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Man gets out the fiddle — now just keep your eyes on the dog

This man sits down to play the fiddle, and the dog joins in for a singalong that’s sure to make you smile! Just watch. 😉

When he walks his dog into the empty swimming pool… too funny!

Part one of the America’s Funniest Home Videos “Dogs Love Water” series will have you in stitches! Try to watch this without laughing, I dare ya. 😉

The dog’s busted, but the little girl defends her gentle giant in the cutest way

Mom notices the chewed up pillow and blames the dog, but Sierra isn’t so sure. Watch as the little girl defends her furry friend… She’s getting pretty good at this! 😀

Rescue dog was so traumatized he’d pee when touched, but watch when they muzzle him

Otto was so traumatized as a result of neglect and abuse, he wouldn’t even stand up when rescued. Every time he was touched, he peed all over himself. The terrified dog was deemed unadoptable. But the hard work paid off just a few months later…

You may think this is just a normal patio, but wait until you take a closer look

If you’re a cat owner, you’re gonna love the idea of a “Catio.” Just imagine your patio combined with all of the things your cat wants and needs, all while being safe and sound!

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Dogs lie in a row in the street, but keep your eyes on the one in the back

These obedient dogs pull off the trick of a lifetime! Watch as they lie in a row in the street and wait for their buddy to perform some doggy leap frog. :)

They see something struggling in a snowbank. When they approach, their hearts sink…

A dog found abandoned in a snowbank is rescued before freezing to death thanks to two women who spotted the neglected girl.

“She was in pretty bad shape,” Scott Thrun, an Animal Control Officer, said. “Her nails were long. Her BMI, body mass index, between a 1 and 5, 3 is ideal. She’s a 1.5.”

Mom walks in on her little girl and dog and catches the moment on camera

When mom sees her little girl pampering the dog, she just has to record it! This gentle giant is going to look his very best, and he’s clearly enjoying the process. :)

Mama dog just gave birth, but what dad does is just the sweetest

Mama dog nurses her pups right after giving birth. And dad, almost as if he knows what she just went through, showers mom with kisses and love! How sweet. <3

When he turns on the camera and does this, the result is too much to handle

A man and his French bulldog turn on the camera and sing a duet of Rihanna’s hit “Diamonds.” Junior seems to really be getting into this one! 😉


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