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You Have To See What This Little Fella Does When They Start Blowing Bubbles

Laura the chameleon has an interesting hobby for a lizard. Just watch as the family blows bubbles and watch her reaction… too cute! :)

How They Found This Dog Is Heart-Wrenching, But When You See The End You’ll Be Shocked

Rescuers found this homeless dog on the streets and named her Kelsey. She had been wandering the streets for years covered in wounds and hunting for food. They wanted to take her into rehab, but little did they know it would lead to such an amazing transformation.

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This Isn’t A Typical Funeral – What You’re About To See Is Beautiful Yet Heartbreaking

An Oklahoma City police officer was on duty with his K-9 companion when his worst nightmare happened. They chased down and tackled a suspect, but that’s when the criminal stabbed the dog. Sergeant Ryan Stark fatally shot the suspect but it was too late for Kye the K-9.

The funeral service for the K-9 was absolutely beautiful and amazing.

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The Dog Lost A Ball In The Pool, But How She Gets It Is Nothing Short Of Brilliant

Who knows how the dog came up with this, but it is completely brilliant! She loses her ball in the pool but comes up with a genius way of retrieving it.

These Cats Have A Very Unlikely Friend – Just Wait Till You See Them In Action

You’ve never seen snuggle buddies like this before! This alpaca cuddling with her kitty friends will make your entire day.

“Lacey is an alpaca who was bottle raised because her mother was unable to. She was born late in the year which meant that she was a winter baby. Instead of sleeping outside in the brutal cold in Alberta, Canada, she would come into the house and sleep by the stove. Growing up she loved the household cats, they napped together, played together, and hung out! Watch them snuggle in this adorable clip. Check out ‘A to Z Alpacas’ on all social networks for more.”

The Dog Just Met The Kitty, But No One Expected THIS

The dog and kitten appear to be pretty fond of each other, but the sleepy dog just wants to be left alone. Who would’ve thought the kitten would be annoying the dog? :D

What They Caught The Cat Doing With The Boy Is Just PRICELESS

The little boy was away from the cat for only a few days, but the cat is super excited to see him again! You’ll think this is a dog disguised as a cat — just watch!

The 2 Great Danes Just Got A Huge Surprise – Now Watch Their Reactions

Mom just returned from deployment and surprised her two Great Danes. When they notice her walk in the door, they take off running for an incredible reunion!

He Thought It Was Just Another Day, But This Diver Got The Surprise Of A Lifetime

They say sea lions are the puppies of the sea, and this video is definitely proof of that! The diver got a pleasant surprise when he ran into an extra friendly sea lion… oh my!

Video by @Julián Bala

Posted by Ocean Reality on Thursday, July 9, 2015

A Police Officer Was On Duty When She Ran Into Something Very Unexpected

The Boulder County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page posted a strange yet adorable encounter an officer had with a baby owl. The owl stopped the officers right in their tracks and they had a nice little conversation. :)

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