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Dog rescued from South Korea dog meat farm now living her best life

In March of 2015, Humane Society International rescued 57 dogs from a dog meat farm in South Korea and helped the farmer transition over to an agriculture business instead.

One of the dogs rescued that day was Sunshine. She’s now in a loving home and living her best life. Watch and listen to Sunshine’s story below as mom tears up thinking about the video of her dog before she was adopted.

This is what happens when you wake a pit bull from a deep sleep

Tank the pit bull is napping away in the deepest sleep possible as mom continuously tries to wake him up. Well, she finally gets her wish and he opens his eyes and…

It turns out waking up next to a pit bull isn’t so scary after all. 😉

The shenanigans of these kids and dogs are just what the doctor ordered

These clips of kids and dogs as submitted to America’s Funniest Home Videos will have you busting a gut! When kiddos and pooches are best friends, they can sure get into some silly shenanigans… 😀

Kids And Dogs Compilation Part 1 is just what the doctor ordered today, so sit back and enjoy!

Mom laughs when she sees how many dogs piled into the single doghouse

“Oh my gosh, it’s a clown car!” 😀

Mom was surprised to find out that it wasn’t just a few dogs in the dog house — it was a Basset Hound clown car! She counts five dogs as they come crawling out. How did they do it? Haha!

These gentle giants have been by their human sister’s side since she was born

Wooster and Biggie have been by their human sister’s side since she was born, making her laugh and going on adventures together. But they’re getting ready for their biggest adventure yet…

They now have a baby brother! The gentle giants make the perfect protectors and companions for their human siblings, and it’s too sweet for words.

If you see a dog in a hot car this summer, remember this simple hack

Do you know the easiest way to break a car window in case of an emergency? I had no idea until I saw this! A small piece of broken porcelain is all you need.

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The moment this dog is pulled from a life of neglect and shown a bed is too special

Angel was confiscated from her owners for severe neglect. The dog’s mange and burn marks only told part of the story. But Sidewalk Specials was ready to start the healing process…

Angel arrived to see a big bed waiting for her, and she couldn’t hold back the excitement. It was an amazing moment. Vet Point worked to make her pain go away for the first time ever, and then she was ready for her foster. Just two months later, she’s looking incredible!

Stray crawls under random porch and gives birth to 9 puppies

An image of a homeless mom and her puppies was texted to Hope For Paws. The stray had entered a woman’s yard and gave birth just shortly after, and the kind stranger knew they would need immediate help.

Hope For Paws arrives on scene and greets Spring with a cheeseburger and lucky leash. After a moment to get to know each other, they start placing the puppies in the car one by one. From this point on there’s nothing but smiles. :)

To donate and help more animals: http://www.HopeForPaws.org
In 8 weeks this family will be ready for adoption and their adoption will be handled by our friends who are now fostering them.
To apply to adopt, please visit: http://www.LoveJoyFoundation.org

Dog deserves a treat after the most dramatic version of playing dead

Playing dead may be the oldest trick in the book, and lots of dogs have mastered it over the years. But I think Sam’s version is the best one ever!

Dad asks Sam the German Shepherd if she wants a treat and tells her to “stay” and “sit.” When he yells “bang,” Sam lets out the cutest little yelp before tumbling to the ground. Such a great actress! 😉

Dog on TV does the most hilarious thing when told to play dead

Baily’s owner brought her on TV with David Letterman to perform her best trick. When told to play dead, the funniest thing happens.

And Dave just can’t help himself! I don’t know what’s funnier: the way the dog plays dead or his reaction! But one thing’s for sure — I can’t stop laughing. 😀


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