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What Happened After A Dog Found 10 Baby Chicks In The Yard Is Awesome

Ten baby chicks showed up in the yard one day and the rest is history. Bailey took the abandoned babies in as her own and it’s very special to see. :)

When These 2 Get Together, It’s Something You Have To See

Two-year-old Libby has an adorable little piglet friend. And Pearl loves her human very much! Is there anything cuter than these two playing together??

These 28 Animals And Their Little Friends Are About To Melt Your Heart

Everyone needs a best friend, and sometimes that just happens to be a stuffed toy. But who are we to judge? :P

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10 Reasons That You Should Own A Pit Bull Right Now

You’ve heard all of the rumors and ‘vicious’ stories, but wait until you see the truth. Here are 10 reasons why you should own a Pit Bull. :)

Someone Did The Unthinkable To This Dog, But He Puts Up A Huge Fight

This Pit Bull was discovered outside of a local jail by an employee of the Villalobos Rescue Center in southern Louisiana. They have seen their share of terrible animal cases, but this one was particularly bad.

***Note: the following images of the wound are not for people with weak stomachs.
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They Were Shocked When They Found A Pit Bull Nursing This Baby On The Road

A stray Pit Bull was found caring for an abandoned kitten on the side of the road. The ten-day-old kitten had actually been nursed by the dog. The two are now inseparable and are up for adoption together. :)

The Dog Tries To Steal A Treat But Is In For A Huge Surprise

Pepper was left home alone and decided to make a move for the treat jar. But Pepper wasn’t ready for this surprise… :-O

These Dogs Are So Tired, Nothing Will Stop These Power Naps!

There’s just something about a tired dog that’s extremely adorable. And when they are tired, nothing will come between dogs and their sleep! :)

A Baby Squirrel Was Badly Injured, But This Family Did Something Amazing

Reddit user Priami shared the story of her family finding an injured baby squirrel on the road. At first they thought he was dead, but soon realized that he just had trouble moving. What they did next is just amazing…

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These Dogs Just Had Their Dreams Come True – And They’re Loving It!

I often wonder what dogs dream about. It probably varies from chasing cars to getting dog treats, but tennis ball heaven has to be somewhere near the top of the list! Check this out.


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