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This German Shepherd just ate, but that’s never stopped him from asking for more

We’ve all been there — you just finished eating, but you want some more. You know you shouldn’t have seconds, but it’s too hard to resist the deliciousness. Well, wait until you see the dog below!

Apollo the German Shepherd just ate, but he’s hungry for more! How this dog asks for seconds is too funny and too cute. 😀

Mom says ‘smile real big and say cheese,’ and the dog proceeds to flash his pearly whites

Just say “cheese” and this dog will smile for a photo. No joke. How much fun would photoshoots in this household be? 🙂

Watch as the dog flashes his pearly whites when mom says to smile and say cheese. It turns out smiling for the camera is not just for humans!

Boy and dog use the ultimate teamwork to find out what’s good to eat

This little boy and his dog use the ultimate teamwork to see what’s good to eat in the refrigerator, and mom can’t believe her eyes. Thankfully, she was able to catch it on camera!

Some words from the owner: “Maverick (the baby) is 2 and Leroy (the basset hound) is 1. They are buddies and spend all their time together at home. Leroy steals Maverick’s snacks and toys so he tends to hang around him waiting for his next treat. I call them my twins because they are essentially the same age and get into mischief together throughout the day. Maverick was trying to get into the fridge and Leroy was nearby. He pulled him by the collar over to the fridge and climbed up on him to open the door and look in. This has never been done before and Leroy does not follow directions for anyone in the house on a normal basis. He is still a puppy and definitely not trained. I’m still shocked that he stood there and let Maverick use him. After a few seconds Leroy leaves Maverick hanging as he walks away.”

When it’s time to leave the park, this clever dog always hides in the bushes

When it’s time to leave the park, Poppy is never quite ready. So over the years the sneaky pup has come up with a way to “trick” mom into staying a little bit longer: by hiding in the bushes! Because who ever wants playtime to end? 😛

Owner Lisa Brownson recently uploaded a video of Poppy’s cleverness at work. Take a look:

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Dog calls mom to express how much he misses her, has everyone in stitches

Stanley the Airedale misses mom when she’s away for too long, so dad will call her up and allow the dog to chat with her. Their interaction over the phone will have you smiling ear to ear! 🙂

Watch as Stanley tells his mom that he loves her and express just how much he misses her. He really gets into it there toward the end! You can tell this is a dog who is treated with nothing but love at home.

Dad tells dog to clean the house, Golden Retriever goes on adorable cleaning spree

Cleaning up the house is quite the chore, but someone’s gotta do it! Watch as this smart pup responds to dad’s command by running around the house and picking up all of her toys. 🙂

Grace the Golden Retriever picks up each of her toys individually and places them in the toy box. When she’s all done, she even closes the lid. And in typical Golden Retriever fashion, she’s happy and wagging her tail the entire time!

Dad brings home the new dog, and let’s just say the cat’s not too happy about it

Cato the cat was not happy to see the newest member of the family. He could’ve dealt with a cat brother or even a human sibling, but a puppy?? This may take some getting used to. 😛

From the owner:
“We adore our cat, and are very experienced with animals. All we did was let the cat see the dog through the window the first time. They weren’t introduced until MUCH later. Things are obviously a lot better! You just need to trust me that my cat is FINE! He’s just bossy and territorial. The dog is beautifully submissive, kind and quiet around him, exactly why we chose her. So just relax! He is just a very vocal cat, which is why this is funny. This is also not his first experience with dogs. If I could figure it out, I would post a follow up picture of them sitting contentedly together in the living room. :)”

Dog’s first experience with his new weight loss food has mom questioning the new diet

Ah, the pains of going on a diet! Eating smaller portions of healthier food definitely takes some getting used to. It’s a lot of hard work but worth it in the long run, that’s for sure. But take a look at the dog below…

Sammy was just introduced to his new diet food. But the dog isn’t about that diet life and sticks his entire head in the bag and starts chowing. Obviously the dog doesn’t know any better and his human will have to ration his food, but it’s a good sign that he likes it! 😀

These cats trying to take over the world have me in stitches

We all know cats are a little different from dogs, but who knew they really want to take over the world? 😮 And this is why dogs are better than cats.

But seriously, we love cats too. Watch this hilarious video of the cat overlords trying to rule the world. It’ll have you in stitches!

They say it’s not safe to leave pit bulls around children

They say it’s not safe to leave pit bulls around the children. Well, someone must’ve forgotten to tell these guys… Whoops! 😉

There’s nothing quite like the bond between kids and their dogs, and that includes pit bulls. They’re just as loving as any other dog, sometimes even more so. All these pitties want to do is cuddle and play!


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