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Dog waiting patiently for her favorite toy to be fixed is the most precious thing

Abby the Labrador waits patiently as mom repairs her most beloved toy. When it’s finally done, she’s the happiest dog in the world! How precious. 😊

This tiny Corgi in a sweatshirt attempting to dig a hole in the seat is the cutest thing you’ll see today

Life’s ruff when you’re a tiny pup! After just a split second of attempting to dig a hole in the car seat, this tiny Corgi in a sweatshirt lies down for a nap. Awww… 😍

Mom tells her Husky it’s time for a bath, and you’ll want to see this tantrum

Jager the Husky isn’t too thrilled that it’s bathtime. Mom tells him that he needs to get cleaned, and the dog proceeds to throw a hilarious tantrum! 😄

Abused dog was afraid of everything but this baby, so mom grabbed the camera

If you love dogs and babies, then you’re gonna love these photos!

Nora came from an abusive background and was afraid of everything and everyone–except Archie. Elizabeth Spence noticed the immediate bond between the rescue and baby Archie and decided to take some unique and adorable pictures of the two best friends.

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Pizza guy delivered more than pizza after making this discovery on his route

A pizza guy for Papa John’s was out on a delivery when he spotted a lost dog. He immediately pulled over and picked the dog up, and Snickers was returned to his family! 😊

Cross country team comes up with great idea to get shelter dogs out of the kennels

A big problem with shelter dogs is that they’re often pent-up and get very little exercise. But the St. Joseph High School Cross Country Team had a great idea to get the dogs at Santa Barbara County Animal Shelter out and moving. Each runner would pair up with a dog to take out on their morning run.

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Dog feels mom was away for too long and gives her the cold shoulder, but then…

Samson isn’t happy about mom leaving him home alone for so long, so he proceeds to shame his human by using the silent approach. But that doesn’t last… 😄

Dad gets surprised with a new puppy — and his reaction is absolutely priceless

Grown man? So what! When you get surprised with a puppy, you turn into a little boy all over again. Check out dad’s reaction.


Adorable dog doesn’t want to go where dad’s trying to take them

Wherever they’re going, Penny doesn’t seem to be into it! Watch as the adorable dog refuses to let dad drive away by pawing at his hand for more belly rubs. 😊

Little pup can’t figure out how to get in, but watch how his friend helps out

“I get by with a little help from my friends.”

The little puppy doesn’t know how to get inside the house, but watch his friend show up to lead the way. Dogs are even smarter than most people give them credit for! 😊


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