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Two Freed Elephants Celebrate By Splashing Around In The Water For The First Time

A couple of elephants, Kannika and Madee, were recently freed from chains and able to splash around in the water for the first time unfettered. It warms my heart to see them in the protected natural habitat of Phuket Elephant Sanctuary. :)

Some Monster Dropped Off A Crate Inside A Trash Bag With The Dog Still Inside

A shelter’s security camera caught someone dropping off a trash bag with a crate and dog inside. How could anyone do such a thing?

Sick Dog Thinks He’s On His Way To Be Euthanized, Gets Forever Home Instead

Tiny Tim spent years living on the streets with a broken pelvis and severe mange. He was taken in to be put to sleep, but Sidewalk Specials had something else to say about that.

Meaty The Pit Bull Hasn’t Stopped Smiling Since The Day He Got His Forever Home

The portly dog was just another sad statistic at a shelter awaiting the day he’d eventually be put down. But things came together and he was able to be adopted, and he’s been appreciative of the fact ever since. He just won’t stop smiling!

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Friend Takes A Picture Of Her Spreading Her Dog’s Ashes But Captures So Much More

Ashley Lang recently lost her beloved 12-year-old Golden Retriever named Wagner but now has a pretty amazing photo to remember him by.

She was spreading the dog’s ashes as a friend snapped a picture. What it captured appeared to be a white silhouette of her dog.

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Man On Pier To Spread Grandmother’s Ashes Ends Up Saving A Dog’s Life

A small dog is blown off of a pier on a very windy day. It was fate that this young man was there.

Mosley The Greyhound Has The Biggest Personality, And It’s Really Something To See

You can’t help but smile watching the shenanigans of Mosley the Greyhound! He has tons of energy and loves using it to goof around as only he can. 😀

Man Runs Outside To His Whimpering Puppy And Sees Over 400 Bees

A puppy named Tramp is lucky to be alive after being stung by more than 400 bees. Vets say the attack would’ve killed 50% of the dogs his size. Now the owner is working to have the beehive removed from the vacant house next door.

Puppy Found On The Verge Of Death Makes An Extraordinary Recovery

A puppy on the verge of death was brought in to Vet Ranch with little hope. But Jack’s a fighter, and his recovery is one you won’t believe!

Remember, all Vet Ranch expenses are paid for by views and donations. So the more people who see it, the better! :)

Senior Dog Couldn’t Be Happier About Her New Raccoon Friend

A four-month-old raccoon named Jonathon lost his mother when he was just a baby, but he has the next best thing: a surrogate mother in the form of a senior dog!

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