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She knew her puppy would grow into a big dog, but she never imagined this

Claire Stoneman knew that a Great Dane pup would grow into a big dog, but Freddy surpassed all expectations. Measuring in at 7’4″ standing on his back legs, the Great Dane is said to be Britain’s biggest dog.

He asks to see what’s in his dog’s mouth. When the dog turns around…

This dog just found a hilarious new use for a toilet paper roll. You won’t be able to stop laughing! 😅

Annoyed Bulldog is having none of tiny dog’s shenanigans

The tiny pup just wants to play, but the Bulldog is not in the mood! Just look at that face… 😂

When you see this, your faith in humanity will be restored

Your faith in humanity will be restored after watching these 10 animal rescues from Animal Aid Unlimited. Every year, they rescue thousands of street animals with the help of the compassionate people in Udaipur, India.

These puppies were trapped under an avalanche for 5 days, and their rescue will make you smile

The Rigopiano Hotel in Italy was engulfed by an avalanche last week. While searching for survivors, three puppies were found in a boiler room. The fact that they were rescued after five days has raised hopes that others may have survived in air pockets.

These 29 dogs are so adorably tiny they’ll make you look twice

There’s just something about a puppy that’s extra cute, but these tiny dogs? This is a whole other level of cuteness!

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This dog’s found on the brink of death, but she puts up a fight in the most unbelievable way

When this pit bull was found, they thought it was too late. No one thought she’d survive the next 24 hours. But Ghetto Rescue FFoundation (GRFF) was not going to give up. What happened next is truly a miracle.

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Mom wonders who tore the blinds down, then the camera pans to the right…

Mom walks in to see that the blinds have been ripped off of the window. But it’s pretty obvious who’s to blame… 😂

They rescued a dog they thought was dead, but then he wouldn’t stop giving kisses

Rescuers found a dog abandoned in the grass and thought he was dead. Most likely used as a bait dog, he was thrown out when no longer needed. But after being rescued, he couldn’t stop giving everyone kisses.

Talented dog found a way to save his barks when he needs something

This is one trick you’ll be glad your dog doesn’t know! 😂

Instead of barking, this dog resorts to playing the drums to get mom and dad’s attention. He’s pretty talented, don’t you think?


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