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Bulldog just wants a spot on the bed, presents adorable plea to dad

When dogs flash those puppy eyes, it’s hard to resist. It’s their go-to strategy to get what they want because they know it works! But this pup needs to drive a harder bargain.

Titon the Bulldog just wants a spot on the bed with dad, so he presents his most adorable plea. But dad seems to think the Bulldog has enough beds of his own placed throughout the house. I couldn’t say no to that face!

Homeless dog is thrilled to finally feel the love of a human

On his daily jogging route, this man came across a homeless puppy in the middle of the field. He took the dog home to give it food and water and to try to contact his owners. But he had no luck.

That’s when an animal rescue group picked the puppy up and found him a forever home! How about that? It’s a good thing this jogger found this pup when he did. What a miracle!

Boy and dog use the ultimate teamwork to find out what’s good to eat

This little boy and his dog use the ultimate teamwork to see what’s good to eat in the refrigerator, and mom can’t believe her eyes. Thankfully, she was able to catch it on camera!

Some words from the owner: “Maverick (the baby) is 2 and Leroy (the basset hound) is 1. They are buddies and spend all their time together at home. Leroy steals Maverick’s snacks and toys so he tends to hang around him waiting for his next treat. I call them my twins because they are essentially the same age and get into mischief together throughout the day. Maverick was trying to get into the fridge and Leroy was nearby. He pulled him by the collar over to the fridge and climbed up on him to open the door and look in. This has never been done before and Leroy does not follow directions for anyone in the house on a normal basis. He is still a puppy and definitely not trained. I’m still shocked that he stood there and let Maverick use him. After a few seconds Leroy leaves Maverick hanging as he walks away.”

When it’s time to leave the park, this clever dog always hides in the bushes

When it’s time to leave the park, Poppy is never quite ready. So over the years the sneaky pup has come up with a way to “trick” mom into staying a little bit longer: by hiding in the bushes! Because who ever wants playtime to end? πŸ˜›

Owner Lisa Brownson recently uploaded a video of Poppy’s cleverness at work. Take a look:

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Mom asks her dog where dad is and gets a typical Boxer response

Dogs love their humans and miss them tremendously even if they’re gone for just a few minutes. But that makes coming home that much sweeter! In this video, Bella the Boxer is missing her dad.

Mom asks her dog, “Where’s papa?” And judging by the response, it’s clear this pup can’t wait for her human to come home. This is just another example of why our pets are the most precious things in our lives. πŸ™‚

Dog breaks free from owner and runs down busy streets of Mexico City

A dog breaks free from its owner and takes off running down the busy streets of Mexico City. The intense, high-speed chase will have you on the edge of your seat until the conclusion.

There’s nothing quite as scary as your dog running out into traffic, but here we have a happy ending. At one point it looks as if the dog is run over, but luckily the vehicle goes right over top of the pup. I bet the owner breathed a huge sigh of relief at the end. Wow.

Guilty Labrador offers up an adorable apology for the mess he made

This Black Lab dug through the trash and left a big mess on the floor. He was just busted by mom, but he has an adorable apology up his sleeve that he’s been saving for a time like this. He may be fully grown, but look at those puppy eyes!

Watch as the guilty pup raises a paw and extends it toward mom. He may have done a naughty thing, but how could you ever stay mad after an apology like this? πŸ™‚

Clydesdale has emotional response to running free in a meadow

Belle the Clydesdale has found her calling at The Mane Intent in Indian River, Ontario, where humans and horses come together for a unique bonding experience. One of Belle’s many specialties is connecting with people who have suffered emotional or psychological trauma.

On a sunny day, Belle and her horse friends were let out into the meadow to relax and take in the scenery. The horse became overcome with joy and started snorting and rolling around in the grass. Seeing the Clydesdale in such a happy state is an emotional thing to witness.

Realizing he’s about to be adopted, dog busts out his happy dance

The Soi Dog Foundation in Thailand has been home to Dreadlock for the past four years. The 10-year-old dog doesn’t get excited about much, but he can’t hold back the excitement when he hears he’s been adopted!

What a wonderful moment to see! If only every shelter dog could eventually experience this happiness, the world would be a much better place.

Adorably tucked in Dachshund starts nodding off while watching TV

It’s been a long day, and all you want to do is watch some TV and relax before going to bed. But you’re so comfortable in your favorite spot with your blanket that you have to fight to stay awake. This Dachshund knows the feeling all too well…

Watch as the adorably tucked in pup starts nodding off way earlier than planned. Sometimes it’s best not to fight it and just let sleep happen. πŸ™‚

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