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Guilty Labrador offers up an adorable apology for the mess he made

This Black Lab dug through the trash and left a big mess on the floor. He was just busted by mom, but he has an adorable apology up his sleeve that he’s been saving for a time like this. He may be fully grown, but look at those puppy eyes!

Watch as the guilty pup raises a paw and extends it toward mom. He may have done a naughty thing, but how could you ever stay mad after an apology like this? 🙂

Clydesdale has emotional response to running free in a meadow

Belle the Clydesdale has found her calling at The Mane Intent in Indian River, Ontario, where humans and horses come together for a unique bonding experience. One of Belle’s many specialties is connecting with people who have suffered emotional or psychological trauma.

On a sunny day, Belle and her horse friends were let out into the meadow to relax and take in the scenery. The horse became overcome with joy and started snorting and rolling around in the grass. Seeing the Clydesdale in such a happy state is an emotional thing to witness.

Realizing he’s about to be adopted, dog busts out his happy dance

The Soi Dog Foundation in Thailand has been home to Dreadlock for the past four years. The 10-year-old dog doesn’t get excited about much, but he can’t hold back the excitement when he hears he’s been adopted!

What a wonderful moment to see! If only every shelter dog could eventually experience this happiness, the world would be a much better place.

Adorably tucked in Dachshund starts nodding off while watching TV

It’s been a long day, and all you want to do is watch some TV and relax before going to bed. But you’re so comfortable in your favorite spot with your blanket that you have to fight to stay awake. This Dachshund knows the feeling all too well…

Watch as the adorably tucked in pup starts nodding off way earlier than planned. Sometimes it’s best not to fight it and just let sleep happen. 🙂

Newly rescued dog extremely grateful after being freed from a chain

Asher was freed from a chain by Dogs Deserve Better in Smithfield, Virginia, and he can’t hold back his feelings. The dog shows his appreciation by crawling all over the employee and demanding hugs while she’s on the phone with work. Too funny and too cute! 🙂

He’s so grateful to be free, and it’s an amazing sight to behold. He’ll never have to worry about being neglected ever again.

Mama fox takes food from woman’s hand, leads her to her babies

A woman in Israel has known this friendly fox for a while, and the beautiful creature takes food right from her hand. But over the spring, the vixen had a litter of four kits. Now mama takes the food to the little ones instead of eating it herself.

Normally the father would take care of the babies by hunting and gathering food, but with no father in sight, the woman has become sort of a surrogate parent. How precious is this?

Watch the captivating footage of a baby fawn born on a beach

Mother nature is beautiful. And this high-definition video of a fawn born on a beach really brings that fact to life. Watch the captivating footage below.

The newborn fawn stands up and tries learning to walk on its wobbly legs as mom keeps a close eye. Like a good mama, she never strays too far but allows the baby to properly learn on its own.

Stubborn Husky always has to have the last word

Huskies will be Huskies! Watch as this vocal, sassy pup takes control of the situation by always getting in the last word.

You can’t simply walk away when a dog like this is talking to you. Only they can end the conversation, and there’s nothing you can do about it! 😀

Guilty dog wants to be forgiven more than anything

Dogs are very emotional creatures, whether it’s getting excited to go for a walk or greeting you at the door after a long day. And when they get in trouble, they want nothing more than your forgiveness.

We don’t know exactly what this dog did, but it’s obvious that he’s very sorry! Watch as the adorable dog begs his dad for forgiveness. Awwww…

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Mom has her little girl say goodbye to the dog every morning before school

Every morning before school, Sierra says goodbye to her dog, Samson, with three quick kisses on the nose! The bond between these two is just incredible. 😊

Do you have any cute routines with your own dog? Let us know in the comments! 🙂


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