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They Spotted This Beast Hanging On For Dear Life Under A Bridge. Just Wait Til You See This…

A bear in California was crossing the road when oncoming traffic spooked it making it climb over the guardrail. The bear somehow grabbed on to the support beams underneath, leaving it trapped 100 feet in the air. Afraid it would fall, Truckee animal control officer Robert Brooks and partners decided to help.

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This Lady Left Her Dog In The Car On A Hot Day. What She Says When Confronted Is Unbelievable.

People noticed a dog that was left in a car for over 35 minutes on a 90 degree day. They were able to get in the car and give the dog water and then called the cops. Then they waited for the owner to show up with the camera rolling. Listen to what she had to say…

This Deaf Dog Didn’t Expect To See This When It Looked Outside. How He Reacts Is GREAT.

Cotton the deaf rescue Pit Bull gets a nice surprise when he looks out the window. It’s been what seems like an eternity since Cotton saw his soldier dad. You gotta see how he responds!

What This Abandoned Dog Does In The Arms Of This Lady Just Broke My Heart. A Must See.

Kramer was abandoned and living in a baseball field and parking lot for weeks. J.J. Woofin’ Paws responded to the call and rescued Kramer. But unlike any other rescue video I’ve seen, Kramer really shows his appreciation for being rescued when in the arms of this lady. Truly a must see.

This Journalist Travelled To Photograph Some Seals. I Didn’t See This Next Part Coming!

When Charlie Bird travelled through Antarctica to photograph some seals, he never expected this to happen. Unbelievable!

Their Dog Was In The House During This Fire. Saddened, They Returned A Week Later To THIS.

Sarah Graham and her fiance Anthony Harbison were told that nothing was salvageable after the fire that ripped through their apartment. But there was only one thing on their mind: their dog Lilly. They were saddened the most that they weren’t able to save their eight-month-old puppy.

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He’s Working On Tricks With His Dog When He Says Something He Shouldn’t Have… Oh No, LOL!

He’s working with Katee on her tricks when he says the magic phrase. It catches a few ears to say the least… LOL!

This Dog Came Across A Wolf On A Walk. You Gotta See What Happens At The End – Oh My!

This dog comes across a wolf on a walk… Or does she? Haha!

You Have To See What This Baby Monkey Is Doing. Prepare Your Heart Because It’s AWESOME!

I absolutely love this baby monkey getting a bath. And how it grips its stuffed animal the entire time… Awww!

This Kitty Gets A Little Too Close To Dad’s Feet. Its Reaction Is Unbelievable, LOL!

You KNOW your feet smell bad when this happens. Wow, just wow… LOL!

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