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Rescuers go to save puppies from a crumbling, abandoned house

Rescuers from Stray Rescue of St. Louis arrived at a crumbling, abandoned home to save some dogs and puppies. It would be a very stressful rescue, but wait for the happy ending. 😉

After capturing the father and loading him into the car, it was time for the puppies. But mama was not happy about that. Using a small board to protect themselves from mom, they were able to grab the pups. Now it was time to go after the exhausted mother…

Clydesdale has emotional response to running free in a meadow

Belle the Clydesdale has found her calling at The Mane Intent in Indian River, Ontario, where humans and horses come together for a unique bonding experience. One of Belle’s many specialties is connecting with people who have suffered emotional or psychological trauma.

On a sunny day, Belle and her horse friends were let out into the meadow to relax and take in the scenery. The horse became overcome with joy and started snorting and rolling around in the grass. Seeing the Clydesdale in such a happy state is an emotional thing to witness.

Babies in a very tight spot need help in the worst way

Hope For Paws was contacted to save some sick kittens who were living under a stairwell. The mother had given birth to them in the confined space, and it was going to be very difficult to get them out.

The rescuer was able to grab most of them safely, but the last kitty had an eye infection that affected him so badly he couldn’t see. Using a stick as a guide, they were able to bring the last kitten to safety. Then it was time to find and capture their mama…

To donate, visit: http://www.HopeForPaws.org
To adopt the mama, contact L.A Animal Rescue: https://www.LAAnimalRescue.org
To adopt the kittens, contact: http://veterinarycarecenter.com/

Realizing he’s about to be adopted, dog busts out his happy dance

The Soi Dog Foundation in Thailand has been home to Dreadlock for the past four years. The 10-year-old dog doesn’t get excited about much, but he can’t hold back the excitement when he hears he’s been adopted!

What a wonderful moment to see! If only every shelter dog could eventually experience this happiness, the world would be a much better place.

Dad makes adopting a puppy an event the family will never forget

The day has come to get the new puppy, and dad wants to make it an event the family will never forget. He records the entire journey to the Alaqua Animal Refuge in Freeport, Florida, and I have to say… it’s pretty amazing.

Moments like this show why the whole family should be involved when adopting a dog. It’s such a great bonding experience for everyone! Watch below. 🙂

Shelter dog was too scared to eat, but this vet knew just what to do

Graycie Claire arrived last year to Granite Hills Animal Care but was so scared, she wouldn’t even eat. So the vet decided to crawl into the kennel and eat with her.

The caring and loving vet now allows the dog to live in his office as she’s had a rough life and needs special medical care. Props to this man for going above and beyond and taking the utmost care of this scared girl.

Rescue dog miraculously brings his owner out of a coma

A rescue dog returns the favor and does some rescuing of his own by bringing his owner out of a coma. Andy Szasz was admitted to the hospital with pneumonia and placed in a medically induced coma after overcoming bowel cancer. Andy’s wife, Estelle, brought Teddy to the hospital to help with her husband’s recovery, but he did so much more than that.

The four-year-old dog is now being honored with the Animal Award at the RSPCA Honors in the U.K. What a miraculous story.

Baby elephant slips and falls into the water — then the adult elephants come to the rescue

A camera at the Grand Park Zoo in Seoul, South Korea, caught a calf slipping and falling into the water. And when the nearby adult elephants realized the young one was drowning, they immediately came to the rescue.

Elephants are such intelligent creatures. Watch as the two adults show great concern for the calf and rush to help. Just an amazing thing to see.

Handler never thought he’d see his war buddy again, but here they are 6 years later

There’s nothing like the bond between man and dog, especially when the two have been through war together. Veteran David Herrera of the Marine Corps served alongside his battle buddy, Kash, for seven months in Afghanistan.

He never thought he’d see Kash again, but when he learned that the war dog had recently retired and moved in with another handler out of state, David made plans to visit. It would be the first time seeing the dog in six years.

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Watch the captivating footage of a baby fawn born on a beach

Mother nature is beautiful. And this high-definition video of a fawn born on a beach really brings that fact to life. Watch the captivating footage below.

The newborn fawn stands up and tries learning to walk on its wobbly legs as mom keeps a close eye. Like a good mama, she never strays too far but allows the baby to properly learn on its own.


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