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Dog found tied up at a playground can’t stop hugging people now

Lilybug was found tied up at a playground when she was just a pup, but a rescue group called Mr. Bones and Co. heard about her and took her into the “One Lucky Pup” foster program. Co-executive Director Marisa Grimshaw quickly fell head over heels for Lilybug.

So Marisa adopted her, and the pit bull took to everyone she met and started giving out hugs. She became known as the “hugging pit bull.” Despite being abandoned at such a young age, the dog has lots of love to spread around. See more of her incredible story below! 🙂

After a little bit of kindness, scared stray becomes completely different dog

Hope For Paws received a text about a scared street dog running around near the Los Angeles International Airport. The dog was terrified of humans and couldn’t even be lured by food. If anyone tried to approach, the little dog was off and running.

So Hope For Paws returned later with one of their rescue dogs hoping the homeless pup would engage her. But nothing was working in what had become a very difficult rescue. Eventually, Bellanca was cornered in some bushes. And when she was shown a little kindness, she transformed into a completely different dog.

To donate, visit: http://www.HopeForPaws.org
To apply to adopt Bellanca, please contact: http://www.TheForgottenDog.org

Man takes dog out of stroller and bends down thinking no one is watching

Doug Delony of KHOU Houston snapped a picture of a man and a stroller at Houston’s Discovery Green, and when people noticed the dog, they instantly wanted to know more about it. The truth captured the hearts of hundreds of thousands of people.

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Wiener dogs face off with giant lion, and the lion’s next move is really something

Nature has a funny way of working out sometimes. I mean, who’d ever expect a lion and a wiener dog to be best friends? But that’s exactly what happened at a wildlife refuge called G.W. Exotic Animal Park.

A Barbary lion named Bonedigger took a special liking to Abby the Dachshund, and the rest is history. For whatever reason, they hit it off immediately and have been inseparable ever since. This is one of the most special, unique friendships you’ll ever see. 🙂

After 14 years, this sweet pit bull has finally found a forever home

Just when the Villalobos team thought this sweet dog would never get a forever home, one family stepped up in the biggest way. The pit bull had to wait 14 years, but her new family is determined to make her new life feel like it was worth the wait.

The team was upfront and honest with the potential adopters that the dog’s legs may not allow her even another year. But the family felt strongly that Summer needed them and that they needed Summer.

Senior German Shepherd was ready to leave her lonely life on the streets when they showed up

Hope For Paws was called in to rescue a senior German Shepherd who was ready to leave her lonely life on the streets. But it would still take a little time and a pep talk to get her into their vehicle.

After spending who knows how long on the streets, she was hesitant to trust humans at first. But it didn’t take the dog long to realize they were there to help. Amelia was taken to the hospital for a checkup before heading off to her foster home. Now all she needs is a loving forever home! 🙂

To donate, visit Hope For Paws here: http://www.HopeForPaws.org
To adopt Amelia, please visit our amazing friends at: http://www.LAAnimalRescue.org

Dog found in hot vehicle was doing his best to give himself some shade

A dog was found hunkering down in the back of a hot vehicle doing everything in his power to try and stay cool. Thankfully, he was found before it was too late.

Info from the licensor: “As an SPCA officer, we responded to a call for a dog in a car. I decided to video an officer break the window to rescue the dog and take it from the hot car. After the camera stopped the dog was taken from the car, taken to a veterinarian, with an elevated temperature. They brought the temperature down and the dog is fine. We charged the owner for failing to provide adequate ventilation (a $250 fine). The day cost him about $700 (fine, our costs, vet costs and window).”

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Family became ‘too busy’ and threw out their dog of 15 years

How someone could just give away their dog – especially after 15 years of loyalty – I’ll never understand. But there’s a happy ending for Cutie. She has been rescued from the shelter according to the Saving Carson Shelter Dogs Facebook page.

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Guide dog leads owner down the street only to abandon the man shortly later

This heartwarming tale of true friendship by PayUmoney shows a guide dog leading his human down the city streets only to abandon him at the counter of the cafe. But it’s not what you think — the dog’s actions just prove that he has his owner’s back.

Bob and Bud are the best of pals and are always looking out for each other. That’s why they are perfect for the #IGotYou campaign. Who is the friend you trust most in the world?

Dog got a forever home but missed his foster mom too much — so he ran away

A dog named Geoffrey finally found his forever home, but there was one problem: it wasn’t what he really wanted. He loved and missed his foster mom so much, he ended up running away. But the poor dog got lost and was even hit by a car.

Geoffrey kept moving though — he just had to find his foster mom. Luckily, his foster mom found out and started a search to find her lost pal. Let’s just say the reunion is one you won’t soon forget. 😉


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