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Woman ‘can’t stand’ her dog anymore and is ‘sick’ of it, so she tells shelter to kill it

After 11 years with her owners, Mitsie the Beagle was surrendered to a shelter. Just when you think you’ve heard all of the excuses in the world, a new one pops up that leaves you shaking your head. I can’t imagine what this poor dog was feeling…

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Neglected dog gives birth while tied up in the middle of nowhere

A pit bull mix was found tied up in the middle of a forest where she gave birth to four puppies. She was left all alone out there, but the amazing mama did everything she possibly could to keep her pups alive. Nobody untied her for 10 days.

That’s when she was finally rescued by The Orphan Pet in Greece. Unfortunately, one puppy did not make it. But Lara and her three remaining puppies continued to grow stronger by the day, and now they are ready for their forever homes.

If you wish to adopt them, please contact their foster at: lindasgreekies@gmail.com

Rare dog had given birth in the bushes just hours before rescuers arrived

Hope For Paws set out after receiving a call on their emergency line about a dog who’d just given birth in some bushes. It’s extremely rare to find a homeless purebred dog, but that’s exactly what they saw here.

The mama realized the rescuers were there to help and allowed her puppies to be handled. After placing all of the puppies on a comforter, mom was ready to come out. The family was moved to foster care after receiving a clean bill of health and are now awaiting forever homes. πŸ™‚

92 Yorkies were forced to live in the dark amongst feces and mice

After living in complete filth in a California home, nearly all of the 92 rescued Yorkshire Terriers now have forever homes. The new owners are staying connected through a Facebook group as the dogs recover physically and mentally.

The hoarders agreed to three years probation and never being allowed to own pets again. What do you think of the punishment? Does it fit the crime?

This dog was abandoned because of her looks, but someone thought she was so special

Sassy the pit bull was born with dwarfism, so the breeder abandoned her. She’s so small for a pit bull, but she doesn’t know that. She’s definitely a big dog at heart, and someone saw just how special she really is.

Everyone said Sassy would probably only live three years, but she’s about to turn five years old. Despite all of her little quirks, she’s just a normal dog in her own mind. And her new dad wouldn’t trade her for the world!

Man wonders why his dog jumped into the water, then he sees a fawn in the dog’s mouth

Mark Feely was filming his Golden Retriever, Storm, playing around on the beach when the dog took off and jumped into the water. Mark had no idea what was going on, and then he saw the fawn in his dog’s mouth.

This good boy saw a fawn struggling in the water and went in to help. And it didn’t stop once Storm brought the fawn back to shore β€” the dog continued to look after and paw at the fawn as if trying to resuscitate the stricken animal. Amazing!

Woman looks under hood after car breaks down, sees dog smiling back at her

Lidiane Braga Carlos was running some errands when her car stalled out on her. But that was about to become the least of her concerns.

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Dog wasn’t interested in his adopted family for the first year β€” then they started singing to him

Patience is a virtue. And when it comes to adopting a dog, one woman is placing the utmost importance on being patient with them. For a whole year, her dog wanted nothing to do with the family. But it all changed one day when they started singing to him.

It turns out they just needed a way to communicate with each other, and singing was it! Pudge used to prefer to spend all of his time in his cage, but now he has completely broken out of that shell. What an amazing story!

A shelter thought this was a 16-year-old dog with cancer, so they were ready put him down

This woman had three “unadoptable” Chihuahuas when she received an email about a terminally ill dog named Harvey. Set to be put down at 3pm that afternoon, they claimed the dog was 16 years old and probably had cancer. They couldn’t have been more wrong…

She took Harvey to a vet where they said he’s five or six years old and does not have cancer! The sweet pup is going to be around a lot longer than anyone realized, and that’s amazing news for this lucky family. πŸ™‚

Beautiful moment captured as horses relax on beach under a rainbow

Sometimes it’s the simple things in life that leave the biggest impact. And this short scene of some horses relaxing and enjoying the beach under a forming rainbow in the background is just beautiful. Just when we thought horses couldn’t be more majestic…

There’s not a lot of information on this video, but do we really need it? The amazing footage that was captured on camera here is sure to brighten your day.


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