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Humpback whales put on a show for some lucky beachgoers

Beachgoers at Half Moon Bay, California, were treated to an experience of a lifetime as some humpback whales put on a feeding spectacle. You can see anchovies jumping out of the water in front of the feeding whales!

What a sight this would be to actually see in person β€” just look how close they are to the beach! Watch this mesmerizing footage and be amazed. πŸ™‚

Try not to get too jealous of this woman swimming with some otters

Nurtured by Nature allows you to swim with baby otters! Watch as Stephanie Arne of Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom finds true happiness in a pool full of these babies. πŸ™‚

From the owner of the video: “After we were done with filming, I wanted to try out a new GoPro that we had just gotten. So we spent some more time in the pool with me filming with the baby otters. These are Asian Small Clawed Otters born here and we were just starting swimming lessons with them. They’re funny and adorable to watch and spend time with.”

Woman goes to ask horse yes or no questions, horse hilariously tries responding

Horses are such beautiful, magnificent creatures. But they definitely have a goofy side! They can be very expressive animals and channel their inner silliness in order to try to communicate with us. Take this horse below for example…

The woman behind the camera just wants to ask some yes or no questions, but the horse has other ideas! Watch as she makes the funniest facial expressions in response. The woman can’t help but laugh out loud! πŸ˜€

They warned mom and dad not to let the baby girl around the pit bull

Pit bulls have a bad reputation just for being pit bulls. And most people would never let one close to their children. But with proper training and upbringing, pit bulls are no different than any other dog. Maybe moments like the one below will help to bury the stereotypes once and for all.

Watch as baby Mia shares an adorably sweet moment with Maverick the pit bull. The little girl and her dog are incredibly close and share a bond as strong as any.

Great Dane patiently waits for her turn in the shower

Katie the Great Dane patiently sits and waits for her turn in the shower as Sid the cat takes his sweet old time. Not that the cat is really getting any cleaning done β€” it appears as if he just likes to drink the water. 😅

This gentle giant is so sweet and patient, and it’s a good thing! Have you ever seen anything like this? LOL

22 examples of why you should never own a Husky

You shouldn’t ever own a Husky… if you don’t like loyal, talkative, fun-loving dogs! Come to think of it, they’re pretty much perfect in every way. πŸ˜‰

Huskies are so beautifully majestic you almost wouldn’t expect their silly, comedic demeanor. Watch the compilation below from America’s Funniest Home Videos for 22 examples of why we love Huskies so much!

The morning routine between this cat and dog will have you on cloud nine

The morning routine between this cat and dog is too adorable. The lucky owner gets to wake up every morning to this cute cuddle session between two unlikely pals. This is what love is all about!

They say dogs and cats aren’t supposed to get along, but let’s not tell these two. πŸ˜‰ Have you ever seen such a bond between a dog and cat?

Man tells his bulldog to show some teeth and look mean

Does Titon the Bulldog look scary and tough? You be the judge of that! Dad tells his dog to look mean and show some teeth, and the result is very worthy of a guard dog! πŸ™‚

It doesn’t seem as if Titon has a mean bone in his body, but he still makes a great protector for his family. Dad thanks his dog for being a good boy and taking care of the house after seeing his best mean face.

Dog faces the ultimate bathtime dilemma, and dad’s making it rather difficult

Dogs are too smart. If it seems at times that they know exactly what we’re saying, it’s because they do. Take this dog facing a bathtime dilemma, for instance. πŸ˜‰

Dad asks whether she’d rather take a bath or go for a ride, and the pup reacts accordingly. She makes it very clear she wants to go on a ride. As for the bath? Not so much… πŸ˜€

Guilty Husky doesn’t want to face mom, blocks her out with giant temper tantrum

Dogs know when they do something wrong, and they wear the guilt on their faces. But each dog deals with that guilt differently, whether it be running away and hiding or talking back while being scolded. But I’ve never seen a confrontation quite like this one between Blu the Husky and his mom!

The dog chewed up a box and was busted by mom. Not wanting to face the truth and own up to the situation, Blu throws a temper tantrum over top of mom to try and block her out. What an interesting approach! 😂


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