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14 Cats That Hilariously Use Dogs As Pillows

There’s this myth going around that cats and dogs don’t get along. Well that’s not true – as long as the dog submits to its real purpose of being a big cat bed! :P

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A Mother Cow Kept Hiding Her Calf For A Very Heartbreaking Reason

A mother cow had all of her babies taken away from her and decided it would never happen again. Every day, she would hide baby Valentine in a different spot in hopes that the farmer could not find her.

A Hiker Fed A Stray Dog But Never Expected This To Happen

An extreme sports team was getting ready to take on a 430-mile endurance race through Ecuador when they noticed a stray dog. They fed the dog, but didn’t expect him to follow! At times, they worried about the dog’s safety and tried to leave him behind – but the dog kept following. At the end, a team member adopted Arthur! :)

They Didn’t Know What To Expect When A Dolphin Approached, But This Is Unforgettable

Divers were on a manta ray night dive when a bottlenose dolphin suddenly approached. It turns out that the dolphin was tangled in fishing line and was looking for help. How amazing is that? :)

This Dog Thinks He Has A Job To Do And Tries His Absolute Best

The white Labrador thinks it’s his responsibility to walk the Dachshund and does so with pride. Don’t worry Dachshund, looks like big brother will always have your back!

Trucker Discovers And Rescues Puppy From A Dumpster Fire

A trucker driving in Minnesota on a subzero night made a sickening discovery. A dumpster fire contained a small puppy at the bottom, whimpering and scared. The trucker, Clayton, didn’t hesitate to grab the puppy from the fire, burning his hands. He rushed the puppy to a rescue center and Phoenix was immediately sent to emergency care.

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She Calls Her Cat And Dogs In For Some Treats And Then? Oh My!

This is the motley crew of rescues! It’s time for treats, so she calls in her five dogs, the cat and a duck. Awesome! :)

This Boy’s Reaction To Seeing His Cat Again Is The Best Thing Ever

The family’s 11-year-old cat had been missing for 12 days when a neighbor spotted him and returned him to the family. This is Jared reuniting with his furry buddy. :)

Animals And Water Do Not Mix, But Sometimes It’s Hilariously Adorable

Wet animals are funny and adorable, but they find little humor in it. Take a look at these 16 photos for proof:

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You Won’t Believe The Sounds This Husky Puppy Makes

This adorable Husky puppy thinks he can talk and it’s unlike anything I’ve ever heard before! So funny, yet so cute. :)


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