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A Pack Of Wolves Were Quickly Approaching. I’m Still Blown Away By What They Did… WOW!

Some wolves were approaching in the distance when all of a sudden… Oh my goodness!!

Couple Walking Through The Woods Stumbles Upon Four Crying Kittens

A walk through the woods at Spring Creek Park in Houston, Texas, led to these four abandoned kittens. You gotta watch this because it gets really good.

It Took Lots Of Saving, But They Made The Ultimate Toy For Their Dog

What can you do with 210 empty water bottles? Make the best gift ever for your dog!

Kids threw rocks at a pit bull who just wanted to be loved, but keep watching

Hope For Paws received a call about a stray pit bull who was injured from kids throwing rocks at him. Buddha would just cower behind trash cans, afraid of the world. All the dog ever wanted was to feel love, but he’s never had it.

As you can imagine, Buddha was very hesitant as rescuers approached. With the help of a cheeseburger and some baby talk (who doesn’t talk like that to a dog? 😜), he was ready to go an hour later.

Buddha is just a big sweetheart of a dog–how could anyone treat him the way he was treated? But Hope For Paws gave him hope and the chance at a forever home that he’s always needed.

How they abandoned this friendly dog is beyond me, but when they get closer…

When they found this abandoned dog, they had no idea it would act like this. How amazing.

Considering How This Video Started, I Still Can’t Believe The End – WOW. 

A pregnant dog was the victim of a hit and run. She was found crippled by the side of the road. But Animal Aid Unlimited took her in and amazing things happened in just one night.

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