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They Get Their Dogs In Position. What You’re About To See Is Mind-Blowingly Amazing!

The Southern Golden Retriever Display Team puts on a performance for the ages! You can’t help but to be mesmerized watching this talented group. :)

They Found A Dying Stray On The Streets. What Happens Is Beyond Words.

Rudozem Street Dog Rescue in Bulgaria received word of a stray in need of some serious help and immediately sprung to action. The puppy was completely malnourished and on the brink of death.

When they arrived and saw her with their own eyes, they couldn’t believe it.

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What These Dachshunds Do Every Night Before Bed Is Too Much To Handle

Every night before bed, these Dachshunds say goodnight in the most adorable way possible. Watch as the two cuties exchange lots of kisses! :)

They Saw A Dog Tied To A Tree Behind A House. When They Approached? OMG

A couple of neighbors saw a dog tied to a tree behind a house and decided to investigate. When they got up close, they couldn’t believe his condition. They originally thought the house was abandoned, but about 20 minutes later, a car pulled up. That’s when they asked to take Ganesh…

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TONS Of ‘Wiener’ Dogs Come Running. Just Wait Till You See What They Do!

The extended cut of the Heinz “Wiener Stampede” Game Day ad is here… And it’s hilariously adorable! :)

How do you think this commercial will hold up against the others on Sunday?

This Toddler’s Reaction To His New Puppy Will OBLITERATE Your Heart

JJ’s reaction to his new best friend is unbelievably heartwarming to see. Jax the puppy is lucky to be able to grow old in such a loving home. <3

See The Old Dog With A Football? Wait Till You Hear What’s Going On In The Background!

An old dog lies on the porch reminiscing about the very first Puppy Bowl and his participation in it. What a cute and clever Puppy Bowl ad! :)

The Wolf Approaches This Woman And Does The UNTHINKABLE… Whoa!

The Colorado Wolf & Wildlife Center is one of the very few places you can see a wolf snuggling with a human. It’s obvious Kekoa has lots of love for Danielle. :)

She’s Giving An Interview About The Newborn Horse. Wait Till You See Him Up Close…

This mini horse’s mother died shortly after giving birth to him, so the pet store owners knew they would have to step in with love and a warm bottle. Boston is in great hands! :)

They Just Rescued A Dog, But She Wouldn’t Move From The Corner. They Were Crushed.

A greyhound mix named Angel was rescued from an animal organization in Ireland but would not turn around and face her new home. Their best guess is that she was traumatized from former abuse. So they decided to bring in another dog from the same pound, and that’s when everything changed.


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