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A Puppy Rescued From A Well Has An Ending You’ll Want To See

Neighbors heard cries coming from deep inside of a well. It turned out that it was a puppy that just wanted to be with his family again. This has a happy ending that you will LOVE to see! 🙂

An Abused Pit Bull Started Barking Uncontrollably… The Reason Is Unbelievable

Lou the Pit Bull was rescued from an abusive owner and has paid the debt to his new family. The dog started barking one night when a house fire broke out, saving the entire family.

Woman Responds To Craigslist Ad Titled ‘Dog Needs Gone Or Shot’

When she saw the title “Dog Needs Gone or Shot” on Craigslist, she didn’t hesitate to make the hour and a half trip to save the dog’s life. Thank goodness for people like her in a world as cruel as this.

A Cat’s In Lots Of Trouble When An Unlikely Hero Comes To Her Aid

A poor kitty got her head stuck in a plastic cup and needed some help. And we all expected a dog to come help her out, right? 😉

You’ll Never Forget This Moment Between An Orangutan And Her Newborn

The birth of an Orangutan baby was captured live on camera by the Durrell staff. While a bit graphic, this raw footage gives us an amazing perspective of the miracle of life.

Someone Is About To Be Really Excited To See Mom And Dad Again

These parents had to leave their sweet girl home by herself for a bit. But it’s about to be totally worth it when they see this reaction!

The Unexpected Happens When A Dog Meets A Baby Hedgehog

Nimbus the dog gets a new friend — Poki the baby hedgehog! How these two interact and play together is extremely adorable. You have to see it with your own eyes!

What This Dog Did For A Friend In Need Just Shattered My Heart

When this dog’s friend was hit by a car, he wouldn’t leave her side. He was shaking and scared but refused to leave. Just further proof that dogs have feelings. Just amazing.

You’ll Never Forget This Chimp Seeing The Sky For The First Time

Chimp Haven has rescued over 100 government-owned chimpanzees from research laboratories and given them the retirement they deserve. Here’s to a second chance at life.

You Need To See These Perfect Animal Parenting Moments Captured On Camera

Imgur user 5erendipity posted a gallery of amazing parenting moments captured in the wild. Prepare yourself for this…

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