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What These Puppies Do May Just Break The Internet

A video compilation of the cutest little fur babies on the internet. Which one do you think is the cutest? Part 2 coming soon! :)

Chester The Amazing Peeing Dog Totally Lives Up To His Nickname

They don’t call him Chester The Amazing Peeing Dog for nothing! That is some extreme bladder power. :D

20 Dogs Who Flat Out Stink At Hide-And-Seek

Ready or not, here I come! :P

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When A Bird Approaches The Dog, The Most Unexpected Thing Happens

A wild bird in the driveway approached their Yorkshire Terrier and the unexpected happened. They curiously checked each other out and became friends! Too cute.

Unbelievably Smart Puppy Won’t Let A Kennel Hold Him Back

This dog decided that spending a little bit of time in a kennel was way too much and pulled the escape act of the century. How in the world?

NOTE: Many people are asking if the dog was okay, and the person who sent the video has confirmed he’s perfectly fine! :)

The Baby’s Reaction To This Bulldog’s Puppy Kisses Is The Cutest Thing

Is there anything more adorable than babies with puppies? How about a tiny baby in a onesie getting kisses from a Bulldog puppy? Yep, that’ll do it! :)

What These Puppies Do Shortly After Being Born Is Something You Have To See

They recorded their newborn Husky puppies and it’s absolutely precious! Watch as they interact and try to figure out the world around them. :)

This May Look Like A Normal House, But It’s The Ultimate Cat Playland

Peter Cohen has constructed the ultimate cat playland for his 15 rescues that includes catwalks, tunnels and platforms. You have to see this to believe it.

Baby Can’t Stop Laughing At Crazy Puppy Shenanigans

Zayla runs around playing with her toy as her human sister, Leighton, has a laughing fit! These two make the most adorable pair. :)

These Feline Friends Give The Birds A Taste Of Their Own Medicine

These Maine Coon kitties entertain themselves by chattering and chirping back at the city birds. I’ve never heard a cat like this before!

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