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These 16 Cats Are Not Impressed With Their New Haircuts

We all know what it’s like to get a bad haircut, so it’s not hard to relate to these cats. But some of these are just… Whoa.

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When An Apology Between Two Cats Goes Wrong

Cats never were very good at expressing their feelings. When this cat tries to apologize to the other cat, things get a little hairy. What else did you expect though? :P

A Dog Steals The Show From A Weatherman During The Weather Forecast

In order to promote pet adoptions, this weatherman brought Ripple the 18-month-old Mastiff to help with the weather forecast. But little did he know it would turn out like this! He instantly regrets the decision when the playful dog doesn’t want to sit still. Ripple just wants to play!

A Cat (That’s Right, A Cat) Takes The Dog On A Walk

Nothing makes sense anymore. Up is down, right is wrong, and cats are walking dogs. So wrong yet so adorable! :)

A Deer Comes From The Woods To Join This Woman For Breakfast Every Morning

This is like something straight out of a fairy tale! Each morning, this deer will pop out of the woods and join this woman in the kitchen for breakfast. She prepares a bottle for the deer that he is happy to scarf down. Is this amazing or what?! :)

The Squirrel Was Stealing All Of The Bird Seed Until They Came Up With A Brilliant Plan

Every day, this squirrel would come by the bird feeder and take all of the seed. He wasn’t just eating it, but stuffing his cheeks and taking it away! The poor birds were getting no food so they had to do something. They decided to put some vaseline (non-toxic!) on the pole so the squirrel could no longer climb into the feeder. And the result is hilarious! But don’t worry, they said they squirrel still gets food from two other feeders. They just wanted to make sure the birds were still getting fed. :)

The Cat Describes What He Sees In This Strange Window

The cat describes to the kitten what he sees in the “window that’s lower than all of the other windows in the house.” The cats on the other side that copy everything they do – at the same exact time. This is hilarious because it’s probably what pets really think about mirrors!

Dog Complains When Mom Asks Him To Perform Some Tricks

Sabastien just wants to skip to the part where he gets the treat! Listen to him complain when mom asks him to “sit” and “roll over.” Have you ever heard a dog complain like this? What a personality! :)

Clydesdales Are All-Around Majestic And Beautiful Creatures

We all know Clydesdale horses from Budweiser commercials, but they go far beyond what we see there. They are beautiful and majestic, but have a rather silly side too!

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The Transformation That Jimmy The Shelter Dog Makes Is Simply Stunning

The shelter was trying to find homes for all of the dogs before they would have to be put down. One dog that was given this chance at life was Jimmy. The feral dog was brought to the pound in a trap and too scared to come out of his cage. He was extremely timid and didn’t trust anyone. But one man decided he would give Jimmy his all. And in the end, it really paid off. You won’t believe the transformation this dog makes.

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