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They break into an empty home — that’s when an abandoned dog smiles and kisses them

A family moved away and abandoned their dog in an empty house. But when rescuers show up, Carlo proceeds to smile and kiss them.

“All windows are closed shut except one. We peek inside. The house is completely empty. There is no furniture. The people inside have left and have abandoned their dog inside. A few minutes later the dog is in our car, trying to lick us to death, with a new name, Carlo, and the prospect of a new life.”

“But Carlo is not well… We immediately notice the swelling on his knees. Hs can’t stand up more than a few seconds. We bring Carlo to our hospital.”

You can donate to help repair Carlo’s damaged knees via PayPal.

Dog feels mom was away for too long and gives her the cold shoulder, but then…

Samson isn’t happy about mom leaving him home alone for so long, so he proceeds to shame his human by using the silent approach. But that doesn’t last… 😄

What this pooch does when he sees other dogs on TV will have you busting a gut

When this silly pooch sees other dogs on the TV, it’s almost as if he thinks he can jump into the scene with them! He comes so close to crashing into the wall, but his moves are very calculated. 😂

He’s about to reveal this dog’s new look. The transformation will blow you away!

A six-month-old pit bull was just minutes from being euthanized when Vet Ranch begged to take him in. The transformation that Love Bug undergoes is absolutely stunning.

Dad gets surprised with a new puppy — and his reaction is absolutely priceless

Grown man? So what! When you get surprised with a puppy, you turn into a little boy all over again. Check out dad’s reaction.


Someone chained their dog up for 10 days because they said he’s ‘diseased’

A couple of years ago, someone chained up a dog to a broken-down trailer outside of a Bulgarian village and said that no one should go near him. The person claimed the dog had a contagious disease and left him all alone.

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Adorable dog doesn’t want to go where dad’s trying to take them

Wherever they’re going, Penny doesn’t seem to be into it! Watch as the adorable dog refuses to let dad drive away by pawing at his hand for more belly rubs. 😊

Little pup can’t figure out how to get in, but watch how his friend helps out

“I get by with a little help from my friends.”

The little puppy doesn’t know how to get inside the house, but watch his friend show up to lead the way. Dogs are even smarter than most people give them credit for! 😊

Unsuspecting tourist turns around to see a surprise co-pilot has joined him on safari

A curious wild cheetah decided to check out an unsuspecting tourist on safari at Masai Mara National Park. The cheetah hopped right into the vehicle, but the man remained calm and took in the once in a lifetime moment.

Dad’s bedtime routine with his stubborn Bull Mastiff pup will have you in stitches

It’s time for bed, but this stubborn Bull Mastiff puppy refuses to go and puts up quite the fight! You can’t help but laugh at dad’s struggles… 😂


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