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An Injured Dog Was Lying In Trash, But Watch The Moment They Hop In With Her…

A mother of six puppies had been cut by a piece of glass and was bleeding in a pile of trash. After two weeks at Animal Aid, she healed up and it was time for her to go home.

10 Puppies Had No Choice But To Grow Up Fast. But Watch Who Helps…

For reasons unclear to the animal rescuers, a mother dog passed away shortly after giving birth to 11 puppies. One of the puppies died leaving 10 puppies for Doggie Protective Services to raise.

A Pig And Cat Lie Together, But Keep Your Eyes On The Cat… OMG.

A kitty named Leonardo diCatzio strokes Moritz B. the pig as they try to fall asleep and nap together. Have you ever seen anything so precious??

How This Puppy Asks For Treats Is The Cutest Thing EVER!

Maddie the 10-week-old Dachshund has a new way to ask for treats — and it’s adorable! Just watch as she rings the bell for service. ;)

The Cat Was NOT Happy When The Family Brought This Home – Oh My!

Cato the cat was not happy to see the newest member of the family — a dog! He could’ve dealt with a cat brother or even a human sibling, but not this! :P

From the owner:
“We adore our cat, and are very experienced with animals. All we did was let the cat see the dog through the window the first time. They weren’t introduced until MUCH later. Things are obviously a lot better! You just need to trust me that my cat is FINE! He’s just bossy and territorial. The dog is beautifully submissive, kind and quiet around him, exactly why we chose her. So just relax! He is just a very vocal cat, which is why this is funny. This is also not his first experience with dogs. If I could figure it out, I would post a follow up picture of them sitting contentedly together in the living room. :)”

A Kitten Tries To Roar For The First Time And The BEST Thing Comes Out!

Winnie the four-week-old kitten is asked to try out her “dragon” roar and it results in the cutest thing ever! And watch another attempt at six weeks old. :)

When The Geese See THIS Approach, They Do Something Amazing

The four adult geese form a protective circle around their goslings when they spot an intruder in the area. There’s no way they’re letting that cat get close to their babies! :)

A Dog Broke Free On The Field. When They Try To Catch Him? LOL!

During a wiener dog race at the El Paso Chihuahuas game, this little fellow crossed the finish line and just kept going! Their efforts to catch the little guy… no so great. :P

A Tired Dog Plops Down In A House With A Note On His Collar. You Won’t Expect This!

A woman notices a dog in her yard, but he’s no stray — he’s in great shape and is wearing a collar. The dog follows her in the house and lies on the floor to sleep. He gets up and leaves and repeats this for weeks. When she finds out why, you’ll lose it! :P

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They Were Walking Through An Abandoned Building When They Saw THIS

Michigan Humane Society Rescue Officers set off into old abandoned buildings to rescue a terrified Pit Bull heard crying from within. The former bait dog is lucky they arrived when they did…

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