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Husky howls in protest after spending all day at the vet

Zeus the Husky just spent all day at the vet because he had to have a growth removed from his eye. And after everything he’s been through, now he has to wear a cone of shame?? The poor guy! But it had to be done.

The story from the uploader: “Poor dog! It may look like this dog Zeus is showing signs of being drunk, but he is actually recovering from being under anesthesia. Zeus had a growth removed from his blue eye and from what the vet’s office had said, he’s been talking and howling all day. He has no idea what is going on and is probably very confused. Obviously he is protesting the cone of shame and doesn’t want to wear it. It doesn’t work with his fashion style! He also is howling because he had to be at the vet all day. That is never a fun way to spend your day.

Apparently, Zeus also howled all the way home as the anesthesia was wearing off. Even though this was a very long day for Zeus, it ended off well. When he came home, he got to rest comfortably on his bed with his brother Kaden by his side. So sweet! We can tell this husky’s owner feels very bad for Zeus, and tries to calm him down while he is in the car. Zeus probably won’t be a very happy camper for the next few days, not until he feels like himself again!”

25 dog pictures before and after a bath that’ll make you feel bad for laughing

Remember… you’re not laughing at them, you’re laughing with them! Some dogs look so different after a bath, you can’t help but giggle at the cuteness.

And while some dogs hate the water, some actually enjoy it. You can tell what dogs fall into which category by the looks on their faces in the ‘after’ pic. ๐Ÿ™‚

For even more, check out Bored Panda’s long list of ‘Funny Dog Pics Before And After A Bath.’

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Neighbors hear the trampoline, look to see this animal trying to catch a view

There’s a fence separating this Great Dane from the neighbors, but he found a hilariously awesome way to spy on them โ€” the trampoline! 😂

Thankfully, they were able to catch this on video because I don’t know if I’d believe it if I didn’t see it. And I definitely have to watch it more than once! ๐Ÿ˜€

Mailman seen going out of his way to approach some dogs

How sweet is this? A mailman was captured on camera going completely out of his way just to say hello to some dogs. The dog lover took time out of his busy schedule of delivering the mail to pet and show the pooches a lot of love.

It seems like more and more mailmen and mailwomen are being recognized for their random acts of kindness toward pets, and we absolutely love it! Does your dog sit around and wait on the mail every day? ๐Ÿ™‚

They just rescued a dog from the shelter, and its reaction is amazing

Here are 31 dogs who just found out they’re being adopted… and their reactions say it all!

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Dog takes mom literally when she says to get into bed

Do you think when the dog was told to “get into bed” that he just took it literally? What a mess mom walks in on! How can she be mad though? He did exactly what she told him to do! 😂

See the guilty dog and many others in this “Guilty Dogs Are Hilarious Compilation” by America’s Funniest Home Videos.

Black Labrador caught having way too much fun in the pool

While some dogs are scared at the sight of water, others just want to dive right in and splash around! And Teal the black Labrador looks forward to summer as much as any human. When itโ€™s time to get her pool out, sheโ€™s one happy camper! Dad grabs the camera, zooms in, and catches her in the act.

From her owner: “Teal loves her pool, every time she gets in she does this.” 😂

Does your dog love playing in water on a hot summer day? Does your dog come running when you get out the hose or get the pool ready? Letโ€™s hear about their funny habits in the comments!

Everyone Was Caught Off Guard When Two Pit Bulls Wandered Into The Hospital

No, it’s not the beginning of a bad joke. A pair of pit bulls really did walk into a hospital, but they just wanted to say hello and see what was going on! Needless to say, it caught everyone off guard.

The friendly pits explored nearly every corner of the building as hospital staff watched in disbelief. The curious dogs were then greeted by security who made sure they had water and were taken care of until police could arrive and reunite them with their owners. ๐Ÿ™‚

Dog plays dead so she can stay at the park as bystanders record the whole ordeal

This dog was not ready to leave the park just yet, so she played dead to trick dad into staying a little longer. As the situation dragged on the park-goers began to notice, and some even started to record it. Dad eventually opted to take off the leash and pretend he was leaving without her, but even that didn’t faze the dog!

The thoroughly-entertained crowd finally had reason to trade their laughter and “awws” for cheering when the dog finally stood up. At last, it was time to go home! ๐Ÿ˜€

Dog can’t stop singing when dad finally returns home

We all have to get away once in a while, and it’s so hard to leave our pets behind. But coming home to their happy faces makes the wait well worth it! Reunions with our furry pals are just so special.

Just watch the Reunions With Pets Compilation by America’s Funniest Home Videos below. Can you feel the love? ๐Ÿ™‚


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