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The Golden Retriever Just Heard The News. His Reaction? PRICELESS!

Dad tells his Golden Retriever that he’s going to have a baby brother. The dog reacts to the news in the funniest, most priceless way! 😀

They Follow A Frantic Dog Into The Woods. What He Leads Them To? OMG…

Karina, a four-year-old Yakutian girl, had been missing for 11 days in a Siberian forest when her faithful dog led rescuers to her. Kyrachaan kept her warm and protected her from other animals until she could be found.

Originally, the grandmother thought the little girl had gone with her father. But when she found out she did not, she called the police immediately.

When rescuers first saw the dog, they thought it meant that the little girl was dead. But it turns out the dog was just trying to lead them…

She Tells The Dog To Drop It. When You See What It Is… LOL!

Mom tells Moose to drop the pacifier, but he absolutely refuses to do so! The sweet Boxer must think he’s still a baby… 😉

This Dog’s On A Walk When He Picks Up An Unusual Buddy Along The Way. Whoa!

This dog was out for a stroll around the block when he picked up an unusual walking buddy. You won’t believe it when you see it!

The Cop Smashes The Car Window. When You See It… Just Wow.

A heroic police officer in Alicante, Spain, smashes the window of a car to rescue an overheated pit bull. The dog runs over to the shade where she gets some drinking water and a cool sponge bath.

The Dog Would Escape Through The Fence Every Day. The Reason? I Have No Words.

Saki was in a temporary home while being trained as a search and rescue dog. But it turned out her future was right across the street the whole time. The dog found her calling in life with a little boy named Danny. This will have you in tears…

She Finds A Tiny Pup On The Doorstep. And He’s About To Reveal Something Unbelievable.

When this little pup showed up at the doorstep of his future mom, it was a real blessing in disguise. On the outside, he was falling apart; he was malnourished, matted and full of worms. But on the inside, he had a very special gift.

Imgur user tayknox007 decided to tell the story online for everyone to see. Here it is below in her own words:

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The Tiny Puppy Crawls Up To The Mirror And Then… Oh My Goodness!

Cheddar the puppy becomes confused in the cutest way when he comes face to face with his reflection in the mirror. Turn up the volume and prepare for adorableness.

An Unwanted Dog Spent Her Life In The Shelter–Until This Woman Came Along

Rachel, a nine-year-old Labrador-hound mix, has been in a shelter since she was two years old. For whatever reason, she was always overlooked. But that was finally about to change…

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A Dog Sat In The Corner Of The Shelter Ashamed That His Family Dumped Him

Oso was abandoned at the shelter because his owners didn’t want to deal with his treatable skin condition. He had no confidence and would just sit in the corner all day. But lately, he’s been starting to perk up!

Now he’s hoping for a loving family to pick him up soon. :)


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