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When It’s Time For Bed, These Dogs Know How To Put Up Quite The Fight

We all know the feeling — it’s bedtime and you just don’t wanna go. But these dogs know that feeling all too well and do everything they can to fight it. Hilarious! 😀

After Seeing This, You’ll Never Be Able To Resist Black Cats Again

Black cats are the least likely to be adopted from shelters. But here are the top 10 reasons that black cats are actually amazing. 🙂

This Pit Bull Does The Most Amazing Thing When Asked A Question

This smart Pit Bull is trained to answer yes or no questions by nodding his head. I’ve never seen anything quite like it. Brilliant!

A Kitten Gets A Huge Surprise While Drinking Out Of A Mason Jar

I guess this kitty was too tired to get a drink of water! The little fella fell asleep with his head still in the mason jar and they try to wake him up.

This Dog’s Reaction To A Funny Dog Video Is Something You Have To See

Remember the video of the dog that couldn’t figure out where the squeaking noise was coming from? Well this dog is watching that very video and trying to figure it out for himself. Too cute!

You’re Not The Only One That Refuses To Eat Your Veggies

For a rodent that will eat just about anything, what exactly does this say about broccoli? Dexter the rat is not impressed with this veggie and refuses it over and over.

He Didn’t Expect This To Happen When He Went In To Clean The Animal Pen

A crazy llama-alpaca hybrid attacks the man trying to clean the animal pen. He never saw this coming! I’m sure one day he will be able to look back on this and laugh with us. 🙂

What They Walked In On This Cat Doing Is Simply Hysterical

They walk in on their cat sitting on his cat tree, but not in the conventional way. This cat is sitting up just like a human. Too funny! 😀

This Bulldog Puppy Hilariously Shows A Water Bottle Who’s Boss

Awww… This puppy feels threatened by a water bottle and decides to show it up. Is there anything in the world more adorable than this? You show ’em, pup!

This Dog’s First Time Seeing A Ball Pit Is Hysterical

If you’re this dog, there may be no greater invention in the world than a ball pit. He just discovered it for the first time and his reaction says it all. Check out his doggy friend’s adorable confused reaction too.

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