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A dog and cheetah met as babies — and just wait until you see them now

The San Diego Zoo Safari Park took in a cheetah cub who was abandoned by his mother. But when they introduced Raina the puppy to him, it set the course for a long, amazing friendship. 😊

What this 16-year-old dog did just gave me chills all over

You won’t find better proof than this that dogs are man’s best friend. This is the stunning story of 16 year old Steve Mason. He was a Husky, Lab, Rottweiler mutt that laid it all on the line for his owners. The conclusion is something you’ll never forget.

In the words of his owner:

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They think they see a dead dog in a crate on the road, but then they take a closer look

Austin police pull over to inspect what they believe is a dead dog abandoned in a crate on the side of the road. Surprisingly, they discover the dog is still alive. Wait until you see Sophie just two months later… ❤

Scared pit bull hid in a tiny pipe, but little did he know his life was about to change forever

Hope For Paws received a call about a pit bull who’d been wandering around an oil refinery for weeks. If anyone would approach, the dog would hide in the pipes making it extremely difficult to rescue him. But wait until you see the moment that would change Tank’s life forever. 😊

To donate, visit: http://www.HopeForPaws.org
To adopt Tank, please contact: http://www.muchlove.org

Lion’s reunion with the man who adopted her is so amazing, it’s almost hard to believe

Kiara’s first adoptive dad, Adolfo, pays her a surprise visit, and the lion’s reaction is beyond anything anyone ever expected. What a heartwarming, amazing sight!

The Black Jaguar-White Tiger Foundation rescues animals from cruel circumstances and provides them with the food, love and medicine they need.

Lucky dog gets his very own bedroom in the tiny space under the stairs

Imgur user Fatisbac recently uploaded some pictures of a tiny room her aunt put together for her Chihuahua after moving into a new home. The small space underneath the stairs is the perfect spot for the dog to relax and get away from it all!

“Visited my aunts new house over the holiday. This is the room she built for her Chihuahua.”

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Mom notices a bear in the yard, and that’s when the brave dogs do their thing

Don’t mess with these little dogs! Watch as the brave pups scare away a bear in their backyard. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen! 😮

When this hummingbird turns its head, it’s the most beautiful thing

A male hummingbird shows off his iridescent feathers, and it’s the most beautiful thing. Just watch the color changes as he turns his head…

How the dog reacts in the hot tub is absolutely priceless

Cuzzie loves getting in the hot tub and feeling the jets of water on his back. The way he reacts is absolutely priceless! :)

And not to worry: the owners note that the red stain on his neck is from the dye on the collar.

A starving pit bull pup was going to be put down, but then a cop stepped in

Officer Trevor Reeves saw Jolene at a shelter and knew he couldn’t let her be euthanized. So he teamed up with Pit Bulls and Parolees to find the sweet pup a new home.


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