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As Soon As The Ice Cream Truck Drives By, This Overgrown Puppy Can’t Help Himself

When the ice cream truck rolls around, this whole neighborhood gets a treat (and it’s not ice cream)! As soon as Charlie the dog hears the music, he bolts out the door to greet the truck. Then, he creates a scene that’s almost too cute to exist!

Morris The Bulldog Is Checking Out The Fish When He Gets A Little Too Close

Morris the bulldog enjoys watching the fish, but this time he gets a little too close and pays the price. Lesson learned, I suppose! 😛

When She Walks Around, She Has An Adorable And Annoying Shadow Behind Her

Tank the pitbull loves his owner SO much, he can’t stand to let her be out of his sight (literally). When she walks around the house, she has a little shadow with paws following her. Even when she tries to document his clingy attitude, Tank is true to form and never leaves her side!

I wish my dogs cared about me this much! :)

Pepper The Dachshund Gets Ready For Bed So Meticulously, It’s Adorable

When it’s time for Pepper the dachshund to go to bed, he lets his perfectionist side shine. Watch as he tries to prep his pillow before a nap. It has to be JUST right and it takes him forever. Goodnight little one, hopefully you sleep well after all of that preparation!

Adorable Siberian Husky Puppy Throws The Cutest Tantrum On The Floor

Chrono the Siberian husky is a puppy that was newly rescued, but is a natural at being a spoiled pet! When he wants attention, he doesn’t hesitate to let his owners know by being as loud and obnoxious as he can. It might be a little annoying for them, but you can’t deny how cute this is!

Bulldog Found Abandoned Outside Of A Shelter In The Tiniest Crate Possible

The staff at Almost Home Animal Rescue League and Haven came into work one morning with a surprise awaiting them. And they couldn’t believe their eyes…

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Dog Does The Funniest Thing When They Try To Show Him How To Use The Stairs

Mom and dad are trying to teach Pinto how to go down the steps, but it results in some unexpected humor! Prepare to laugh… 😀

When They Let Their Labrador Get Near Snow, He Has The Time Of His Life!

Some dogs have a favorite season — and this labrador’s is undoubtedly winter! Watch what happens when his owners let him get near a hillside covered in snow. He has an amazing time all by himself.

Man Asks Hotel If He’s Allowed To Bring His Dog And Gets A Priceless Response

A man wrote to the hotel that he planned on staying at while on vacation and asked about bringing his dog along. He said:

“I would very much like to bring my dog with me. He is well-groomed and very well behaved. Would you be willing to permit me to keep him in my room with me at night?”

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Shelter Dog Who’d Been Rejected 18,000 Times Lands Opportunity Of A Lifetime

“The Loneliest Dog in the U.K.” has been given the opportunity of a lifetime thanks to movie director Michael Bay. The Staffordshire bull terrier mix was featured in an article by Mirror, and her story of rejection quickly spread across the internet.

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