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Mom records the dogs running upstairs to reunite with their dad, and it’s too sweet

Mom records the three dogs running upstairs to see their soldier daddy after a long hiatus. Is there anything sweeter in the world than being greeted by happy dogs? 😊

These two were rescued from abuse as puppies — one year later, they are reunited

These puppies were born to a mother on a chain in an abusive situation. One year after being rescued, the two are reunited. Do you think they remember each other? 😊

When mom tells her deaf Great Dane to get out of bed, this is how he responds

Max may be deaf, but he’s one vocal dog! Watch as the silly Great Dane complains when told to get out of bed. 😊

This is why Cooper always gets his ice cream after Daisy…

Cooper and Daisy just got some ice cream. As always, Daisy has to get her licks in first because Cooper has a very different way of eating ice cream. This is HILARIOUS. :)

This is what happens when you try to make a bed with these cats around

As if making the bed isn’t enough of a chore, try doing it with these two cats around! Cole and Marmalade do their best to make it tough on their owners. 😛

The dog’s just sitting there patiently when he’s asked the million dollar question…

Many dogs get excited over a walk, but this one… WOW! Wait until you see how he reacts. 😂

This Pomeranian sleigh ride is the winter video you need to see

No one enjoys the winter quite like these two Pomeranians! Watch as they take a sleigh ride and also make some time to play in the snow. 😊

When this hummingbird turns its head, it’s the most beautiful thing

A male hummingbird shows off his iridescent feathers, and it’s the most beautiful thing. Just watch the color changes as he turns his head…

These dogs and cats are proof that opposites do attract

This dogs and cats music montage is proof that opposites attract. You won’t be able to stop smiling while watching this! 😁

Everyone suggested euthanasia for a dog hit by two cars, but then this happened…

Jack was hit twice by two separate cars. And since he was “too old and too broken,” everyone suggested putting him down. Instead, the dog made an incredible recovery.


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