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It Was A Bad Idea To Shower With These Cats Around

Want to take a quiet, relaxing shower? Well, that’s not gonna happen with these cats around! These Siamese cats go absolutely crazy when mom takes a shower. Too funny! πŸ˜€

Look closely, because there’s something very odd about this dog

You might think you know what you’re seeing here, but you have no idea. You’re about to find out in just seven seconds… πŸ˜›

This Puppy Has A Big Decision To Make And Her Choice May Surprise You

Luna has an important decision to make: a cracker, a piece of broccoli or a $5 bill? Which one do you think she will choose? πŸ™‚

These 14 Crazy Kitties In The Water Are Just Too Much To Handle

While it may be true that most cats don’t like water, do not put these 14 cats in that group! These kitties have a strange yet funny obsession with water.

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A Camera With Night Vision Catches This Pit Bull’s Morning Routine

Grey the Pit Bull has quite the morning routine. She wakes up very early and tries to get some attention. This time, they caught it all on camera. No need for an alarm clock with this dog around! πŸ˜‰

Note: Grey doesn’t do this because she has to go outside. She has access to the backyard through a doggy door.

This Cat’s Reaction To Seeing Snow For The First Time Is Totally Awesome

What are those magical white flakes falling from the sky? This cat watches his very first snowfall in childlike wonder. How cute! πŸ™‚

That Moment When Your Cat Has Something Important To Tell You

Dogs aren’t the only pets that like to verbally communicate their feelings. Just watch this chatty cat video compilation and see for yourself! πŸ˜›

A Hidden Camera Captures A Cat Doing Something Very Naughty

The security camera in their house showed them exactly what happened while they were gone. And it involved their naughty pet cat. Oh no… πŸ˜›

A Cat Trying To Figure Out A Waterbed Is The Funniest Thing Ever

Can you imagine how confusing this must be for a cat? Being on a waterbed for the first time ever and not knowing what it is must be the weirdest thing. Their reactions are too funny!

Girl Learns A Hard Lesson About Opening Her Mouth Around The Dog

Do not open your mouth around this dog. She had to learn the hard way… πŸ˜›

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