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Puppy’s Owner Comes Home And… You’ve Never Seen Any Dog SO Happy!

This tiny Schnauzer is the happiest dog in the world when he sees his human again. He must’ve thought his human was gone for good but NOPE! :)

They Set The Camera Up In Front Of Their Dog And Then… OH MY GOODNESS!

They set a camera up in front of their dog and he smiles right on cue for the picture! How does he know to do that?? What a perfect happy face. :)

Woman Finds A Chicken In Her House Doing This–Could You Imagine? LOL

A woman was in the middle of doing some chores around the house when she noticed a chicken riding around on the Roomba vacuum. It looks like he’s having a blast! :D

Firefighters Carry A Dog Out Of A Burning House And Do THIS

Thanks to the brave efforts of these firefighters, this dog is alive and well after being trapped in a burning house. Near the end, you can see the dog being placed in the back of a car to be taken to the veterinarian for further evaluation and care.

Watch these true heroes in action…

3 Puppies Were Found On A College Campus. Now Watch When They Find Mama.

Hope For Paws got word of a homeless mama that gave birth to three puppies on a college campus. All of their lives were at stake, so they had to move quickly.

To make a small donation, please visit: http://www.HopeForPaws.org
To adopt Dottie, Pumbaa or Timon: http://www.doggies911rescue.org

They Sit The Bowls Down & Call For The Dogs–Then THIS Happens!

These 10 rescue puppies have a Thanksgiving feast to be thankful for. But shortly after… food coma! ;)

Now they all need forever homes and most of them are still available for adoption. Contact Jennifer Williams @ jen2ndchances@icloud.com if interested!

This Puppy Was Abandoned At A Crime Scene. But Then A Cop Did THIS…

A drug-related crime scene is where this tiny puppy was left behind, scared and all alone. And she’s the last thing officer Mike Lynes was expecting to find in the bathroom. But once he saw her, he knew he had to have her. This was the beginning of Daisy’s new life.

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What This Chihuahua Does To Save Her Massive Dog Friend Is Amazing

When this tiny Chihuahua started barking her head off, her owner came outside to see a man trying to steal her massive Newfoundland dog. There’s no way Carly was letting someone get away with her big brother! :)

This Dog Was Turning To Stone & Dying. When They Go To Pick Her Up? OMG

This neglected dog’s fur was turning as hard as stone because of severe mange. She was scared, but too weak to run from her rescuers. But there’s a happy ending…

Wait until you see Alice’s transformation at the end thanks to Animal Aid Unlimited!

They Rescued This Dog From Euthanasia. But There’s Something About Her Puppies…

Deborah Wilson of Circle L. Ranch Animal Rescue & Sanctuary tells the story of a mama dog rescued from euthanasia who was brought in with her two healthy puppies. While they were thrilled about saving this wonderful dog from being put down, they received word of another terrible situation.

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