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Tiny Puppy’s Massage Feels So Good He Can’t Help But Fall Asleep

A 10-day-old Golden Retriever puppy is taking a break from nursing to get a nice massage. But it’s a lot of hard work being a puppy, and he just can’t keep his eyes open. 😉

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The Many Hilarious Faces Of Dogs Trying To Catch Treats

Photographer Christian Vieler started taking photos a couple years ago of dogs trying to catch treats, and the results are pretty fantastic. :)

When dogs are presented with treats, they tend to lose sight of everything else.

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Mom Uses Ice Cream To Teach Her Golden Retrievers A Valuable Lesson

Mom just pulled up to Dairy Queen with a car full of Golden Retrievers. It’s time to teach them a very valuable lesson: sharing is caring!

And you can’t beat learning a lesson with a tasty treat. :)

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Mom’s Sad About Losing Her Dog–That’s When She Captures This On Film

Kimberley Pearce recently had to have her Cocker Spaniel put down, but it appears as if the ghost of Sadie has come back to comfort her owner.

She was filming her dogs running around the house when a strange figure suddenly moved across the screen. You can see it right before the little dog comes running toward the camera.

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Dog Knows Immediately That Something Is Different In The House

Piper the Husky was away for three whole days and returns home and notices immediately that something is very different. But what could it be? 😉

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Couple Goes To Shelter To Donate, But They Don’t Come Home Empty-Handed

A young couple went to the shelter to donate things they’d collected from their community, but when they saw 17-year-old Rocky, they had to have him. The next thing they knew, they were leaving the shelter with a dog!

The following was posted to the Friends of Anne Arundel County Animal Control, Inc. Facebook page:

As you can see from the big smile on his face, life remains good for Rocky, the 17-year-old dog recently adopted from AACAC by a young Ft. Meade couple. They’ve discovered that, along with walks, naps while they are gone and sticking tight by their sides when they’re home, Rocky loves Frosty Paws, an “ice cream” for dogs, which he gets as an occasional treat. He’s got a few old man issues, including sometimes peeing in his sleep, “but no biggy — we have started putting doggy diapers on him at night so when he can’t wake himself up he will be fine until the morning,” his adopters report. They’re determined to make his time with them the best it can be, as his new mom wrote in a moving promise to Rocky:

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Oldest Dog In The World Spends Her Time At Home With 49 Other Dogs

Tara, a 25-year-old rescue dog, is believed to be the oldest dog in the world. Her owner is Burt Ward, who played Robin in the 1960s hit TV series “Batman.” Burt and his wife live with a total of 50 dogs, and he credits Tara’s long life to a low-fat, non-greasy dog food he makes himself.

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Depressed Shelter Dog Can’t Stop Smiling During His Day Out On The Town

Elmo the pit bull was discovered in a yard with another dog, and animal control was alerted to come help the neglected pups. The dogs were taken to KC Pet Project in Kansas City where Elmo was scared and miserable.

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Friendly Giraffe Gets Too Close For Comfort During Live News Report

CBS News 8’s Ashley Jacobs is live to talk about wildlife conservation with the San Diego Zoo when one of the giraffes gets a little too friendly. The reactions of her colleagues say it all!

Maybe the giraffe just wanted his 15 minutes of fame. 😛

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Deer Walks Into Man’s Yard–That’s When He Turns On The Leaf Blower

A neighborhood deer wandered into this man’s backyard to check out the leaf blower on the ground. When the man picks it up and aims it at the deer? Too funny! 😀

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