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Dog gives his all for little girl, so family decides to return the favor

George, a Great Dane service dog, helped a little girl named Bella walk again. The 11-year-old girl suffers from Morquio Syndrome and thought she’d spent her life on crutches or in a wheelchair. But all of that changed when she met George.

Now it’s time to celebrate George and the amazing work he’s done as a service dog and friend. BarkPost presents George’s episode of their “Dog’s Best Day” video series.

There’s a reason they call dogs Man’s Best Friend. Aren’t dogs just the greatest? 🙂

Dad’s teaching the dogs a new trick, but the cat isn’t to be outdone

Didga the cat is out to prove she can do anything that her two Rottweiler siblings can, and this trick video proves it! Did you know cats can perform tricks?

Watch as the cat rolls over on command along with the two dogs. Dad’s obviously done a great job with his pets. Amazing!

No one loves walks more than this goofball dog

“Hey Rusty, do you wanna go for a walk?” And… he’s gone! 😂

Before dad can even say “walk,” the dog is off and running toward the door! It’s a complete understatement to say that Rusty loves walks. 😀

Giant Bernese Mountain Dogs welcome baby home the only way they know how

The four-day-old baby girl is brought home from the hospital, and now it’s time for mom and dad to introduce her to her furry siblings. Their very first interaction is a heart-melter! 🙂

The two gentle giants welcome their human sister home the only way they know how: with lots of love and kisses. The Bernese Mountain Dogs are overcome with joy, and it shows in the way they behave around her. Too adorable!

German Shepherd shows off his ‘inside’ growl

This German Shepherd’s “growl” sounds unlike anything you’ve ever heard come out of a dog. If you close your eyes and listen, you might think it’s an alien! I think the polite pup is just trying to use his inside voice. 😉

What did I just hear? It’s so weird and funny at the same time. 😀

The dog’s chewing on a paper towel roll, but it’s the baby that has dad laughing

There’s nothing quite like babies and pets to make your day! You never know what shenanigans they’re going to get into, and they seem to feed off of each other’s energy. From playing tug-of-war to making messes together, it’s all here in America’s Funniest Home Videos’ “Babies And Pets Compilation Part 1.” 🙂

These 17 pets aren’t letting their owners go anywhere without them

Our pets are anything but stupid. When we get those suitcases out, they know what’s going on. This is no accident — our fur babies are trying to tell us something! 😜

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Only the baby knows how to get the dog excited for bath time

Any other time, it’s a chore to get the dog into the tub. But when the baby’s in there having fun and laughing, the dog’s super excited for bath time. At least now mom knows what works! Even a dog can’t resist the sound of a baby’s laugh. 🙂

This is pretty much the perfect video: a baby giggling and playing and the dog hopping in the water and splashing around without notice! You gotta love it.

Every night, this dog moves her bed to stand guard over mom and dad

Every night, Roxy the English Bulldog drags her bed across the house and places it at the door of her owners’ bedroom. It doesn’t matter where they put the bed throughout the day, she always moves it there at night!

Isn’t it adorable how this dog likes to stand guard over her mom and dad at night? Dogs are such loyal and protective animals, it’s no wonder we call them Man’s Best Friend. 🙂

French Bulldog faces off with a buck, and mom can’t stop recording

Ellie-Mae the three-year-old French Bulldog faces off with a young buck in her backyard in Wellington, Nova Scotia, and it’s a good thing mom was recording it! They even played for about 30 minutes before she started filming. 😀

The dog keeps running around and circling the buck as she lets out some playful barks before finally chasing it off into the woods. Too funny and too cute!


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