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Dog jumps into the pool, impresses everyone when she comes up with it

This Best Of The Best Dogs Compilation Part 1 by America’s Funniest Home Videos features not just good boys, but the absolute best boys! You won’t be able to get through this without cracking a few smiles. πŸ™‚

From the first dog jumping into the pool to retrieve her toy to the very end, this video will provide all the entertainment you need today. You could say it’s just what the doctor ordered! πŸ˜‰

Dinner is late, and this Great Dane is not happy about it

No one likes to have to wait for food when they’re hungry, and this Great Dane is no different. With hunger comes anger, and Max the Great Dane is one “hangry” dog! 😂

Max has an unbelievable sense of time, and he knows that dinner is normally served at 5pm. Well it’s 5:08pm, and the funny pooch is wondering where the food is! Listen to the hilarious back-and-forth between him and his owners.

15 shelter animals who were just adopted show their wonderful ‘after’ faces

There’s nothing better than shelter animals finally getting their forever homes. The shelter is no place to be, and the dogs and cats just sit around waiting on true love and happiness to show up and take them away. The 15 before and after pictures below really show the difference adoption can make.

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Dogs reunite with owners, and the dog’s crying has mom holding back the tears

Anyone who has ever owned a dog knows how hard it is to leave them behind, whether it be to go on vacation or just leaving them behind for a few hours to go catch a movie. But the good part is when you come back home and see them again! Dogs are good at letting you know how much they love you every time you return.

Just watch this compilation of humans reuniting with their dogs. Each situation is truly unique and special, and it’s hard to not get emotional while watching.

Woman’s guide horse needed help, and she was determined to do everything to save her

We’ve all heard of guide dogs, but did you know guide horses exist? They’re rare, but they’re so docile and strong that they’re becoming more and more popular. And their longer lifespans ensure consistency with their humans.

When this blind woman found out her guide horse had a life-threatening disease, she knew what she had to do. She had to do everything possible to save the horse who’s so important and so meaningful to her.

Tiny dog sits on friend at the shelter in hopes that they’ll be adopted together

It’s no secret dogs can become attached to one another and form tight bonds, but Bonnie and Clyde have taken it to a new level. They’ve basically redefined the meaning of “inseparable.”

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The most unique rescue dog finds his forever home

Cletus Spuckler started life on the streets of Los Angeles before being rescued and taken in by Best Friends LA. The two-year-old dog with a crooked nose, large overbite, and humped back was a turnoff to most, but he stole the hearts of Mark Enrietto and Summer Esslingen.

The unique rescue dog finally has his forever home, but he requires a little bit of extra care. But that’s no problem at all to his new parents as they feel he’s the one who rescued them. πŸ™‚

Dad walks in and asks the toddler about the dog in his crib

Dad walks in to see that Pepper the Old English Sheepdog is in the crib with the toddler. He starts to interrogate, but the situation is just too cute for words! Wait until you see the adorable back-and-forth. πŸ™‚

And it looks as if Pepper isn’t the only one who wants in on the crib slumber party. I think it’d start to get a little crowded with anymore dogs in there!

Dad calls for his dog, and I don’t know how he knew it was in the crate

There’s nothing better than cute and cuddly animals, and America’s Funniest Home Videos has gathered the 30 cutest and cuddliest for this video compilation. You won’t be able to get enough of this! πŸ™‚

And can we take a minute and talk about the dog at the very beginning? What I thought was an empty crate was actually the hiding spot for that ninja-like pooch! Dad calls, and out of nowhere there he is!

Husky doesn’t take it well when told to get in the back seat

This stubborn Husky’s not about to give up the front seat without a fight. Mom tells Zeus to get in the back of the car, and he proceeds to throw a giant tantrum. She must not have heard him call shotgun earlier! πŸ˜›

Watch as this dog argues as only a Husky can. How could you say no to this? Would you make him give up the seat? πŸ™‚


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