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The Ways Owning A Cat Has Changed Your Life

Come on cat owners, admit it. This is your life before and after getting your furry friend. This is too funny! :D

Kitten Has An Epic Battle With His Mirror Reflection

This kitty discovers his reflection in the mirror for the very first time and goes into attack mode. Watch the epic battle unfold! :)

Adorable Puppy Takes A Horse On A Walk

This puppy knows how much fun walks can be, so he decides to take his horse friend on a walk of his own. You won’t see this ever again! :)

An Abandoned Yorkie Was Found Caring For Two Kittens

Thanks to the amazing photography of Robyn Arouty, we have this heartwarming story of an abandoned Yorkie taking care of a couple of abandoned kittens. In her own words:

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Ohio Dog Rescued From Rooftop After Three Days

Neighbors couldn’t believe it when they saw a dog on the rooftop. The Fire Department was called to help get the dog down. Apparently, the dog snuck out of a hole in the roof and was trapped for three days.

For more information on this story, check out the news piece from WKBN.

Man Reunites With The Two Gorillas He Raised 12 Years Ago

Damian Aspinall raised two lowland gorilla babies before setting them free as part of a conservation program to reintroduce gorillas back to the wild. When he decided to try and find them 12 years later, he had no idea if they would remember him. But just watch this.

Girl Saves Dog When His Leash Gets Caught In The Elevator Door

***This footage may be disturbing to some viewers. What happened here is very scary, but maybe seeing it can prevent something like this from happening again in the future.

She walked into the elevator with her dogs when the leash got caught in the door. She tried everything she could until the door finally opened and released the dog. Thankfully everybody is okay. PLEASE be careful with pets and their leashes around elevator doors.

Abandoned Kitten Survives After Being Found Covered In Snow

This kitten was found abandoned and covered in snow in Colorado. Hypothermia was setting in when she was found and taken to get help. I can’t believe she survived… Wow!

Hungry Raccoon Eats Some Grapes At The Table

This health-conscious raccoon sits down at the table with his favorite snack. How he munches on the grapes is the most adorable thing ever! :)

The Best Part Of The Mailman’s Day Is This Golden Retriever

The best part of this mailman’s day? Delivering mail to this house and getting a big hug from their dog as he hands him the mail! :)

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