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How A Stray Cat Saved An Abandoned Baby Will Melt Your Heart

A baby was left outside in a box on a very cold day. But a stray cat came to the rescue and saved the baby by climbing in the box to keep him warm.

A Terrified Dog Is Rescued And Undergoes An Unforgettable Transformation

Hope For Paws is back with another amazing rescue. And this time, the transformation is downright shocking (in a great way!) When you see what this terrified stray goes through – and how it ends – you’ll be speechless.

Dog saved from neglect and abuse pays it forward in the most amazing way

Molly was overweight as a result of being overfed food that she was allergic to—then they found out that she had cancer. She overcame all of that to become a therapy dog. This dog sure knows how to pay it forward.

A Dog Was Found Lying Against A Rock. Watch The Moment They Realize The Truth…

It was just another normal day of hiking when this woman came across an injured dog passed out against a rock. When the dog lifted his head and looked at her, she knew what she had to do.

After spending their lives in cages, they’re about to taste freedom. This hit me hard.

Companion Animal Placement Program (CAPP) in Albany, New York rescued 17 dogs from a puppy mill and drove them 12 hours to freedom. The moment the dogs are set free is unbelievably special to see.

This Paralyzed Bulldog Had Never Been On A Walk – Until This Happened

Spencer could only drag his paralyzed back legs behind him. But one day, Westcoast Brace & Limb decided to try and make a custom set of leg braces for a dog. Wait till you see Spencer take his very first real steps.

Someone posted a pic online to make fun of this dog, but it led to something great

Someone took a picture of this homeless dog and posted it online only to mock and make fun of it. But it didn’t take long for the picture to get around and to be seen by the right person. It was after this that a miracle took place. This one will grip your heart.

A Fireman Found THIS Left In The House Fire. When I Saw What It Was… Oh My.

The footage captured here is stunning. While walking through this burning house, a fireman came across one last family member that didn’t make it out yet. But watch as he goes to great lengths to save the kitty’s life as if it were a human being. Amazing!

What This Stray Dog Does Just Made Me Burst Into Tears. Wait Till You See It…

It always breaks my heart to see a stray dog. But when that stray dog is as friendly and sweet as this one — wow! How could a dog like this not have a loving home? But the gas station took the dog in, and he now has a place to stay and food to eat.

Owners Would Just Laugh As Their Poor Dog Had Seizures

This dog was born with multiple genetic abnormalities as a result of inbreeding. Her owners would even laugh when she had seizures. They didn’t want to deal with her medical issues and gave up on her. But Miss Flans finds a home where she is accepted as is: deaf, partially blind, yet lovable.

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