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Mom’s exercising, and her needy dog just can’t help himself

Ever try to exercise with an attention-seeking dog around? It’s nearly impossible! I know as soon as I sit on the floor, my dog instantly thinks it’s playtime and grabs some toys! But wait until you see the woman in the video below trying to do some sit-ups.

Mom’s trying to exercise in the living room, but her German Shepherd isn’t having it. The needy dog just wants some attention and cuddles. And mom’s right there, so why not? Mom had to learn this lesson the hard (yet adorable) way! πŸ˜›

Bird sees owner tapping on drums, joins in and starts rocking out

We often think of birds as musical creatures, whistling and chirping away while basking in the morning sun. But what we don’t picture are birds playing instruments, and this one here has taken a strong interest in percussion. πŸ™‚

Dad starts tapping on the tiny drum, and the Japanese cockatiel starts bobbing its head to the beat. The bird then waddles over and uses its beak as a drumstick to start playing along. This is one talented bird β€” just look at it go!

Guilty Husky doesn’t accept the consequences for what he’s done

The owner comes home to see that his Husky had gotten into the garbage can, and trash is all over the floor. When he confronts him, the dog’s not having any of it! His “words” are pretty convincing… just watch. 😉

The back-and-forth here between the guilty pooch and owner is extremely entertaining. Thankfully, someone understands the language of the Huskies and was able to provide the translation. 😂

Little girl adorably scolds Great Dane for farting on her bed

This is a short video, but that’s okay β€” because you’re going to want to watch it a couple of times anyway! One of the funniest and cutest things you’ll see today, guaranteed. πŸ˜€

Willow the Great Dane is cuddling with her human sibling, Lauryn, when all of a sudden the dog lets out a fart! Stunned, the little girl responds in the most adorable way possible. Trust me when I say you’ll want to see it!

Dog arrives at new home, flips out when she sees what’s outside

Christy the West Highland White Terrier just arrived with the family to their new home in Florida. And when picking out the new place, her family didn’t ignore what she wanted most: a swimming pool! The dog looks out the back door and sees it, and that’s when she adorably flips out.

Christy loves swimming pools so much she can hardly contain herself. After begging and begging dad he finally opens the door, and off she goes! What she does next is something you won’t want to miss. This is one happy dog! πŸ˜€

Dog thinks no one is watching, readies all of his toys β€” and the games begin

When Junior the seven-year-old Border Collie thinks he’s alone, he empties out the toy basket β€” and the games begin! But the playful pup doesn’t know mom’s hiding behind the dining room table recording the entire thing. πŸ™‚

His owners have been trying to capture this footage for a long time, and they finally got it! For whatever reason, he only does this crazy puppy act when no one is watching. How cute! πŸ™‚

A strange dog plops down in a woman’s house with a note on his collar

A woman notices a dog in her yard, but he’s no stray β€” he’s in great shape and wearing a collar. The dog follows her in the house and lies on the floor to sleep. He gets up and leaves and repeats this for weeks. When she finds out why, you’ll lose it! πŸ˜›

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Animal shelter’s low-budget commercial turns out to be a masterpiece

The official Furkids Kitty Kommercial is here, and it’s absolutely purrfect! The no-kill animal shelter made this funny, low-budget commercial with one goal in mind: to bring awareness to shelter animals.

Mission accomplished! 😁

Dad teaches tiny puppy how to jump off of the sofa

The tiny pup doesn’t know how to get down from the couch, so dad steps up to show the dog exactly how it’s done! Watch as he gets on the sofa and crouches down beside the puppy before leaping to the floor.

The adorable dog watches closely and takes it all in. And then it’s time to try it herself! The result is nothing short of cuteness overload. πŸ™‚

Dog hears the school bus and takes off running through the house

This dog just heard the school bus arrive, so he takes off running through the house to the front door. When mom opens the door, I’m expecting the dog to run and greet a kid coming home from school. But it’s not that kind of school bus!

When I see the dog run toward the doggie school bus, I can’t even believe my eyes. I didn’t know they existed! Have you ever seen anything like it? πŸ˜€


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