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Camera shy dog wants you to point that thing somewhere else

Don’t point your camera at this doggy, because he’s not gonna have it! Just watch what the camera shy pup does… It’s short but too funny! 😂

The little dog is trying his best to grab the chip on the table, but wait for it…

The little pup is trying his absolute best to grab that chip left on the table. But the adorable struggle is interrupted when big brother comes along and snatches it up!

What are brothers for, right? 😉

Dad asks to see his Rottweiler’s ‘mean face,’ and the dog doesn’t disappoint

The owner tells his Rottweiler to show his teeth. And then he takes it up a notch by asking him to show his “mean face” and… oh boy!

When mom tells her deaf Great Dane to get out of bed, this is how he responds

Max may be deaf, but he’s one vocal dog! Watch as the silly Great Dane complains when told to get out of bed. 😊

They ask their dog if she’s stupid — and her reply is shockingly hilarious

They ask their dog Mishka if she’s stupid… You gotta hear the answer! 😛

This is why Cooper always gets his ice cream after Daisy…

Cooper and Daisy just got some ice cream. As always, Daisy has to get her licks in first because Cooper has a very different way of eating ice cream. This is HILARIOUS. :)

This is what happens when you try to make a bed with these cats around

As if making the bed isn’t enough of a chore, try doing it with these two cats around! Cole and Marmalade do their best to make it tough on their owners. 😛

The dog’s just sitting there patiently when he’s asked the million dollar question…

Many dogs get excited over a walk, but this one… WOW! Wait until you see how he reacts. 😂

These dogs and cats are proof that opposites do attract

This dogs and cats music montage is proof that opposites attract. You won’t be able to stop smiling while watching this! 😁

Silly Pug is not a fan of the new pillow — can you tell why?

Mom and dad got a new pillow that looks like their Pug, but the Pug is not happy about it! Just watch the little guy’s reaction… 😂


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