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The shenanigans of these kids and dogs are just what the doctor ordered

These clips of kids and dogs as submitted to America’s Funniest Home Videos will have you busting a gut! When kiddos and pooches are best friends, they can sure get into some silly shenanigans… 😀

Kids And Dogs Compilation Part 1 is just what the doctor ordered today, so sit back and enjoy!

Mom laughs when she sees how many dogs piled into the single doghouse

“Oh my gosh, it’s a clown car!” 😀

Mom was surprised to find out that it wasn’t just a few dogs in the dog house — it was a Basset Hound clown car! She counts five dogs as they come crawling out. How did they do it? Haha!

Dog deserves a treat after the most dramatic version of playing dead

Playing dead may be the oldest trick in the book, and lots of dogs have mastered it over the years. But I think Sam’s version is the best one ever!

Dad asks Sam the German Shepherd if she wants a treat and tells her to “stay” and “sit.” When he yells “bang,” Sam lets out the cutest little yelp before tumbling to the ground. Such a great actress! 😉

Dog on TV does the most hilarious thing when told to play dead

Baily’s owner brought her on TV with David Letterman to perform her best trick. When told to play dead, the funniest thing happens.

And Dave just can’t help himself! I don’t know what’s funnier: the way the dog plays dead or his reaction! But one thing’s for sure — I can’t stop laughing. 😀

Golden Retriever hilariously refuses to give up pacifier, has giant meltdown

As much as babies love their pacifiers, dogs love them just as much or maybe more! Of all the dog pacifier videos we’ve seen, the pooches just flat out refuse to give them up.

And then there’s this Golden Retriever. She’s completely relaxed and at peace with her pacifier when dad tries to take it away. That’s when the meltdown ensues… 😀

Little donkey stands before the Clydesdales, and what follows will have you in stitches

This is an oldie but a goodie! Everyone loves the majestic Budweiser Clydesdales, including this little donkey. All he’s ever dreamed about was one day becoming a Budweiser Clydesdale, but the problem was obvious…

So he practiced the Clydesdale walk and even got some hair extensions. Then he finally got his big break and met them for an interview. And the rest will have you laughing out loud! 😀

Lab lies beside the bed and barks until she gets what she wants

Any dog owner will tell you it’s the dog who really wears the pants in the family, and this video is a great example of that.

The Labrador Retriever wants her belly rubbed, so what does she do? She lies beside the bed to receive her scratches. But if mom stops, the dog will bark until her human resumes. Dogs sure seem to have life all figured out, don’t they? 😀

The ‘stick’ that this dog is determined to take home has mom on the verge of tears

We all know dogs are obsessed with sticks and playing fetch, but you’ve never seen anything like this!

Molly has found the perfect (in her eyes, anyway) “stick” while on her walk and is determined to drag it all the way home. Meanwhile, mom is recording the entire thing and laughing so hard she’s on the verge of tears. “Are you impressed with yourself?” 😀

Birthday Bulldog won’t be happy until all of his gifts are in his favorite spot

Gerald the Bulldog is celebrating his birthday and just opened a big box of gifts. After checking out all of the toys and treats, the birthday boy decides he wants them all in his chair. That’s where things get a little difficult…

The dog struggles to get everything up onto the chair and even takes a break to catch his breath at one point. You have to admire this Bulldog’s determination though! 😀

These 16 dogs have no shame, vow to not get caught next time

Labradoodles will be Labradoodles, and they will not apologize for it! These 16 Labradoodles got busted and shamed, but will try harder to not get caught next time. 😛

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