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Woman Has A Hilarious Dance-Off With Her Horse

This woman starts dancing with her horse and the horse joins in on the fun. I couldn’t believe it when the horse started to bob its head to the music — just unbelievable! Have you ever seen a horse that could dance?

The Unexpected Colors Of These 20 Animals Will Leave You Breathless

You’ve heard of all of these animals, but have you seen them in these colors? They may look fake, but they are 100% real. Prepare to be amazed…

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Kids Cry Tears Of Joy When Reunited With The Cat After Two Months

We all know the pain of a missing pet. Even if you haven’t personally experienced it, you can imagine how horrible it would be. This family’s cat was missing for two months before mom found it and decided to surprise the boys. Believe me when I say that you don’t want to miss their reactions.

A Frolicking Stampede Of Labrador Puppies To Make Your Day

No, this is not a dream. There’s no need to pinch yourself. These Labrador puppies frolic through the grass in slow-motion to make your day a little bit better. So sit back, relax and enjoy. :)

A Teenage Girl Gives Up Dream Of Owning A Car To Help A Dog In Need

Every teenager dreams of the day that they get to own their very own car. But when Jessie Earhart saw a dog on the side of the road with a bloody face, she gave up that dream to do something far more important. She took the money she had been saving for the car and used it to get the dog help and push for adoption. And when an anonymous donor collected enough money to cover the medical costs, Jessie again turned down the dream of owning a car and donated the money to help other dogs in need.

An Arctic Fox Approaches And Playfully Starts Chewing On Feet

This couple had an encounter with a baby arctic fox in Heydalur, Westfjords, Iceland. He playfully tried to bite and chew on their feet! It was so adorable that they didn’t even try to stop him. :)

Grover The Pug Chows Down On Some Lettuce

Grover the Pug does his best bunny impression and munches on some lettuce. It’s so simple but it’s impossible not to watch! You’ll be amazed at how adorable this actually is. :)

Elephants Welcome Newest Rescue With Trunk Hugs And Kisses

This elephant is the newest rescue at Elephant Nature Park. And he gets the warmest welcome from the herd. Watch as they interact by holding trunks and giving kisses. This is too precious. :)

These 14 Dogs Have No Idea What A Baby Really Is

Ever wonder what dogs are thinking around babies? Well wonder no more!

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A Family Rescues A Hummingbird That Was Tangled In Gum

This little hummingbird became tangled in gum while searching the ground for food. Luckily, a family noticed when passing by and stopped to help. When we throw gum out, we don’t think about the smaller animals that it could endanger. Watch this sweet rescue with some really adorable commentary. :)

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