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Mom records the dogs running upstairs to reunite with their dad, and it’s too sweet

Mom records the three dogs running upstairs to see their soldier daddy after a long hiatus. Is there anything sweeter in the world than being greeted by happy dogs? 😊

Dog eagerly awaits the UPS driver — now watch when the truck stops at his house

Jordan Weisman’s Boxer awaits his favorite UPS driver and then runs toward the truck for a treat. Their bond is an incredible thing to see! 😊

Watch as mama adorably leads her obedient pups through a path in the snow

Watch this Great Pyrenees mama lead her litter of pups through a path in the snow in orderly fashion. You gotta love how they all follow like little ducklings. 😊

A dog and cheetah met as babies — and just wait until you see them now

The San Diego Zoo Safari Park took in a cheetah cub who was abandoned by his mother. But when they introduced Raina the puppy to him, it set the course for a long, amazing friendship. 😊

What this 16-year-old dog did just gave me chills all over

You won’t find better proof than this that dogs are man’s best friend. This is the stunning story of 16 year old Steve Mason. He was a Husky, Lab, Rottweiler mutt that laid it all on the line for his owners. The conclusion is something you’ll never forget.

In the words of his owner:

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Little boy finds out his dog needs to be put down — his reaction stuns everyone

This little boy says it better than anyone could ever imagine. It shocked his family and it definitely shocked me. Just amazing…

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Camera shy dog wants you to point that thing somewhere else

Don’t point your camera at this doggy, because he’s not gonna have it! Just watch what the camera shy pup does… It’s short but too funny! 😂

These two were rescued from abuse as puppies — one year later, they are reunited

These puppies were born to a mother on a chain in an abusive situation. One year after being rescued, the two are reunited. Do you think they remember each other? 😊

The bond between an old man and his 40-year-old horse is an incredible thing to see

Donnie MacAdams shares a unique and incredible bond with his 40-year-old horse, Waco Hanover. The man credits the former harness racing horse as the reason he’s still around.

The little dog is trying his best to grab the chip on the table, but wait for it…

The little pup is trying his absolute best to grab that chip left on the table. But the adorable struggle is interrupted when big brother comes along and snatches it up!

What are brothers for, right? 😉


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