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When She Pulls Out The Yoga Mat, This German Shepherd Puppy Knows What To Do!

Baron the German Shepherd puppy might not be able to do jumping jacks or push-ups, but he is one stellar workout partner! When the 5-month-old puppy sees his owner pull out her yoga mat, he knows just what to do. Instead of just watching his human friend exercise, he gets in on the action, too.

Watch what happens when she starts to go through her routine!

Now, if only he had opposable thumbs…he could spot her!

On The Very First Day This Pit Bull Puppy Was Home, She Got The Sweetest Bath

When the wrinkly and adorable 7-week-old Lucy finally was in her forever home, her family decided to give her a warm bath. Although lots of dogs hate baths, this sweet pit bull puppy just closed her eyes and let the warm water run over her soft fur. What an angel!

Now that’s one relaxed pupper!

They Told Their Corgi To Go Outside. His Response? You’ll Be In Stitches!

Most dogs love going on walks, but each pup is a unique, cuddly snowflake. Take Jasper the Corgi, for example. When his owner mentions “going outside,” this clever floof tries to get out of it. When you see what he does to “trick” his humans, you’ll be in stitches!

It’s not a bad effort, Jasper, but they know you’re faking it! :)

A Sweet French Bulldog Pup Doesn’t Know What To Do When He Sees A Fake Dog

Watching a puppy explore the world can be a gratifying, hilarious experience. The little fuzz balls are learning about the world and their reactions can be just too good! Charlie the French bulldog, when stumbling across a dog statue, can’t understand why his friend can’t play…

His confusion is just the funniest thing!

An English Bulldog Loved His Bone So Much, He Tried To Take It Everywhere With Him

Russet the English bulldog is 3 years old, but is still a puppy at heart. When she gets a bone, she loves it so much and takes it everywhere with her. So, when she got a giant one for Christmas, she never put it down…but she also couldn’t fit it through the doggy door!

You can’t blame a pup for trying, though!

They Introduced Their Dachshund Puppy To A Couch. Watch As He Goes Nuts!

Mr. Pepper the dachshund is a sweet puppy full of happy energy (even when he’s just chilling in bed with his friends). So it’s not a surprise that he was overwhelmed with happiness when his owners introduced him to a couch for the very first time.

This adorable scene is bound to put a smile on your face!

When Pearl The Otter Is Bottle Fed, She Just Can’t Handle Her Adorable Excitement

This is Pearl the baby otter when she was about two weeks old. When she was being raised with her mate, Captain, she was a great eater when being bottle fed. Her caretaker Cassandra Pedraza was able to get a short video of what happened when she ate (it’s so cute).

The little fuzzball just couldn’t handle her excitement!

This Dog Was Found Extremely Overweight. The Reason Is Really Sad…

This story of an overweight Beagle is a sad one; Kale Chips was constantly overfed and because of this, in a great deal of pain. It was hard for the dog to even move around. But read on to find out how he got a second chance at life…

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A Puppy’s Seen Wandering The Streets With Something On Her Neck. They Can’t Believe What It Is.

An 18-month-old pit bull puppy was seen wandering the streets with a six-pound chain around her neck. The chain had cut into her neck and made her entire face swell up. That’s when they rushed her into emergency surgery…

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Something’s Wrong With Their Puppy. The Vet’s Shocked When He Sees THIS.

Thanos the four-month-old pit bull puppy was acting strange, so his family took him to the Cy-Fair Animal Hospital. That’s where the vets discovered something shocking…


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