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Mama Horse Has Her Baby, But Knows Something Is Up. Wait Till You Learn The Truth.

The World’s Smallest colt was born in Guthrie, Oklahoma. Everyone is stunned at just how small Itty Bitty Hope really is.

Gilger says, “I had an idea she was going to be small. Her mother wasn’t really showing in the pregnancy.”

“She’s adorable. I still can’t get over how cute she is.”

This K9′s Officer Was Killed On Duty. But Watch The Dog At The Casket… Oh My.

Officer Jason Ellis was on his way home when he was ambushed and killed. At his funeral, his K9 partner paws his final farewell to his master and friend. How touching is this?

You May Think This Is Just A Normal Patio, But Wait Till You Take A Closer Look… OMG!

If you’re a cat owner, you’re gonna love the idea of a “Catio.” Just imagine your patio combined with all of the things your cat wants and needs, all while being safe and sound!

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A Little Boy And 16 Puppies? It’s More Adorable Than You Could Ever Imagine.

The only thing better than a pile of puppies? Being in the middle of that pile of puppies! Watch as 16 Basenji pups “attack” a four-year-old boy. :)

This Dog Can Show Teeth On Command. Now Watch His ‘Mean Face’ – Whoa!

The owner tells his Rottweiler to show his teeth. And then he takes it up a notch by asking him to show his “mean face” and… oh boy!

Too Many Ants Ruining Summer Fun? I Didn’t Know It Was SO Easy To Get Rid Of Them!

Summer is here, but it’s hard to enjoy the outdoors with your pet when there are too many ants and flies. Included in these summer hacks are simple yet effective ways to get rid of these problems!

The Reaction Of This Guilty Cat Will Have You Laughing In Just 13 Seconds!

The cat gets busted eating leftovers on the dinner table and has the funniest reaction. Make sure you watch this guilty kitty until the end… ;)

When you don't finish your plate By Aaron's Animals

Posted by Young Paperboyz on Thursday, June 25, 2015

10 Puppies Line Up To Eat Some Solid Food For The Very First Time And… Oh My!

They line up the Labrador puppies to feed them solid food for the first time. With such a big litter, it helps to give mom a break. But don’t worry, they still drink mom’s milk.

How cute! :)

The Dog Runs Into A Fox. But I Don’t Think Anyone Expected This Next Part!

The dog and fox met at a young age when a Norwegian family found the abandoned fox cub in the woods and started feeding him. The fox continued living in the woods, but came around whenever he saw his dog friend! :)

A Crow Sneaks Up On The Unsuspecting Dog And… LOL!

They were out walking Nero when all of a sudden this little fellow approached. Just watch the sneaky crow come up and surprise the dog! :D


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