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Woman’s abuser had her on the brink of death when her dog stepped in and saved the day

This woman’s boyfriend put her through a wall and came at her with a hammer. But her Great Dane didn’t hesitate to protect his owner. What the dog did is completely amazing.

The Great Dane became the first animal to live at the Rose Brooks Center. And he would not be the last.

Abandoned dog hit by car was still able to frantically run away as rescuers approached

Hope For Paws was alerted about an injured dog on their emergency line, so they set out immediately to find him. The dog had been hit by a car but was still able to frantically run away as the rescuers approached him on the side of the road.

When Rio was finally secured with the lucky leash, he still had lots of anxiety. But just moments later the dog realized they were there to help, and he jumped right into the rescuers’ vehicle! Watch as they find the sweet pup a forever home. πŸ™‚

You can donate to Hope For Paws and help save more lives: http://www.HopeForPaws.org
Thank you ART N’ Paws for finding Rio an amazing home!! http://www.ARTnPawsAnimalRescue.org

Dog can’t stop singing when dad finally returns home

We all have to get away once in a while, and it’s so hard to leave our pets behind. But coming home to their happy faces makes the wait well worth it! Reunions with our furry pals are just so special.

Just watch the Reunions With Pets Compilation by America’s Funniest Home Videos below. Can you feel the love? πŸ™‚

Woman suffered terrible brain injury, but this dog is the biggest help

Colt the service dog is the biggest help when it comes to taking care of his mom who suffered a severe brain injury. He alerts her to seizures before they happen and can tell if she’s going to pass out.

The dog applies deep pressure therapy and listens to mom’s heartbeat to make sure everything’s okay. Watch as the helpful pooch opens doors, helps with chores and even brings her the medicine. But don’t worry, he still has plenty of time to just be a dog! πŸ™‚

15 shelter animals who were just adopted show their wonderful ‘after’ faces

There’s nothing better than shelter animals finally getting their forever homes. The shelter is no place to be, and the dogs and cats just sit around waiting on true love and happiness to show up and take them away. The 15 before and after pictures below really show the difference adoption can make.

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Man comes across a huge wolf in the woods but realizes the truth as he closes in

While we are share different views on hunting, I think trapping is one thing we can all agree is truly unfair and inhumane. The animals don’t even get a chance to defend themselves, and they have to sit and suffer in a painful trap.

The hunters in this video seem to agree with that view on animal trapping. When they come across a timber wolf suffering and unable to move, they feel an overwhelming responsibility to let the beautiful creature run free. It’s just a matter of finding a way to do it safely.

Stray kitten is found on side of the road and saved by dogs

Rilu the kitten was found on the side of the road at only two months old, and he was scared and very skinny. He was picked up by Howl Of A Dog, but there was one problem: their rescue was full of dogs. But what happened next was an unexpected act of friendship.

The first few encounters between the cat and the dogs were full of shy, hesitant maneuvers and even some skeptical swats of the paws. But after that they all settled in, and the dogs “adopted” the kitty as their own. Rilu is so thankful that the dogs saved his life.

Dogs reunite with owners, and the dog’s crying has mom holding back the tears

Anyone who has ever owned a dog knows how hard it is to leave them behind, whether it be to go on vacation or just leaving them behind for a few hours to go catch a movie. But the good part is when you come back home and see them again! Dogs are good at letting you know how much they love you every time you return.

Just watch this compilation of humans reuniting with their dogs. Each situation is truly unique and special, and it’s hard to not get emotional while watching.

Woman’s guide horse needed help, and she was determined to do everything to save her

We’ve all heard of guide dogs, but did you know guide horses exist? They’re rare, but they’re so docile and strong that they’re becoming more and more popular. And their longer lifespans ensure consistency with their humans.

When this blind woman found out her guide horse had a life-threatening disease, she knew what she had to do. She had to do everything possible to save the horse who’s so important and so meaningful to her.

Tiny dog sits on friend at the shelter in hopes that they’ll be adopted together

It’s no secret dogs can become attached to one another and form tight bonds, but Bonnie and Clyde have taken it to a new level. They’ve basically redefined the meaning of “inseparable.”

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