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Alaskan Malamutes On Their Way To Get Groomed Start Singing The Song Of Their People

The Alaskan Malamute is one of the most talkative and expressive breeds out there. And for a family with three of them, let’s just say things can get a little noisy! In the video below, the dogs are going on a car ride to get groomed when they bust out in song.

Travis, Leila, and Zoe start singing the song of their people from the backseat, and they do so in perfect harmony! 😉

How Mom and Dad can handle this right in their ears I’ll never know! Maybe they’re just used to it. The owners did say that this singing is a twice-daily occurrence! 🙂

Can you imagine? Not one but three Alaskan Malamutes singing all the time? You gotta love them though… such beautiful dogs!

Dog Doesn’t Like Dad Coming Home Late, Makes Him Hear All About It

Pit bulls have an unwarranted bad reputation, and this sweet girl named Roxy is here to set everyone straight. The only thing this pit bull could ever be accused of is missing her dad too much! 🙂

From the moment he walks in the door, Roxy is wagging her tail and pacing back and forth with excitement. The playful dog then gets down on the floor before dad asks, “Did you miss me?” Roxy immediately pops up and gives dad an earful. 😉

Is this dog a daddy’s girl or what? It’s so great to see a dog act this way because you know she’s spoiled with love and affection! It’s what every dog deserves. There’s no better feeling than coming home and being greeted by your dog like this.

Dog Taken From Neglectful Family Arrives To Place He Can Truly Call Home

At a year old, Buster had never known anything besides the loneliness and neglectfulness that came with his current lifestyle. The dog stayed tied out on a chain at all times, and it became embedded in his neck causing a deep, painful wound. Then one day, some PETA fieldworkers found him…

They noticed the dog’s neck wound and skin condition and approached the owners. Thankfully, the family handed to dog over to PETA. While Buster got the treatment he needed and recovered, they searched for the perfect forever home for him.

And he got just that! Adoption day had arrived, and Buster was on his way to a place he could truly call home for the first time in his life. As he waits at the door for his new family to answer, try not to cry. 😉

Dying Woman Holds Him Close In One Of The Most Special Moments Of This Therapy Dog’s Life

It can never be stated enough: dogs are incredible. We consider them family rather than pets because the things they contribute to our lives are just off the charts. We are forever in debt to them for their loyalty and everlasting companionship. And when people need them the most, dogs always seem to be right there. Especially when it comes to a therapy dog such as Baxter.

Baxter was such a special dog and continues to be an inspiration to all. He dedicated his entire life to helping others feel as comfortable as possible during their toughest moments. At 19-and-a-half years old, Baxter was finally laid to rest after a selfless life serving people in need. But he will never be forgotten. And one of the most special moments of his life was captured on video for all to see. You’re going to want to grab the tissues for this one.

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Unconscious Dog Pulled From Smoky Building Is Saved Thanks To New Firefighter Procedure

Firefighters are true heroes, and they put their lives on the line to save anyone or anything. So I’m all for anything that will make their jobs easier. Thanks to some specially-designed pet oxygen masks, firefighters have a much greater chance of saving an animal’s life after pulling one from a smoke-filled building. It makes all the difference to not have to struggle to place a mask made for a human face over a dog’s nose. The video below is a great example of how seamless this new procedure can make reviving an unconscious pet.

As said by the licensor of the video: “West Midlands Fire Service is the second largest in the UK outside of London. Fire engines based at each of its thirty-eight fire stations now carry specially-designed oxygen masks to use on pets that have been overcome by the effects of smoke in a fire. There are three reusable masks in each kit, each of different sizes, several of which have been provided by public donation and in conjunction with the Smokey Paws charity. Within days of the masks going into use, firefighters based at Billesley in Birmingham, UK used one to revive the puppy seen in the video, which was captured by firefighters on mobile phones and body-worn cameras. The animal had been overcome by smoke in a domestic fire.”

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20 Baby Animals For Your Viewing Pleasure

Here are 20 baby animals your heart will not be able to handle. View with caution. 🙂

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The Dog’s Hungry, But It’s Only 4PM — So He Takes Matters Into His Own Paws

Crusoe is a Dachshund, so he’s always hungry. He gets his dinner at a certain time each day, but he’s figured out a way to play the system.

“What started as dinner time at 6pm soon changed to 5pm, and is now down to 4pm. And would probably just keep coming sooner if it were up to him,” said his parents on YouTube.

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His Girlfriend Just Lost Her Dog, So He’s About To Surprise Her With The Cutest Puppy

Losing a dog is the hardest thing for any dog lover. They’re way more than just pets, they are family to us. And when we lose our faithful companions of many years, it’s heartbreaking to say the least. Nothing can replace the loyalty and love that a dog can provide.

And when this man’s girlfriend lost her dog, she was distraught. So he wanted to do something special for her 23rd birthday that would help take her mind off of things and ease the pain a bit. What better way to do that than to get her a new puppy? Now, surprising people with pets can be a bad thing if they’re not necessarily prepared to take ownership and know what it means to care for an animal. But in this case, it’s a great idea! She has lots of love to give, and this puppy needs some lovin’. 🙂

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12 Dogs Who Aren’t Impressed With The Silly Hats Their Humans Picked Out

These dogs have had it up to here with their humans’ shenanigans. First clothes, and now hats? They are not impressed. Get ready to sympathize with the 12 dogs below. 😛

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Soccer Match Brought To A Halt When Stray Dog Decides To Play Fetch

A soccer match between San Lorenzo and Arsenal de Sarandí in Argentina was brought to a halt after about 30 minutes when a random dog ran onto the field and decided to play fetch.

The pup saw lots of humans having fun playing with a ball, so why wouldn’t she want to get involved? 😉

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