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Little boy doesn’t want his dog to feel left out when ordering from the ice cream man

A little boy named Harvey doesn’t leave his dog out when ordering some treats from the ice cream man. Watch as the pooch inhales his ice cream before the toddler even gets his. 😊

An expert just revealed what dogs dream about—and it’s extremely heartwarming

A scientist from Harvard told People Magazine what she thinks dogs and cats dream about—and it’s making the internet cry tears of joy. 😭 ❤

French Bulldog enjoys the trampoline in a different way than most dogs

We’ve all seen dogs who love jumping on trampolines, but this French Bulldog enjoys them in a completely different way—just watch! 😂

She tells her dog she’s had a long day, and he knows exactly what to do

Baron the German Shepherd knows exactly what his human needs after a long day. But I think he’s trying to tell her something at the end… 😉

Sometimes it’s tough being a big dog—and other times it’s hilarious

Sometimes it’s tough being a big dog in a small dog’s world. It’s the big dog blues – check it out! :)

14 clever ‘Beware of Dog’ signs that’ll make you laugh out loud

Here are 14 clever and unique ‘Beware of Dog’ signs that are sure to make you laugh!

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Baby moose caught playing in sprinkler in family’s backyard

Imagine looking out the window and seeing this in your backyard! The playful baby moose doesn’t hold back as he plays in the sprinkler—too funny! 😁

Rescuers are surprised when they discover lifeless-looking stray had just given birth

Take Me Home Pet Rescue spent several weeks trying to rescue a stray named Norah. When they finally caught her, they were surprised to learn that she’d just given birth to nine puppies.

Dog found with head stuck in a wrought iron fence happy to see rescuers

A Puggle was found with her head stuck in a wrought iron fence, and rescuers worked to free her. They then scanned her microchip setting up a reunion with her concerned owner.

Woman sees a new cooler on the road and pulls over only to find something horrific

The cooler on the side of the road almost looked brand new, so she pulled over to grab it to take home. But when she opened it, she couldn’t believe what was inside…

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