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A Chubby Chinchilla Adorably Eats An Almond Snack

It may not look like much, but when you see this chinchilla eating his snack you will fall in love! Apparently almonds are his favorite, because he scarfs this one down in no time. Yum! :D

Humphrey The Boston Terrier Jumps In The Crib With The Baby

Mom was looking all over the place for the dog and finally found him in the crib with the baby. She should’ve known he’d be right by his best friend! Watch as this crazy Boston Terrier interacts playfully with the baby. How adorable. :)

This Yawning Animals Compilation Is All You Need To See Today

What better to kick off your day than a video dedicated to adorable animals yawning? Words can’t do this one justice, you just have to see it! Prepare to have your heart melted to pieces. :)

Focused Kitty Will Not Have His Concentration Broken

That is one focused kitty! Whatever this cat sees off in the distance must be very interesting, because he won’t allow anyone to break his concentration. I wish I had the focusing ability of this cat! C’mon kitty, share your secret. :P

Bystanders Witness A Miracle As A Giraffe Gives Birth At The Memphis Zoo

They thought it’d be a normal day at the zoo, but they ended up witnessing a miracle. A giraffe gave birth right in front of everyone at the Memphis Zoo. Bystanders watched in awe as a baby giraffe was introduced to the world.

Watch Big Cats Celebrate Halloween With Some Pumpkins

It’s time to celebrate Halloween at Big Cat Rescue! Watch as lions, tigers and leopards play with and destroy their pumpkins. Who knew cats liked pumpkins so much? :)

Cute Little Piglet Chases The Dog Around The House

You’ll wanna watch this one over and over! Watch as an adorable little piglet chases the dog all around the house. It looks like someone has a new shadow! ;)

Wife Laughs At Her Husband’s Attempt To Get Rid Of A Wasp Nest

This guy set out to prove to his wife that he could take care of a wasp nest by knocking it down with a stick (not recommended!) Knowing this could possibly turn disastrous, she grabbed the camera and followed him outside. By the end, he was rolling on the ground and she was rolling with laughter! :)

A Family Abandons Their Pit Bull After Their House Burns Down

This family’s house burned down and they left, abandoning anything that remained — including their pit bull named Popeye. Weeks and weeks had gone by and they never came back for him. But Hope For Paws arrived on scene to find the sweetest dog you could ever imagine. Popeye is now looking for a loving new home. :)

This Dog Goes Absolutely Crazy When Allowed On The Bed

This dog acts just like a little kid on the bed! The dog was finally allowed on the bed and he took advantage of the opportunity and went absolutely crazy. But it’s HILARIOUS to see! :)

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