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You Will Not Believe The Things This Fish Can Do. What Did I Just See?!

I’ve never seen a fish act like this before and I guarantee you haven’t either! This fish likes to be petted, thrown in the water and it keeps coming back for more. What a playful, affectionate fish!

They Were Going To Save 6 Puppies From A High Kill Shelter. But THIS Happened Instead.

A shelter contacted the Bill Foundation about a dog that had just given birth. It wouldn’t be long before this shelter would have to put them down because of the lack of room. So they went to rescue these puppies. But it didn’t go quite as planned. On the way they found an abandoned dog tied outside of the shelter and rescued it. Then once they got inside the shelter, they saw another litter of newborns with their mother. They ended up rescuing 15 dogs within 15 minutes!

The Whole World Is Talking About This Cat. Now You’re About To See Why – LOL!

This cat thinks it’s a dog! It pants, wags its tail, plays and fetches. Everyone is talking about this confused feline. :)

A Boy Was Lost And Dying From Hypothermia. But Then Something OUT OF THIS WORLD Happened.

Ryan and his father were hiking in the Rocky Mountains which are known for their extreme climate changes. Well that ended up being a problem one night when Ryan got separated from his father. His dad called a search and rescue team but they had to call off the search for the night. It was getting cold and starting to snow. Hypothermia was setting in and Ryan was close to death but then two elk appeared. They could sense Ryan was in trouble and lied down beside him to keep him warm through the night. This saved his life. What a miracle!

They Thought The Cat Hated The Dog. But Then They Caught THIS On Camera.

Cats like to have fun in their own special way and I don’t think this dog quite understands that! The cat sneaks around and jumps all over this fearless pup. So funny to watch!

Here You Go: The Best 6 Seconds Of Your Entire Day. Definitely A Must See!

When they call for their pet lamb, it comes bouncing and jumping down the hallway like the happiest lamb on earth! Now I must resist the urge to get a pet lamb. :)

They Heard Something In The Apartment’s Wall. I Still Can’t Believe What It Was. OMG!

An apartment tenant swore he heard some noises coming from inside the walls. And the noises wouldn’t go away. So he contacted the building maintenance crew and convinced them to make a small hole in the wall. They did, and the noises became louder. It was some kittens meowing! It boggled his mind as to how kittens ended up trapped in the wall.

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They Spotted Something Strange Swimming In The Lake. Watch What Happens Next.

Reddit user IUsuallyDoWhatIWant was on the lake with some friends to do some fishing when they noticed something in the distance.

“While searching for some deep fishing holes we saw in the distance, what appeared to be a deer swimming in the lake. Upon closer inspection we discovered a baby deer struggling to stay afloat in 6-7 ft waters. It was clearly near drowning and we knew it wouldn’t last much longer on its own. We decided to step in.”

Here’s the complete story with pictures.

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They Were SHOCKED When They Saw This On The Highway. You Have To See What They Do.

A news helicopter captured this footage of a stranded pit bull on a highway in Los Angeles. Motorists worked together to push the dog to the side of the road where it could not get hurt. Then they were able to grab the dog and take it to safety. What an amazing group effort!

Wait Till You See This Dog’s Reaction When He Sees A Fish. I’m Glad They Grabbed The Camera!

This dachshund makes the perfect little fishing buddy! He loves everything about it, especially when he gets to meet the fish up close before they return them to the water. Just watch his reaction!

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