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Talking dogs and cats discuss playing fetch, and it has me in stitches over here

When it comes to playing fetch, dogs and cats go about it in very different ways. Listen as these talking pets discuss playing fetch and try not to laugh — it’s too funny! 😀

Now there’s only one question left to answer: who does it better, dogs or cats? 🐶 🐱

Sad shelter dog gets sweet letter from adoptive family

A homeless dog was captured and taken to the city pound, but Howl of a Dog stepped in and rescued her. Dora was sad and lonely, but her luck changed when someone in the UK decided to adopt her!

While waiting to make her 1500-mile long journey from Romania, Dora received an unexpected box. It contained lots of treats, toys, and even a sweet letter from her soon-to-be mama. It’s obvious Dora has found a very loving forever home. 🙂

Dog abandoned along with sad note, but it wasn’t his owner who dumped him

A dog was found tied to a dumpster in a Walmart parking lot in South Carolina. It looked like the typical animal dump, but there was more to this story.

A picture of the six-year-old Terrier mix was posted to Facebook:

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One couple changed their lives to allow these old dogs to live out their golden years in style

A couple decided to change their lives to be able to adopt lots of senior dogs and allow them to live out their golden years with a bunch of friends. The former mechanical engineers gave it all up because they believe senior dogs are just like puppies but with “shorter playtimes.” 🙂

No matter their pasts, these dogs are leaving them behind and starting over. The couple realized it would be a big job, but they said it best — “If we didn’t do it, nobody’s doing it.”

Beautiful Great Dane surrendered to shelter because he’s ‘not friendly enough’

Saving Carson Shelter Dogs posted a video to their Facebook page of a Great Dane named Gonner who was surrendered by his family for not being friendly enough. But don’t worry, there’s a happy ending. Just keep reading… 🙂

The original post read: “GONNER is big and beautiful and his family left him at the Shelter because he wasn’t friendly enough. He has that collar over his face and you can see it’s raw underneath and if you give him a cookie he is extremely gentle and sweet. He needs help fast, he’s in the back with no Kennel Card! He will need someone with experience and someone to give him training.”

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These 10 dogs just gave their owners heart attacks, but the silly pups loved every minute of it

For whatever reason, dogs love to get dirty and stinky. Here are 10 dogs who decided they would give their owners heart attacks by rolling around in some mud! 😉

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Officer goes against orders to kill two animals — then learns of his punishment

B.C. conservation officer Bryce Casavant was given a direct order to euthanize two black bear cubs wandering around a house. When he spared their lives, he knew he’d have to deal with the consequences.

The officer ended up getting suspended without pay, but the public outcry couldn’t be ignored. An online petition was started to help get Bryce his job back, and it did the trick — his pay was later reinstated. As for the cubs, they were sent to a rehabilitation center for proper care.

Caring dog seen waiting by stuck fawn until help could arrive

Mom was wondering where Charlie was and looked outside to see the dog with a fawn. That’s when she realized the baby deer was stuck in the fence. It turns out the caring dog was just wanting to help.

Charlie continued to wait beside the fawn until help could arrive, and that’s when Charlie’s mom came to the rescue. She freed the confused baby as Charlie kept a close eye. How sweet is this?

Puppy is snoozing away when he hears food being poured into a bowl

The tiny puppy is off in dreamland when he hears the sound of food hitting the bowl. Before you even know it he’s chowing down like he were just shot out of a cannon! Now that’s a fast reaction time. 😀

The dog is so into it, he skips the bowl entirely and sticks his head directly into the food jar. It’s so funny, I keep watching it over and over! And I suggest you do the same. 🙂

Man holds tiny egg in hand as baby starts breaking through the shell

Witness the miracle of life in this mesmerizing clip of a baby parrot breaking out of its shell. The egg starts hatching right in the palm of the owner’s hand. What an inspirational sight!

After about a minute, the tiny baby is well on his way. Yes, it’s a boy — and the owner named him Charlie! Welcome to the world, little one. 🙂


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