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No one would hire this man with a service dog, so one store hired them both

A man couldn’t find work because of his dependence on a service dog. But that changed when one company decided to hire both.

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A stray was found hunkered down in the corner of a dark, abandoned room

***Note: do not watch if you have a weak stomach. But there’s an unbelievably happy ending. 😊

Animal Aid set out to rescue a stray who had a wound on top of his head unlike anything they’d ever seen. They found him hunkered down in the corner of a dark, abandoned room.

The dog’s relaxing in front of the tree when mom starts singing its favorite Christmas song

Watch as this adorable doggy falls asleep to mom singing a Christmas lullaby in the most relaxing holiday video of the year. I could watch this over and over!

Corgi puppy attempts to climb steps for the first time in adorable fashion

Watch Charlotte the Corgi attempt to master climbing the steps for the very first time. If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again! 😉

What they captured their daughter doing with the dog is absolutely priceless

Three year old Hadley is teaching Gauge some “paw” in this super adorable video. Her parents caught it on tape. Submitted by Chris Deon.

A special needs boy approaches a horse — and what you’re about to see will warm your heart

This little boy, Erez, has Williams syndrome. He is only one of 150 in Israel diagnosed with this disease. A problem with this disorder is proper contact. But get ready to see something very touching…

A little girl yells that she’s ready. And that’s when the game of Hide-n-Seek begins

Sierra hides in the backyard and yells that she’s ready. Her giant, slobbery Newfoundland named Sebastien goes on the hunt. Too adorable!

Pit bull found chained to a wall never gave up, gets forever home of his dreams

A severely neglected pit bull is found chained to a wall. They can count every bone in his body, and the smell of dead flesh is unbearable. But when they see his little tail start wagging, they know Norman has the right mindset to overcome his troubled past.

This has an ending you’ll want to see, trust me.

Dog’s so excited to go outside, he does this instead when dad opens the door

I’d say this dog’s a little too excited to go outside – LOL! When dad opens the door, watch as the dog just runs in circles instead. 😂

Mom returns home to find that the dog had redecorated a bit for the holidays

You can’t get mad at him — he’s just trying to get in the holiday spirit! 🎅😊

From the owner: “I went to work and left the door open if he had to poo, as he doesn’t do anything inside only in the grass. But it rained that day and he decided to “decorate” the house. We had just moved to the house, it was brand new and we only had a sofa and bed. This breed loves rain, swimming pools… now, every time it rains, I run to lock him indoors.”


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