. I think the deer is a little more hesitant about this relationship! 😉

Man Discovers A Deer With A Powdered Donut On Its Antler

A deer approached a guy by the river and he noticed something strange on its antler. A powdered donut? It couldn’t be! Nope, he wasn’t seeing things — there was a donut on the antler. Good thing he had the camera running during this strange encounter!

When You See What This Huge Dog Is Searching For, Your Heart Will Melt… Oh My!

You have to see this adorable game of Hide-and-Seek! The little girl goes and hides and then tells her dog Sebastien when she’s ready. Do you think he will find her? Make sure and watch till the end!

This has to be the luckiest little girl ever, and there are 14 reasons why…

Five-year-old Pernille plays in a field with 14 German Shepherds in Norway. It’s like this is a scene straight out of a movie or a dream! She has to be the happiest and safest little girl in the world.

Their Greyhound Jumped In The Pool. But I Did NOT See This Coming. Oh My Goodness!

They didn’t know what to expect when their Greyhound jumped in the pool, but I bet they’re glad the camera was on!

They Heard Noises Coming From This Pipe. What’s In There Made My Heart Crumble.

They could hear a little cry for help coming from a drain pipe. What they found and how they got it out is nothing short of amazing.

Kids threw rocks at a pit bull who just wanted to be loved, but keep watching

Hope For Paws received a call about a stray pit bull who was injured from kids throwing rocks at him. Buddha would just cower behind trash cans, afraid of the world. All the dog ever wanted was to feel love, but he’s never had it.

As you can imagine, Buddha was very hesitant as rescuers approached. With the help of a cheeseburger and some baby talk (who doesn’t talk like that to a dog? 😜), he was ready to go an hour later.

Buddha is just a big sweetheart of a dog–how could anyone treat him the way he was treated? But Hope For Paws gave him hope and the chance at a forever home that he’s always needed.

How they abandoned this friendly dog is beyond me, but when they get closer…

When they found this abandoned dog, they had no idea it would act like this. How amazing.

What This Family Pulls Out Of The Mudslide Aftermath is AMAZING. A Must See.

Rescuers search through rubble left from the aftermath of a devastating mudslide looking for anyone and anything they can. Little did they know that they would find a dog buried under a crumbled house as fine as can be. What a miracle.

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