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Mom tells her Husky it’s time for a bath, and you’ll want to see this tantrum

Jager the Husky isn’t too thrilled that it’s bathtime. Mom tells him that he needs to get cleaned, and the dog proceeds to throw a hilarious tantrum! 😄

Dog feels mom was away for too long and gives her the cold shoulder, but then…

Samson isn’t happy about mom leaving him home alone for so long, so he proceeds to shame his human by using the silent approach. But that doesn’t last… 😄

What this pooch does when he sees other dogs on TV will have you busting a gut

When this silly pooch sees other dogs on the TV, it’s almost as if he thinks he can jump into the scene with them! He comes so close to crashing into the wall, but his moves are very calculated. 😂

Little pup can’t figure out how to get in, but watch how his friend helps out

“I get by with a little help from my friends.”

The little puppy doesn’t know how to get inside the house, but watch his friend show up to lead the way. Dogs are even smarter than most people give them credit for! 😊

Dad’s bedtime routine with his stubborn Bull Mastiff pup will have you in stitches

It’s time for bed, but this stubborn Bull Mastiff puppy refuses to go and puts up quite the fight! You can’t help but laugh at dad’s struggles… 😂

Tiny pup has a few choice words for mama, and she’s not impressed

This stubborn little pup throws a hissy fit with his momma. Maybe it’s time for another nap? :)

Diva dog won’t eat his food until mom does one certain thing with it

Dude the Alaskan Malamute won’t even think about touching his breakfast until the bowl is placed directly in front of his face. So lazy and spoiled! 😂

When the dog gets bored of police training, the laughs start rolling

Even a highly trained police dog is still just a silly, fun-loving dog at heart. In this training video, the German Shepherd is told to stand still but then does the funniest thing. The people watching couldn’t help but laugh, including the trainer himself!

Man buys his dog a birthday cake, and the reaction he captures is priceless

This dog has gone viral on Reddit thanks to her owner posting a picture of her reaction to receiving a birthday cake.

The post has collected nearly 48,000 upvotes, and you’re about to see what the fuss is all about!

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Dog gets impatient, takes to the coffee table to try to get some attention

Thor wants some attention, so he starts knocking things off of the coffee table! What do you think of this impatient pup’s tactics?


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