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Derby The Dog Gets Amazing 3D Printed Prosthetics

Derby was born with deformed front paws. But some custom 3D printed prosthetic legs allow him to run like never before. You have to see them in action!

Mom Captures A Special Moment Between Her Baby Girl And Dog

Adelyn and Abba are friends for life. And mom was able to capture a special moment between the two that she’ll have on video forever. Imagine when the baby grows up and can look back at this!

French Cat Looks For Love In The United States

A French cat looking for love in the United States finds it in the most unusual way. This is the most unique and hilarious adoption you will ever witness. :)

Baby Deer And Kitten Become Best Friends

It’s not often you see something like this! Their rescued baby deer met the neighbor’s kitten and they seem to have hit it off. Adorable!

Norwegian Man Saves Duck From A Frozen Lake

A Norwegian man named Lars Jorun Langøien did something he can be proud of — he saw a duck’s life in danger and did something many people wouldn’t think of doing. The images of the amazing deed was posted to Imgur where the story took the internet by storm.

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Clark The Dog Shows Off His Ultimate Focus

Clark has the ultimate focus. You couldn’t ask for better focus from a dog. Watch this amazing display of willpower as his dad stacks treats on his head!

Police Officer’s Act Of Kindness Grabs Everyone’s Attention

A police officer noticed two stray dogs out in the cold and stopped to sit with them until help could arrive. The moment compelled a woman to snap a photo and share it on social media.

Curious Cat Asks Questions About Christmas

We always knew cats were fascinated by Christmas trees and gifts, but now we know what they are really thinking. This is hilarious! :D

All Doug The Pug Wants For Christmas Is Food

Much like everyone else at Christmas, all Doug the Pug wants is food! It’s just an impossible time of the year to avoid food and the resulting larger waistline. This is too good! :)

13 Dogs And 1 Cat Share A Holiday Feast Together

This is one hilarious holiday feast shared between a bunch of dogs and a cat! And it is very convincing… You’ll see what I mean. :D

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