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Dying baby able to spend last moments with family dogs as they refused to leave her side

Nora Hall passed away at five months old after suffering a stroke which caused severe brain damage. The family’s Basset Hounds, Gracie and Grumpy, never left the dying infant’s side, and Nora was able to spend her last moments with them.

Abused dog was afraid of everything but this baby, so mom grabbed the camera

If you love dogs and babies, then you’re gonna love these photos!

Nora came from an abusive background and was afraid of everything and everyone–except Archie. Elizabeth Spence noticed the immediate bond between the rescue and baby Archie and decided to take some unique and adorable pictures of the two best friends.

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Dog found with broken noose around her neck feels love for the first time

Galgos, or Spanish greyhounds, are often used for breeding and then discarded when their owners no longer need them. But some are killed by hanging. Luckily Valentina’s noose broke, and she was able to be rescued shortly after…

Pizza guy delivered more than pizza after making this discovery on his route

A pizza guy for Papa John’s was out on a delivery when he spotted a lost dog. He immediately pulled over and picked the dog up, and Snickers was returned to his family! 😊

Cross country team comes up with great idea to get shelter dogs out of the kennels

A big problem with shelter dogs is that they’re often pent-up and get very little exercise. But the St. Joseph High School Cross Country Team had a great idea to get the dogs at Santa Barbara County Animal Shelter out and moving. Each runner would pair up with a dog to take out on their morning run.

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A raven squawked for an hour before they realized he wanted help

A raven sat on the fence squawking for over an hour, so they went to see what was going on. The raven had porcupine quills stuck in him and wanted some help. How amazing is this? :)

An abused puppy had completely given up. But watch when the police arrive…

***UPDATE: June 2016*** Refresh your memory of Powder’s story with the first video, then watch the second video below for a brand new update on his condition. :)

This puppy was abandoned in the middle of the Florida Everglades where he had given up and allowed his body to start shutting down. But when the police showed up, he started to respond to the kindness of strangers.

“As of 3/1/16, he has a long road to recovery including surgery on both his eyes.”
You can visit DezzysSecondChance.com for updates on Powder’s progress and to donate if you please.

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They break into an empty home — that’s when an abandoned dog smiles and kisses them

A family moved away and abandoned their dog in an empty house. But when rescuers show up, Carlo proceeds to smile and kiss them.

“All windows are closed shut except one. We peek inside. The house is completely empty. There is no furniture. The people inside have left and have abandoned their dog inside. A few minutes later the dog is in our car, trying to lick us to death, with a new name, Carlo, and the prospect of a new life.”

“But Carlo is not well… We immediately notice the swelling on his knees. Hs can’t stand up more than a few seconds. We bring Carlo to our hospital.”

You can donate to help repair Carlo’s damaged knees via PayPal.

He’s about to reveal this dog’s new look. The transformation will blow you away!

A six-month-old pit bull was just minutes from being euthanized when Vet Ranch begged to take him in. The transformation that Love Bug undergoes is absolutely stunning.

Someone chained their dog up for 10 days because they said he’s ‘diseased’

A couple of years ago, someone chained up a dog to a broken-down trailer outside of a Bulgarian village and said that no one should go near him. The person claimed the dog had a contagious disease and left him all alone.

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